CSS Viva Voce Exam 2023 Complete Details

After passing the CSS written exam and CSS psychological test applicants have to face the viva voce section of the exam. The candidates who have been shortlisted will be required to take part in a Viva Voce.

what is viva voce in CSS?

The Viva Voce is an interview that evaluates candidates on their moral qualities, their mental acuity, aptitude, leadership skills, and co-curricular and extracurricular skills as well as knowledge. Viva Voce carries 300 marks. A Board of Members is formed to interview candidates in order to assess their fit for the job. The Board of members has all the curricular and co-curricular records of the candidates on their desks when they interview the candidate.CSS Viva Voce Exam

The candidates should have excellent communication abilities. A good speaking ability, supported by creativity can help the candidate achieve a high score in viva voce. Co-curricular activities as well as subjects that interest you will be asked about. Candidates should have a good understanding of their interests i.e. games and hobbies. Activities that are co-curricular include participation in debates, competitions, or any other activities.

Candidates must have a thorough understanding of Islam and Pakistan since many questions are likely to be asked about it. The minimum qualification for viva-voce is 100 points. Candidates scoring lower than 100 will be disqualified from the test. Questions on Islam will not be requested by non-Muslim applicants.

CSS Viva Voce Exam 2023 Complete Details Given Below

CSS Viva Voce

CSS candidates must make sure that they can answer the CSS questions the interviewer will ask with an open mind and skills, regardless of whether the question concerns general knowledge and current events, global events, involvement of the candidate in society, Islam-related issues, or involvement in co-curricular activities. CSS candidates must be attentive to every question of the viva-voce test with complete attention, respond at the top of their ability, and ensure that the interviewer is aware of the correct answers.

CSS Viva Voce Purpose

The primary purpose of the viva voce test is to make sure there is no doubt that the CSS candidate was not engaged in the process of passing the written CSS test with a shady method to test his knowledge of diverse subjects, such as the general sciences, daily things, and to ensure that the candidate is in a good state of mind and has a good understanding of the subject or the department that he/she would like to serve in.

CSS Viva Voce Exam Schedule 2023

Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) has given the CSS exam viva voce examination schedule for 2023. CSS 2022 viva-voceexams will commence in 2023.

The schedule will announce for css live viva voce Islamabad and css viva-voce Lahore and css live voce Peshawar candidates. Here we will provide the complete schedule of cities in PDF format. Soon we will upload the CSS Viva Voce Exam schedule 2023 here for you.

CSS Viva Voce Rules

  • The interviewer will record the candidates’ academic and other extracurricular activities.
  • During the interview, the applicant’s report on co-curricular activities (debates competitions, and various other events), as well as extracurricular activities (hobbies games,), will be displayed in front of the interviewer.
  • CSS exam viva-voce total score is 300. If a candidate fails to get at least 100 marks during the viva test exam, they will be deemed as failing and will not be eligible to be appointed.
  • According to CSS’s viva voce regulations, candidates should have a basic understanding of Islam and the past of Pakistan. Interviewers may ask specific questions on the subjects mentioned above.
  • Questions related to Islamic subject is not allowed by candidates who are not Muslims.

CSS Competitive Examination Rules

  • Candidates who pass the examination will be informed in a separate manner as well as via the website, however, candidates who fail the exam will not be notified individually They can download an entire marks sheet from a site.
  • If the candidate got below 40 percent scores on any mandatory subject or less than 33 percentage points in any subject that is optional as well as under 100 points in the viva exam and the candidate is found to not have passed the CSS tests.
  • The criteria for checking each answer is in sequence and any question that is not answered correctly is not taken into consideration.
  • The candidate must have completed every empty space before handing over the sheet to the judge.
  • If the candidate has completed reading the paper, he must note the attendance prior to going to his seat.
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