SED Punjab E Transfer Policy Merit Calculation Formula and Ranking Criteria 2022

We told you about The E-Transfer Program 2022 applications that were launched. It is the Punjab Government has introduced an E-Transfer policy that will simplify the transfer process for teachers easier. Find all the information on the System of transfer for teachers working in the Education Department of Punjab here.

Here is The New transfer Policy 2022 in pdf format, along with the Merit calculation Formula as well as the E-Transfer Ranking Criteria 2022. We will also help to learn how to apply for E-Transfer to Punjab and how to verify whether you are in the E-Transfer Application Status.

SED Punjab E Transfer Policy Merit Calculation Formula and Ranking Criteria 2022 Below

Download New Transfer Policy 2022 SED PUNJAB

A policy/notification for the New Transfer Policy has been published on October 27, 2022, by the SED PUNJAB. Further specifics of this notice are as follows:

E -transfer Policy 2022

Chief MinisterChief Minister Competent Authority has been pleased to endorse the “e-Transfer” Policy 2022″ of the School Education Department (copy enclosed).

The purpose of the policy is to create an easy solution to the issues of transfer for teachers in the SED. The e-Transfer Policy is anticipated to significantly improve transparency and service delivery and will contribute to getting rid of discretion and misuse of authority.

E-Transfer Policy 2022 Pdf

SED Punjab E-Transfer Policy 2022 Pdf

Punjab School Department E Transfer Merit Calculation Formula and Ranking Criteria 2022

Punjab School Department E Transfer Merit Calculation Formula and Ranking Criteria will be announced today, October 27, 2022. This is for Govt Teachers and These are not brand-new jobs.

It is the E Transfer Merit Calculation Formula is used to determine the merits when more than one teacher will request a transfer between one and another.

There are two kinds of transfer that are available within the Punjab School Education Department.

  • Hardship
  • Open Merit

How do you get the E-Transfer Policy 2022 Application Form

To utilize the application teachers first need to register with the ministry of their school. With this electronic transmission system, teachers working from home can transmit their data. Teachers who are interested in applying for Etransfer are able to apply online using the SIS application and Download application forms also.

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SIS Application Form Download
Mutual Transfer Platform Click Here
Vacancy Position List Click Here
E Transfer 2022 Merit List Click Here

Open Merit E Transfer Merit Calculation and Ranking Criteria 2022

There are a total of 65 marks for open merit transfers within the school department in Punjab.

  • 25 Marks of Distance
  • 20 Marks of Tenure
  • 20 Marks for Lenght of Service in Current Grade

25 Distance Marks Calculation

In the 25 marks of distance, 20 marks will be for the District. 0.4 Marks per Kilometer are counted as Distance marks in the District. For every 25 marks of distance, 5 marks apply to distances greater than 50 KM. 0.1 marks for every additional Km beyond 50.

For instance, if Mr. Asghar is applying for a transfer from his school to a different one that is 25km away from his school, the school will award him 0.4*20= 8. Thus, Mr. Ali will receive 8/20.

For instance, If Mr. Azhar is applying for admission to a school located 65km from his school, the result will be 0.4*50is 20. And 0.1*15 equals 1.5. Thus, Ali gets 21.5 for 25.

For Inter District Transfer Formula is Merit= (Tenure + Length in Current Grade+Disability+Widow Divorced+Wedlock+Medical / 75 ) * 25.

20 Marks of Tenure Calculation

02 marks for each year in the current and identical Post. Calculation of day-to-day is (2/365) * No days in the year in the event that the year is not complete.

20 Marks for Lenght of Service in Current Grade

02 Marks for Each Year in the Current Grade. The daily calculation is (2/365) * No Days in the Year, in the event that the year is not fully completed.

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Hardship E Transfer Merit Calculation and Ranking Criteria

There are 35 marks for hardship merit transfer in the school department in Punjab.

  • 15 Marks for Divorced / Widowed / Wedlock/ Marriage Inter District Case.
  • 10 Marks for Divorced/ Wedlock/ Widowed inside District Case.
  • 15 Marks for Disability
  • 05 Marks for Medical

E-Transfer-Merit-Calculation-Formula-and-Ranking-Criteria-How to Apply for E Transfer in Punjab School Education Department

E-Transfer is a process that can be completed only via SIS Punjab Application.

Download SIS Punjab Application


After installing SIS Punjab Application Login with the username and password provided by the Punjab School Education Department. After Successful Login Click on E Transfer Tab and Then Choose the Open Merit Option or Hardship Option.

On your E-Transfer Application after choosing the option, you must fill in the details for schools. Then, your application is complete and you must stay up until the deadline to receive the final decision.

How to Check E-Transfer Application Status

Visit SIS Punjab Official Website


Click on the E-Transfer Tab and select your district, tehsil, and your school.

The complete list of applicants for this post will be available, and you can view your merit score and you are the status of your E-Transfer Application.

If you are a government teacher in the Punjab School Education Department and require assistance with SIS application and School Vacancy as well as vacant Seats contact us.

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