Punjab Text Book Board Banned Sociology book for Intermediate Part-I

Punjab Text Book Board Banned Sociology book is the biggest news. The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) has issued an exclusion of the Sociology book for Intermediate Part-I because of the content that has been criticized.

The book that was banned, Ainah Emraniyat released through Khalid Book Depot, has been removed from the school curriculum due to its lack of morally questionable and unethical educational content following several educators’ concerns.

Punjab Text Book Board Banned Sociology book for Intermediate Part-I

Additionally, educators assert that some books are published without obtaining a no-objection Certificate (NOC). They also claimed that the PCTB has not been able to eliminate this practice.

Additionally, they expressed displeasure there is no complaint line for the purpose of highlighting complaints and objections concerning the content that hasn’t been established as was previously announced.

Separately from that, it was reported that the Punjab School Education Department (SED) directed the PCTB to produce textbooks for the Single National Curriculum (SNC) textbooks for classes 8 to 12 and to ensure that they are available in the market by the 1st of April 2023.

Based on reports, institutions that wish to use books that are not included in the SNC need to seek permission through the PCTB. If they fail to conform, PCTB will impose heavy sanctions, including fines that range from Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 500,000. Additionally, SED has decided to start introducing SNC for classes 9 and 10 in April 2024.

Sociology Book Controversy A Case of Misplaced Priorities

A few weeks ago, it was discovered via the internet that a text used in Punjab has content that is hateful against Baloch citizens. Sociology of Pakistan is a textbook that is taught at the intermediate levels at an intermediate level in Punjab that was published by Abdul Hamid Taga and Abdul Aziz Taga was the cause of the debate. In addition to the definitions of the term Baloch in the text, it also said the notion that Baloch is “Uncivilized individuals who commit killing as well as looting.”

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Punjab Text Book Board Banned Sociology book Photos of selected pages were circulated on social networks and became viral. The public began to criticize the book and the author. In the meantime, student organizations and activists became aware of the issue, and a TV program was also aired about the subject. Political leaders from Balochistan were also informed about this issue. A joint session of the Senate gave them an opportunity to speak out on the problem.

Punjab Text Book Board Banned Sociology book

Senator Mir Kabeer Muhammad Shahi of the National Party (NP) raised the matter in Senate and read a number of passages from the book that could be considered to be hatred-mongering against Baloch. Then followed passionate speeches from other senators who criticized the book without hesitation and demanded actions against the publisher. Chairperson of Senate Mian Raza Rabbani announced that the matter will be brought to the attention of the Chief Minister Punjab.
After a few days, the Chief Minister of Punjab also became aware of the incident and ordered an investigation. The authors of the book recognized the error they made and wasted no time in releasing an apology in the media.
It was certainly a triumph for social media activists. It demonstrated that no one can be allowed to get away with a mistake similar to this in our current day and age. It also rekindled the debate about the necessity to rid textbooks in Pakistan of any racist and historical distortions content.

The Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) was aware of the Intermediate Part-I Sociology textbook with content that was controversial and placed the book out of circulation on Tuesday. The authorities prohibited The book, Ainah Emraniyat written in the Khalid Book Depot.

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