Primary School Teachers Training EASTE Schedule 2022-24 Download

Primary School Teachers Training EASTE Schedule is announced. All teachers feel worried about listening to news of training from anywhere. Sometimes they don’t understand Either this news is authentic or not for their help we provide a schedule of training for teachers here. As to improve five English skills listed in the Single National Curriculum (2022), all primary public school teachers (PSTs), will receive online training on Module-1 (English For Subject for Teachers and Educators(EASTE). This online training will take effect from 9th Jan 2023.

With the support of the British Council and QAED Punjab, the complete training schedule, list of Selected District Experts (DSEs), and financial guidelines were created by QAED Punjab to implement Module-l (EASTE). This will ensure that the training program is completed 100%.

Primary School Teachers Training EASTE Schedule 2022-24 Download Below

PST Training EASTE Schedule 2022-24

Primary School Teachers Training EASTE Schedule



  1. DSEs Training – SIX Days’ Training of 120 District Subject Experts, (DSES), who are English Experts and working as SST/SS/SSS & headmasters in Punjab, w.e.f. 5th to 10th December at QAED Punjab Lahore.
  2. AEOs Training – FIVE days of training 3300 Assistant Education Officers, (AEOs), by 120 DSEs in 2 batches. The training will begin on 12/12/2022 and end on 23/12/2022(2 batches). At District QAED in all 36 Punjabi districts.
  3. PSTs Training: Primary school teachers (PSTs) in Lahore District can get online/TMS/LMS/Cop FIVE-day training on “Piloting Of LMS” from the 2nd Jan to the 6th of January 2023.
  4. PSTs Training: Teachers from All 36 Punjab Districts will receive online training via LMS Module-l starting 9th January 2023.

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Financial Guideline for 5 Days Training of AEOs under the EASTE Project, 12th to 23rd December 2022 in TWO Batches

  • The expenditure will be incurred strictly in accordance with the following financial guidelines/instructions as per funds enumerated object/head-wise in the enclosed financial plan and in case of any irregularity, the concerned QAED head will be held responsible:
  • Stationary @ Rs.200/- per trainee. (Photocopy Material and Stationery).
  •  Others @Rs.1000/- per Class per Day for the Whole Training
  •  District Head QAED will ensure that budgets allocated for one object are not used for another
  •  Entertainment will be provided at Rs.500/per participant per day.
  • Remuneration of Master Trainers (MTs), @ Rs. 4,000/- per MT per day.
  • The materialization of an expense may be subject to procedural and codal formalities to be filed with QAED Heads, as well as following PPRA and FBR Rules.
  • Original attendance forms of participants and MTs with details of their status/designation and department/office as well as CNIC No. together with the vouched accounts.
  • Vouched accounts and attested copies of pages from Stock Registers showing receipts or disbursement of stock items are required.
  • The expenditure should be made based on actual attendance and strictly within the rules/policy.
  • A consolidated summary of expenditures on training object/head wise should be attached along with the original vouched accounts.
  • Each payment document (acquaintance rolls and miscellaneous copies of stock register showing receipts, disbursement, refreshment bills, photocopies, etc.) must be signed and stamped by the concerned District QAED head. Each document of payment (acquaintance rolls, miscellaneous copies of stock register showing receipts & disbursement and refreshment bills, photocopies, etc.) must be signed by the relevant District QAED Head and Education Officer (EOS).
  • The checklist to Vouched Accounts must be duly signed and stamped.

NOTE: Regional Programme Managers responsible for monitoring the training will ensure that all arrangements, including expenditures, are in line with financial guidelines/rules/policy and within the timeframe.

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