CSS Psychological Assessment Test Detail 2023 And Rules

In CSS Psychological Assessment is a very necessary part. The psychological test assesses candidates’ mental abilities, personality traits, and attitudinal characteristics in relation to their ability to serve in the Civil service.

Written tasks and group activities are part of the CSS Psychological Assessment Test. Candidates are asked to submit written responses to a topic, question, or scenario. Each word and every line that the candidates write is reviewed by trained psychologists.

Candidates should not write down their opinions without consulting a trained psychologist. Your statements should be concise, truthful, and straightforward.

CSS Psychological Assessment Test Detail 2023 And Rules Given Below

CSS Psychological Test

After CSS medical Test Shortlisted candidates will be called for a Psychological Test and Viva Voce. The combined marks for the psychological test as well as viva-voce are 300. Students are assessed in groups through group activities. To analyze the group performance and tendencies of candidates, they are required to participate in group activities.

For the Psychological and CSS Viva-voce exams, candidates should bring three passport-sized photographs and their National Identity Card. A candidate who fails to take the Psychological exam will not be permitted to take the viva-voce.

Psychological Assessment Test Parts

  • Written test
  • Group discussion

Written Psychological Exam Test

An ability and personality test will be administered. Future validation of the results from the psychological test will be done using other resources such as behavioral information, observations, and one-on-one interviews with psychologists.

Intelligent Test Ability Detail

Abstract Ability

Also known as the conceptual reasoning test, this test aims to assess an individual ability to identify patterns and logical rules quickly, and then integrate this information to provide the best possible solutions. The task is to find the best shapes in order. This task is designed to quickly assess your ability to analyze new information and think strategically in solving problems.

Verbal ability

The verbal aptitude test tests your ability to comprehend and communicate information. It asks you to identify synonyms or analogies.

Numerical Ability

  • This reasoning or ability test will assess your ability to make the best decisions by presenting the scenario in basic numerical form.
  • These tests must be completed within the time limit. It is important to complete these tasks as soon as possible, as it can be easy at first but becomes more difficult over time.


These tests are usually of different types and held to predict your basic personality characteristics such as Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion/Introversion, and Agreeability along with your maturity level, confidence, optimism, ability to handle stress, and solve different problems, leadership qualities as well

Personality Trait Questionnaire

During the test, you will be asked to complete 2 types of personality questionnaires:

  • This is a test where you can only answer yes or no.
  • Another set of questions is open-ended and asks for your preferences, likes, dislikes, and interests.

Questions will be asked

Story writing

The black-and-white image of human life is shown here. You are expected to comprehend these and then tell a story.

Complete Sentence

The first word and the words will be provided. You will then be asked to complete the sentence. Take this example


  • An autobiography is a written record of a person’s life. It is a short story that tells the life of a person.
  • Your writing should be organized and structured so that I am eager to meet with you in a one-on-one interview.

Discussion with the CSS Exam Psychological Group

The purpose of group discussion was to evaluate the candidate’s behavior in group activities. Candidates were asked to participate in some group activities to examine their group performance as well as their habits.

Group discussion is used to assess personality, assertiveness, and confidence. It also helps to understand your abilities to work with others in a short time. There are two group discussions, one in Urdu and the other in English.

Interview with Psychologists

After the group session ends, you will meet with a panel of psychologists to have a short interview. They will then prepare a collaborative report on what you’ve said about your personality, aptitude, and abilities during the 2-day activity. You may be asked for additional information, to justify your preferences in the personality test, and to clarify any ambiguity in your writing.

CSS Psychological Test Importance

Css candidates will need to participate in a physiological group discussion as part of the CSS psychological test. This is to evaluate and assess each candidate’s knowledge and confidence, work skills, and assertiveness.

After that, CSS candidates will need to go through a brief interview with a panel of psychologists to present their psychological findings and clarify any ambiguities regarding the information they have provided.

CSS Psychological Test Rules 2023

  • CSS Psychological Assessment Test will not allow for separate marks.
  • The performance of psychological evaluation is also affected by 300 marks from the viva.
  • A candidate who refuses to appear in a psychological judgment will not be allowed to take part in the viva exams.
  • Combination 300 marks of psychological assessment and viva
  • In order to be eligible for the psychological assessment, the Candidate must bring three passport-sized photographs and their national identity card.
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