CSS Medical Test 2023 Everything You Need to Know

It is believed that an active and healthy body is essential for a well-balanced mind. Therefore, prospective candidates hoping to be successful in the future must be able to pass the CSS Medical Test. Candidates who are shortlisted have to take a medical examination. The disabled candidates have to submit documents proving their disability by an authority recognized.

Candidates who are disabled (i.e. physically handicapped, hearing impaired, deaf, speech impaired, visually impaired, dumb) can compete in the CSS Exam for four groups of service: Pakistan Audit and Account, Commerce and Trade, Postal services Information services.

CSS Medical Test

A helper (i.e. writer) is available to disabled applicants if they indicate it on their application form. Like blind (blind) applicants, an additional 15 minutes per hour are granted. To ensure that they do not fail the medical examination applicants are advised to undergo a thorough medical exam conducted by a government medical professional before applying to CSS Exam. We provide here complete details about CSS medical test 2023.

CSS Medical Test 2023 Everything You Need to Know Given Below

FPSC CSS Medical Test 2023

Potential CSS applicants who have passed the written test must be aware of the fact that it’s essential to pass the medical test for the CSS exam in order to be eligible as a civil service officer within any of the 12 Civil Departments of the Government of Pakistan.

The objective of this medical test is to determine if the candidate does not have any physical abnormalities that could affect the delivery of services. The medical exam is conducted through a medical board, which is established by FPSC to accomplish this.

Candidates must be in good mental and physical health. If a candidate is determined not to meet the medical criteria, he or she will not be appointed except for the disabled person whose rules are separately prescribed by FPSC.

CSS Medical Examination Schedule 2023

The Federal Public Service Commission announces the CSS medical exam schedule for 2023. The schedule will be available to those who passed the CE-2022 written exam that was conducted in February 2022. CSS medical tests will take place at Islamabad, Karachi, and Lahore testing centers.

The test will begin on 02 February 2023. FPSC also issues the roll number for those who pass the written exam and who qualify to take the medical exam. Here is an exam schedule to take CSS medical exams.

Download CSS Medical Examination Schedule 2023

Purpose of CSS Medical Test 2023

  • The goal of a medical test is to determine if there is any irregularity or abnormality on the part of any employee to avoid any major issue in the workplace.
  • Candidates must be in good mental and physical health.
  • If the candidate isn’t considered eligible The candidate won’t be selected for selection, with the exception of disabled people.
  • If a candidate is found to be visually impaired, an additional period of fifteen minutes will be granted to these candidates. Other special categories of candidates will not be granted extra time.
  • To avoid failure, candidates can have a medical exam by a federal civil surgeon or medical officer prior to applying.
  • If a candidate fails twice during the medical exam the candidate is automatically disqualified and cannot make an appeal before different commissions/courts.

Medical Test Disable Quota For CSS 2023

The Federal Public Service Commission also established the guidelines for medically deficient or special candidates. If a candidate is found to be medically unfit are able to be appointed in different areas. These candidates must update their Federal commission for public services regarding the medical test instructions. There are some disabilities that require the medical test for CSS as follows:

  • Disabled candidates must present the disability certificate from the recognized authority FPSSC.
  • Candidates who are disabled (physically deaf, weak, visually impaired, dumb) are selected to be able to compete in the CSS test, and will be screened in the following groups of Pakistan audit and accounts commerce and trade postal services, and information services.
  • Assisted in the writing (writer) of visually impaired and physically handicapped candidates.
  • The special candidate is defined in subsections (3) and (4) as per CSS exam rules for 2019. Candidates who are special candidates will be able to attempt the exam on a computer.
  • No TA/DA is allowed.
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