CSS Jobs And Salary In Pakistan 2023 Complete Guide

CSS Jobs And Salary In Pakistan complete information is given here. If you’re searching for jobs after passing the CSS Exam then you are in the right place. Here you will find the list of jobs after passing the CSS Exam.

You will have 12 groups to choose a group you would like to join. It is your final choice following the passing of the CSS exam and is crucial to make this choice to make for your future career. Choose your area of interest so that you can perform your job effectively.

CSS Jobs And Salary In Pakistan

You don’t have to be concerned as you’re in the right spot as you will get all actual and current information about CSS careers on this webpage. Candidates can select from a variety of positions after passing the CSS exam which is highly rated among the top civil service departments in Pakistan.

Successful CSS exam candidates are selected from a variety of jobs following the CSS examination on the department they prefer to work in. We provide here CSS salary in Pakistan 2023 below.

CSS Jobs And Salary In Pakistan 2023 Complete Guide Below

CSS Job 2023 in Pakistan

CSS-qualified candidates can apply for their preferred civil service job after completing css under the BS-17 scale. They will be civil department officers with the official approval of officials of the Government of Pakistan.

The successful candidates will be able to choose from a variety of CSS jobs in 2023 from their preferred civil departments, including Pakistan customs and commerce and trade service, the police department railways, inland revenues service Information Group Service, Pakistan account and audit services foreign service departments and other departments related to CSS Groups and their ranking within Pakistan.

Candidates who score well on the written test and interviews will be offered top-ranked civil department jobs following their successful completion of the CSS examination within Pakistan. Candidates who have successfully completed the CSS exam can choose from the 12 different departments of civil service that are listed in the above table.

Pakistan Administrative Service

PAS means in CSS is Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS) was earlier called District Management Group or DMG Group CSS. PAS is the top organization that is chosen by CSS qualified, qualified applicants. It is also said that being a part of Pakistan administration services is the ultimate goal for all CSS-qualified candidates.

Candidates who had passed the CSS exam but weren’t selected for the PAS group CSS must reappear in the civil service examination to get their dream job. There are many highly-ranked jobs in the PAS group. These are the most prominent posts from Pakistan administration services are listed below:

Name of Post Scale division
Assistant Commissioner (AC) BS-17
Deputy Commissioner (DC) for a smaller district BS-18
Deputy Commissioner (DC) for a larger district BPS BS-19
Director General of Federal Department BS-20
Chairman of Federal Organizations BS-21
Chairman of Autonomous Federal Organization BS-22

Foreign Service of Pakistan

Foreign service in Pakistan is also known as FSP in CSS. It is a part of the Ministry of Foreign affairs, Islamabad. The principal goal of the Foreign Service of Pakistan is to assist Pakistanis who reside in various countries.

People who join this FSP are designated as the director, consular, assistant director, secretary parliament director general (ssp) as well as special secretary, secretary additional, ambassadors, and numerous other top-level posts in various countries around the world.

The majority of CSS-certified applicants prefer to join the FSP team due to the higher-level positions across different countries. There are a variety of Css positions in Pakistan’s foreign services and some are mentioned below.

Name of Post Scale division
Assistant Director BS-17
Deputy Director BS-18
Director BS-19
Additional Secretary BS-20
Foreign Secretary BS-21

Information Group CSS Pakistan

IG Group in CSS is the Information group. The information group is accountable for the management and handling of information throughout the country. This ISP Group comes from the minister of broadcasting and information. In the beginning, the group was known as the central information service.

The group plays a significant function in the building of a national image. ISP officers are appointed in the press department of the government of Pakistan. This group is the most crucial in the protection of media and its rights. There are a few highly-paid jobs available after the CSS exam. The jobs in ISP are listed below.

Name of Post Scale division
Assistant press information BS-17
External publicity officer BS-18
Internal publicity officer BS-19
Directorate of films & publications BS-20
Ministry of information 7 & broadcasting BS-21

Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan

IRS is the acronym for the Inland Revenue Service of Pakistan. The company is concerned with the area of land revenue generated within the territories of Pakistan. IRS group Css is crucial because it is becoming more appealing to candidates for CSS.

The primary work of IRS officials includes sales tax, income tax, and Federal excise duties. The group is part of the ministry of finance in Pakistan. There are highly-paid positions in the IRS Pakistan group after passing the css exam.

Name of Post Scale division
Additional Commissioner / Additional Director BS-19
Commissioner / Director BS-20
Chief Commissioner / Member FBR / Director General BS-21
Chairman FBR BS-22
Assistant Commissioner Inland Revenue / Assistant Director FBR BS-17
Deputy Commissioner / Deputy Director BS-18

Pakistan Custom Service

PCS Group CSS is also known in the form of Pakistan Customs Services is known as. Pakistan customs services fall under the interior ministry of Pakistan. Pakistan customs services main primary focus is to manage the unimportant items.

PCS also is accountable for stopping the problem of smuggling within borders. Candidates who have passed the css exam can be a part of careers within the Pakistan Customs Services or group.

Because of highly ranked jobs within Pakistan Customs Services, the majority of candidates prefer to join the group. There are a few highly-ranked jobs in the PCS group. A few of them with scale are shown in tables.

Name of Post Scale division
Assistant Director BS-17
Commercial Secretary BS-18
Commercial Counselor BS-19
Consul General BS-20
Minister(Economic or trade) BS-21

Railway (Commercial and Trade) Group

Railways trade and commercial groups play an essential role in the creation of infrastructure, operations, and management of Pakistan railways. The group was previously known as Pakistan railways services.

The employees who are part of the railways C&T group receive training at the Pakistan railways’ Walton training academy in Lahore, Pakistan. A few names of posts that have scale divisions are given below.

Name of Post Scale division
Secretary railway board BS-17
Member finance BS-18
Director General (operational) BS-19
Director general (technical) BS-20
Director general (planning) BS-21

Military Lands and Cantonments Group

Group of Military Land and Cantonments typically is a reference to the ML&C department. Defense lands of the department and cantonments across Pakistan.ML&C department is managing nearly 44 cantonment boards across Pakistan. The entire process is overseen by the Directorate.

The executive officer of Cantonments (CEOS), as well as military estate officers (MEOS), are the primary officials who manage the boards of cantonments. Certain job openings in the cantonments and military land are listed below.

Name of Post Scale division
Cantonment executive officers BS-19
Military estate officers BS-20
President cantonment board BS-21
Director general BS-17
Additional director general BS 18

Office Management Group

OMG stands for Office Management Group in CSS. OMG Group is a famous civil service organization in Pakistan. The employees of OMG Group operate in the central secretariats as section officials. These officers are assigned to provincial authorities. A few CSS jobs of Office Management Group, Pakistan are listed below.

Name of Post Scale division
Secretary federal BS-17
Cadre of OMG BS-18
Senior joint secretary BS-19
Deputy Secretary BS-20
President secretary BS-21

Postal Group

Postal Group CSS comprises the Pakistan Post Office (PSO). Pakistan Post office is one of the oldest Federal Government departments. The department manages more than Ten thousand post offices in Pakistan.

The postal group also performs numerous important duties such as Saving banks at the Post Office, Postal life insurance, Pension payments to the Civil and Military renewal of driving licenses, and arms licenses, among others.

Commerce and Trade Group

CTG Group CSS is called Commerce & Trade Group. CTG Group is responsible for the economic development of Pakistan as well as commercial diplomacy.

CTG Group officers are employed in the Pakistan Ministry of Commerce, the Pakistan Institute of Commerce as well as Development(PITAD), Pakistan Horticulture Development and Export Company with BS-20 or higher grades. CTG Group officers also lead trade negotiations for foreign commerce with various nations to negotiate trade agreements.

Pakistan Audit and Accounts Service (PAAS)

PAAS means in css and is Pakistan audit and accounting services. PAAS ranks as the 2nd most preferred group following the civil service exams in Pakistan. The PAAS employees are appointed to various finance departments. PAAS is the auditor general’s department of Pakistan. The organization provides education on the most recent improvements to standards for public financial reporting.

Police Service of Pakistan (PSP)

PSP means in CSS is the Police Service of Pakistan. PSP is one of the top sought-after categories in CSS Pakistan occupational groups.PSP officer is the superintendent of police (SP) as well as a deputy Inspector General (DIG), IG, and numerous other high-ranking posts within the Police department, of the government of Pakistan.

CSS Officer Salary In Pakistan

Civil Servant Officers are the most highly compensated officers in Pakistan.CSS starting salary in Pakistan is the sole BP Scale-wise. Other allowances such as fuel medical, house rent costs, kitchen, and other costs are not included in the salary.

Post Salary Range in Rupees
Assistant Commissioner Rs 80,000 to 90,000 / Per Month
Additional Director General Rs 170,000 to 180,000 / Per Month
Cantonment Executive Officer Rs 90,000 to 95,000/Per Month
Military Estate Officer 90,000 to 110,000/Per Month
Federal Secretary 190,000 to 200,000/Per Month
Internal Publicity Officer 165,000 to 170,000/Per Month
Deputy Director Rs 120,000 to 150,000 / Per Month
Director General (Operations) 250,000 to 300,000/Per Month
Deputy Commissioner Rs 90,000 to 110,000 / Per Month
Assistant Press Information Rs 40,000 to 50,000 / Per Month

Perks And Privileges Enjoyed By CSS Officers In Pakistan

  • Govt Residency
  • Job security at the high-level
  • High salary
  • medical care
  • Authority and Protocol
  • Official Vehicle Facility
  • Security Guards
  • Lifetime pension, as well as other benefits for retirement

If you’re looking for a degree that can lead to a job and are also willing to be a part of your nation’s service, then you could consider this degree. It doesn’t have a particular requirement for participation in tests like other degrees in Pakistan do. Anyone who has completed their graduation is eligible to apply for the degree and can also serve their country.

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