Best Career Options After 12th Science In Pakistan Complete Guide

What to do after the 12th? This is an issue that pops up in every young person’s mind what are the Best Career Options After 12th Science? Generations of today are a bit lost on what field they’ll need to choose. Where do they begin the preparation process and other concerns? Confused when concerned about your professional career? Selecting the best path according to your passion will help you develop your career in an efficient manner so that you can be happy with your work without hassle or stress.

Best Career Options After 12th Science In Pakistan

It is certain that selecting the career direction you’re interested in will provide your career a boost with endless possibilities. So, why do you wander through the bushes and be confused about what you should do after you finish 12th grade? We’ve narrowed down the options for you.Also check Career Options After 8th Class in Pakistan Complete Guide.

Therefore, take an overview of options for careers after 12th science that we have put together for you. Although there are many opportunities, from massive research opportunities to spurring innovation and technological advancement There are a variety of career options following the 12th science. We’ve listed some potential career choices below. Continue reading!

Best Career Options After 12th Science In Pakistan Complete Guide Given Below

How To Choose the Best Career Options After 12th Science?

We are aware of how challenging it is to pick the best career path after the 12th grade. Although some of you might already be taking part in different entrance tests and have a clear vision, however, some may not know the best route. But, not knowing isn’t as bad as it seems in the event that you’ve got time to make a decision. Let’s decide the most suitable career path following the 12th for you.

Know the things you’re interested in

Although you may be compelled to join the race it is best to pursue the thing you love to do. If you’re looking for traditional careers such as Engineering, Doctor, and Architect, then in any doubt, go for it. If you’d like to pursue a career as a graphic designer, and you decide to take a program on graphic design and design, why not? Consider a bit of research about what you would like to do.

Find out more and select the course that is relevant

After you’ve narrowed down the subject you’re interested in, you can go on and search for the type of classes available in that area. There are many full-time or part-time classes such as diploma degrees, distance learning, and more. Take a thorough decision on the best course after the 12th.

Find out the future career opportunities in the field you are interested in

After you’ve completed most of the hard work, you can think about what the future may be available for the subject you’d like to explore further. Find out if it provides you with enough opportunities for growth both economically and professionally.

What is Science Stream?

It is usually most popular among students who want to enter the medical or non-medical fields. Science is a set of subjects that teaches the science of streams like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Computer Science, and Mathematics. You might be thinking what is the reason for these subjects being included in the field of science?

They encompass the essential elements of scientific theories and the practical techniques of the mind, using an analytical approach. Students who choose a science stream during their 12th year are capable of pursuing a career in the medical or non-medical fields, which include engineering, medicine or genetics, biochemistry, Pharmaceuticals, Forensic Science, and other interdisciplinary career choices.

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Subjects that are part of the Science Stream

In order to pursue the science stream the student must be studying these subjects, for example:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • English

It is important to be familiar with the subjects you’ll be studying in the science field. Let’s look at the possibilities for career opportunities in the field of science.

What are the characteristics that a student in science has?

Science offers lucrative careers including IT, medical engineering, pharmacy, research, data science, and many others. Science students have a variety of career options. are wide in scope. Science is a popular field that draws students with the skills that are not mentioned above:

  • A technical appearance of mind
  • Innovative and creative
  • Tries to do experiments
  • I am interested in learning theory as well as practical information
  • I am interested in both medical and non-medical fields

Let’s look at the options for careers for students of science in their specific science streams with a comprehensive overview of the variety of possibilities in the options in the field.

Career Options After 12th PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology)

If a student is attracted to Biology and the field of medicine and medical sciences the possibilities are endless for them. possibilities for them in medical fields that they can explore. To get a job as a medical professional, medical students have to take Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB) on their 10+2 boards. To be able to pursue certain possibilities in medicine, students will need to pass NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test). Below is the list of career options within Medical degree programs following the 12th board exams in the science stream.

Career Options in Medical Field After 12th With or Without Entrance Test

Career Options in Medical Field with MDCAT Entrance Exam Career Options in Medical Field without  Entrance Exam
  • MBBS- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery: MBBS is one of the most prestigious and well-known programs in Pakistan and around the world. It is the most preferred option for students studying science after graduation on the board 12th. Students who are interested in becoming doctors or surgeons can take up this profession after completing 10+2.

Duration: 5.5 – 6 years

Fees: 6 lakhs – 60 lakhs

  • BSc Nursing: This Profession is designed to provide care and assistance to patients. Students are able to assist and understand physicians in departments such as ICU, ER, CCU, OT, etc. It is possible to become a nurse without having to pass the entrance exam.

Duration: 4 years
Fees: 50 thousand – 2 lakhs

  • BHMS- Bachelor’s of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery: The study of Homeopathic Medicines is related to the treatment of the human body by using natural substances such as herbs, plants, and minerals. It is the second profession following MBBS that most students prefer to study. The course assists students to help patients by using natural substances.

Duration: 5.5 – 6 years

Fees: 4 lakhs- 10 lakhs

  • BSc Biotechnology: It’s a three-year undergraduate course that covers the study of molecular and applied biochemistry.

Duration: 3 years
Fees: 50 thousand – 2 lakhs

  • BDS- Bachelor of Dental Sciences: Students who are interested in learning about prosthodontists or orthology can take this course within the sciences stream. This course is designed to teach the study of dental organs and the study to be a dentist or a dental surgeon.

Duration: 4.5 – 5 years

Fees: 5 lakhs – 20 lakhs

  • B.Sc Food Technology: The course contains the study of the food-related inception process and nutrition and food analysis, food microbiology, as well as additional related courses studies on food

Duration: 4 years
Fees: 50 thousand – 5 lakhs

  • B.Pharm- Bachelor’s of Pharmacy: Students who are interested in pursuing a profession in the field of pharmaceuticals or beginning to create their own pharmacies are able to take the program to study chemical and medical salts.

Duration: 4.5 – 5 years

Fees: 5 lakhs – 15 lakhs

  • DPT( Doctor of Physical Therapy): Physical therapy is a therapy used to ease discomfort caused by physical injury or any other bone or muscular problem. This therapy is based on a patient’s medical history as well as physical examinations to arrive at the diagnosis. This helps to develop a treatment plan. Furthermore, they can take into account the findings of laboratory and imaging studies like the X-rays of a patient, CT scans, or MRI results.

Duration:5 years

Fees:9 lakhs-16 lakhs

  • BMLT- Bachelor of Medical Laboratory Technology: This course instructs the student on how to work at the back end of the process to make medications or medical equipment in medical centers, hospitals, or labs.

Duration: 3 – 4 years

Fees: 50 thousand – 5 lakhs

  • B.S-Radiography & Imaging Technology: Radiography is the study of radiation to produce an image of organs, tissues bones, vessels, and other structures which make up your body.

Duration: 4 Years

Fees:5 lakhs-15 lakhs

Non-Medical Fields in PCB Stream 

B. Sc Agriculture B. Sc Anthropology B. Sc Biochemistry
B. Sc Biostatistics B. Sc Botany B. Sc Biology
B. Sc Anatomy B. Sc in Food Technology B. Sc in Food Science
B. Sc Biotechnology B.Sc Zoology B. Sc in Forensics
B. Sc Genetics B. Sc Geology B. Sc Life Sciences
B. Sc Neuroscience B. Sc Nursing B. Sc Physiotherapy
B. Sc Psychology B. Sc Nutrition and Dietetics B. Sc Physical Education

Career Options After 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

Another profession with the second highest popularity that science students pursue after completing the 12th board. If a student is enticed to learn about bridges, structures, electronics software, petroleum technology, and more. Candidates should choose BTech and Bachelor of Engineering in specialized programs. Here is a partial list of Engineering specializations that students could take for a career as an Engineer.

Career Options in Engineering after Class 12th PCM

The engineering field offers an array of opportunities for career choices after 12th science. A few of them are as follows:

  • Mechanical Engineers: Engineers apply concepts of mathematics and physics to develop, manufacture and operate machines.
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers: They are responsible for the development, design, conducting of tests, and overseeing the production of electronic systems and electrical equipment, like electric motors, navigation communications systems, and so on. Duration: 4 years
  • Computer Engineers: Their work is concerned with computer programming, software development, mobile, and web applications.Duration: 4 years
  • Civil Engineers: These engineers plan, manage and oversee the maintenance of infrastructure projects within both the private and public sectors, such as bridges, dams, buildings airports, water distribution, and sewer systems. Duration: 4 years
  • Chemical Engineers: They develop and design chemical manufacturing techniques. They are skilled professionals who solve issues in the use or production of drugs, chemicals, food, fuel, and many more products.
  • Aerospace Engineers: They specialize in areas of spacecraft and aircraft development.
  • Marine engineers: The Marine Engineers are the ones who oversee the inner systems used by vessels, oil rigs, and other offshore structures.

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)

B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) is an undergraduate professional engineering degree that is obtained in four years of study. Additionally, as an extremely awaited program in India and among the most lucrative career choices for students studying science, one is likely to earn good pay upon completion of the course.

B.Tech Specialisations

  • Btech Civil Engineering
  • Btech Mechanical Engineering
  • Btech Chemical Engineering
  • BTech Electronics & Communication Engineering
  • BTech Information Technology
  • BTech Genetic Engineering
  • BTech Aeronautical Engineering
  • BTech Automobile Engineering
  • BTech Civil and Structural Engineering
  • BTechIndustrial Engineering
  • BTech Instrumentation & Control Engineering
  • BTech Mining Engineering
  • BTech Electronics

Other Engineering Specializations

Chemical Engineering Biotechnology Engineering Power Engineering
Marine Engineering Electronics and Communication Engineering Construction Engineering
Automobile Engineering Petroleum Engineering Transportation Engineering
Aeronautical Engineering Textile Engineering Engineering Management

Honors Degree Courses in Science

The honors degree program is a three – to four-year undergraduate degree course in which a student learns in the chosen specialization of science streams. The Bachelor of Science in the chosen science area is typically taken by students who wish to pursue further studies following their completion of their undergraduate (Bachelor’s) degree.

With this course, students will become an expert in their chosen area. The following are the Honors degree specializations in science. For these honors-level courses, students must have completed sciences that include Physics, Chemistry, Biology Mathematical, English, and IT. The required subjects for this program depend on the specific area of science.

Duration 4 years
Level: Undergraduate
Eligibility: 10+2
Type: Honors Degree

Honors Specialisations in B.Sc (Bachelor of Science)

B.Sc Applied Science Honours B.Sc Computer Science B.Sc Anatomy B.Sc (Hons) Forestry B.Sc Airlines Tourism and Hotel Management
B.Sc Clinical Nutrition B.Sc Hospitality and Tourism Studies B.Sc Zoology B.Sc Aeronautical Science B.Sc Advanced Zoology Biotechnology
B.Sc Cardiac Technology B.Sc Environmental Science B.Sc Applied Science (Hons) Food Technology B.Sc Multimedia Animation Graphics B.Sc Sport Science Outdoor Activities
B.Sc Computer Application Information B.Sc Anthropology B.Sc Cardiovascular Technology B.Sc (Hons) Forestry B.Sc Aviation

Forensic Sciences

Forensic Science offers an exciting field and an excellent way to start your career in the field of science. Forensic science technicians assist in police investigations by gathering and examining evidence. The majority of technicians in the laboratory for forensic science work on crime scenes during odd hours within their own jurisdiction.

The field of work offers diplomas and degree programs in a variety of facets in Chemistry, Biology, and Psychology. Students can earn an education that includes a diploma in Forensic Medical, BSc in Forensic Science, Post Graduation Diploma in Victimology & Victim Assistance, MSc in Cyber Forensics, etc.

Here are Popular Job profiles in Forensic Science after completing the forensic degree course

Evidence Technician Crime Scene Investigator Forensic Engineer
Fingerprint analyst Forensic Scientist Forensic Psychologist
Forensic Science Technician Forensic Manager Forensic Pathologist
Forensic Specialist Forensic Investigator Teacher
Crime Reporter Forensic Accountant


This field is pursued following the compilation of 12th boards in the stream of science. Architecture is a profession that allows you to architect build, design, or design a structure using skills in construction. They are heavily involved in every stage of building construction, from the creation of an idea to building them using the idea. If someone is interested in this field, they can select a Bachelors of Architecture (B Arch.) program following the compilation of their 10+2 science stream and PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths). This is also the Best Career Options After 12th Science.

It’s a complete 5-year undergraduate program. It also includes specialist training in historical preservation and solar design, designing theories, and other related areas. When completing B. Arch, a student may pursue further study in the same area of study and then apply for the Master of Architecture (M.Arch) program.


Traditionally, the jobs of the commerce stream were centered around Chartered Accountants or Company Secretary, Chartered Financial Analyst, Actuarial Science, Banking, and so on. Although these professions are very popular they now benefit from competing with other professions that are lucrative. We’ve highlighted some ones below.

  • Management of business
  • Management of products
  • Sales and marketing management
  • Data analysis and business analysis
  • Marketing via digital
  • Human resource development
  • Management consulting

Science graduates can choose these careers by using their theoretical and technical abilities with an understanding of the business environment. Industry experts and top institutions collaborated to aid this process through job-focused courses. Let’s take a look at these master’s-level qualifications.


The most lucrative and rewarding job opportunity for students is in the field of law. Students can look for a wide range of opportunities in the field of law. To be an attorney, it is essential that the student obtain the degree after 5 years of BA-LLB. We’d like to note that this program is provided by a variety of institutions.


Science students can choose to pursue many different careers, including arts and humanities. The jobs that investigate these connections are generally referred to as STEAM-related jobs. Here’s a list of some of the most popular fields that are transdisciplinary:

  • Product Designing
  • Graphic Designing
  • Fashion Technology
  • Media/Journalism
  • Animation Filmmaking
  • Photography
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • Sound Engineering
  • HR Training, School Teaching, etc.

Another job field that is gaining popularity in the humanities includes techno-legal advisers and experts in government relations. They provide information on the capabilities and benefits of new technologies such as drones, driverless cars robotics, 3D printers, and others. and engage in conversations with various parties to make these technologies available.

If you’re seeking a career in creative areas then you must combine the humanities, linguistics, humanities as well as design thinking, visual arts, and soft skills — with the traditional disciplines of science. Furthermore, research suggests that employers in the future will prefer people with multiple talents that are a blend.

Data scientist

To study the nature of data, data scientists use data and algorithmic techniques. They also develop the data forecasting process, classifying as well as clustering algorithms. Data Science is among the most sought-after careers currently.

Furthermore, Data scientists often create unique code to manage and analyze unstructured and structured data. They can also identify patterns that help managers of companies in making well-informed decisions.

As companies require specialists in data science due to the present booming corporate landscape Data science is among the most promising career choices following the 12th year of science

Other Science related fields

Apart from the above-mentioned streams, there are other sectors that offer immense career prospects for the science fields. Here are a few options where science students can build their careers professionally.

B.Sc in Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology B.Sc in Zoology and Animal Biotechnology Psychology
B.Sc in Zoology Food Technology Biochemistry
Mathematics Teacher Computer Science
Food Technology


Doesn’t this all seem to be helpful? The science-related careers are extremely professional and exciting to develop a career within the science stream. Science is an extensive field that offers a variety of employment opportunities and the Best Career Options After 12th Science.

Students may also pursue more advanced studies in the science stream to pursue a Master, Ph.D., or other related professional degrees according to their chosen science stream and area of interest. We hope that this blog will clear any doubts you have about the career path you must pursue after completing the 12th-grade board in Science stream.


What can a student pursue after completion of 12th boards from the science stream?

Science students can avail of many Best Career Options After 12th Science. Some of the options in the science stream. These include MBBS, Engineering, BSc, B.Tech, BPharm, and so on.

Which Science streams are the highest paying field in Science in demand?

A student generally has the capacity to create the career they want in every area of science. Some that are among the most lucrative jobs in science are; Commercial Pilots, Nuclear Engineers with MBBS/BDS degrees Psychologists, etc.

Is science a good field to make a future career in the respective stream? 

Science provides a variety of career choices for medical and non-medical tracks. Students can discover new concepts in the field of science, research in chemistry, experiments, and more.

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