Download Qeemat Punjab App For Teachers And Employees Of Pakistan

Download Qeemat Punjab App For Teachers and Employees Of Pakistan here. It’s a great thing for people living in Punjab it is that the Government of Punjab has launched/commenced an app to track Qeemat/Price. Through this app, we are able to know the price of every item we use daily like medicines, food vegetables, masala Jaat delay, soap, surf, and so on.

It is important to take note of these measures that the Punjab government Punjab to alleviate the suffering of the people and the nation. Residents who reside in Punjab are able to check the costs Qeemat Punjab App to check the prices of every item used in daily use at home. This is a great relief for those who are worried about the cost of items used daily.

In the initial phase, this app was launched in a few districts in Punjab following the Qeemat app, which is a price application that will be introduced throughout the district of Punjab Pakistan. The districts in the Punjab in which the Qeemat Punjab app has been created in Lahore, Multan, Okara, Gujranwala, Lodhran, Sahiwal, Fsd, Sialkot, Rawalpindi, Toba Tech Singh (TTS), and Muzaffargarh.

This is very exciting and great news for those living in these districts in Punjab. In this article you will find about the Qeemat Punjab app, How to sign up for qeemat Punjab, the qeemat Punjab helpline no, and the qeemat Punjab rate list today.

Qeemat Punjab App Download For Teachers Employees Of Pakistan Below

About Qeemat Punjab App

Qeemat Punjab was developed for the general public to inform them about the cost of daily Fruits & Vegetables and essential commodities that were decided through the DCS. If a user finds any contradiction in the prices or daily rates, they may file a complaint using the application.

The app will forward the matter to the concerned Price Control Magistrates. Only when the shops and the market are geo-tagged. complaint be filed and the user informed when the matter is resolved within the time frame specified. The entire process of handling complaints is closely monitored by the relevant Departments to ensure smooth service delivery and to build a bridge between the User as well as Department.

Download Qeemat Punjab App  For Teachers Employees Of Pakistan

Today, the Qemat Punjab app can be downloaded directly from the play store at no cost. Qeemat Punjab app will also offer a delivery service to provide items that are used daily to your home. This means the Qeemat Punjab App is providing Home Delivery Service.

We can imagine that residents of these districts in Punjab might be delighted to learn of this exciting announcement by the Government of Punjab the Chief Secretary of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar. On the Qeemat Punjab app, you’ll also be able to contact the Qeemat Punjab Emergency number and then you can complain against merchants who charge high prices or offer items that are expensive. you can also use direct login into qeemat punjab gov pk login

Download app

Download the app here

For iOS Download the qeemat Punjab app

For Android Download the qeemat Punjab app

How to Sign Up for Qeemat Punjab App/ Login app

  • First of all, you need to download the qeemat Punjab app on your mobile or Pc. You will see interphase open like  this
Qeemat punjab app sign up
  • You need to signup in by using your mobile number and password which you want to apply to it.
  • When you will sign up in-app they will ask for some details like your name guardian name Address profession and Gender.
 After sign up
qeemat punjab app
  • every citizen is able to use the spot within Punjab to check the cheapest prices by using “Price Online”
  • In addition, you can view the price of fruits for each District and Tehsils.
  • The option is to search for the price of vegetables after selecting of District Menu and Tehsil Menu.
  • You can compare the price of the daily general merchandise against each District.
  • You can look up the rates for poultry products of each district as well as Tehsil on the basis of the daily updated information provided by the Administration. You will get here qeemat Punjab rate list today in your app.
  • You can also make use of The Complaint Management System from Qeemat Punjab Mobile Application to submit a complaint regarding any illegal activity or charges.

qeemat punjab app complaints

Qeemat Punjab helpline number

In the qeemat Punjab app, there is a system installed that will directly lead your complaints to higher authority so you just have to log in to your app and register complaints in this app.
qeemat punjab helpline number
Now download and install the Qeemat Punjab app from the Play store to get the maximum advantage from this Punjab app. Qeemat app comes with many advantages for people living in Punjab. And we hope that you are now aware of the Punjab Qeemat Punjab app download from the play store.
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