How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online 2023 Via CNIC No/Email

How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online 2023 Via CNIC No/Email is the question frequently asked by government employees. We explained and provide a link for you to get the pifra pay slip easily. PIFRA has published the salary slips for September 2023.

All employees in Pakistan can download their pay slips at The salary slip is available at no cost to all PIFRA employees registered. Each month PIFRA sends salary slips to employees who have registered. Candidates can sign up on the official website. In addition, they can sign up to receive updates about the pay slips they receive.

This way, the website will notify you of the salary slip once the company announces it. Thus, you’ll be able to download the salary slip in PDF format from the official site. The process for downloading the pay slip is on this page. Also, you can find a link in the below section and locate an online pay slip. Payslip can be viewed online in 2023 by following this step-by-step guide to PIFRA payroll slips, registration, and pay.

How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online

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How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online 2023 Via CNIC No/Email Below

What is PIFRA?

PIFRA is the acronym for Project to Enhance Accounting and Reporting, an online system for auditing and financial reporting in Pakistan. The project aims to enhance the accuracy of auditing and ease of use.

When you register by completing the registration, all Government employees will be able to get their slips by email starting today.

Here are a few key elements that have been merged into PIFRA.

  • Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS)
  • Management Change (HRM)
  • Budget & Expenditure Info
  • Integration of Salary System

How to Download PIFRA Salary Slip Online by CNIC 2023

PIFRA Salary Slip 2023 Download via CNIC PIFRA has released the salary slips for the year 2023 month-wise. Employees of all companies in Pakistan can download their salary slips from Salary slips are free of cost to every PIFRA-employed employee.

Each month PIFRA sends salary slips to employees who are registered. The account office can provide salary slips online for the first time in Pakistan. Before, employees were required to visit several offices to collect their pay slips.

Furthermore, retirees can receive pension slips through PIFRA. Everyone who is a beneficiary of PIFRA is not required to pay a fee for their pay slips. The pay slip is needed to see your wage statement and new allowances. How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online All details are provided.

pifra salary slip download govt employee Online Via Email

How to Get Pifra Salary Slip Online 2023 by email Firstly

pifra salary slip download registration guide

you have to see after We will share the procedure to get the Pifra Salary Slip in your Email Address that will provide you with the precise monthly pay, including allowances you receive on a Mahana basis and the amount of an increase in annual increments and budget pay increase.

If you’re an employee of the government and would like your salary slip statement to be delivered to your inbox. Continue following this post as PIFRA has created a process by which you can receive your salary slip for the month or PIFRA Registration – PIFRA payslip for 2023 directly to your email.

How To Check PIFRA Pay Slip Online?

You can view the Pifra pay slip online if you have internet access. Pifra payment slip on your mobile or computer. There are two ways of examining your pay slips in Pakistan on the internet using Pifra.

  1. Through Email
  2. On the official site FABS.

Method 1: Through Email

It doesn’t matter if you’re signed up in Outlook and Gmail. The procedure is similar. Most likely, people make use of Gmail to register on PIFRA. This is why we have a step-by-step guide on accessing your Pifra payment slip on the internet using Gmail.

Note that this method can only work if you previously registered. If you registered your account before the 10th month, the pay slips might not be available for the prior month. This will only be true if you’ve made at least one installment from the bank before the enrollment with PIFRA.

  • If your account is registered through PIFRA, log into your PIFRA-registered Gmail.
  • Inbox, look for your message sent by PIFRA and FABS.
  • If you don’t get any message due for any reason, enter the PIFRA salary slip into the bar for search.
  • You’ll find all the messages, including the complete details of your payslip.

Notice: the salary slip may take up to 10 working days to reach Gmail. You will need to wait until the 1st day of each month.

Method 2: Check PIFRA Pay Slip By Website

This is a fast method and provides more information in comparison to pay slips sent via email. On the site, you can look up the previous records you have. Remove other details and other information that you might miss in your emails. Follow the procedure;

  • Go to
  • Sign into your account.
  • Select the services you want to use and click on the Online pay slip.
  • Please provide the necessary information. If you don’t, you’ll get all your pay slips.
  • By clicking the download button from the download option, you can download your payslip as a pdf.

PIFRA Salary Slip Download Month Wise 2023

PIFRA Salary Slip Download Month Wise from this webpage. Here is the PIFRA Salary Slip Month Wise 2023 Download on this page. Government employees can download their salary slips according to the month online. In this manner, the PIFRA provides an online portal for government employees via the Internet. The employee can view their pay slips online with the CNIC numbers.

We have additional information regarding this question here. Therefore, take a look and find all the information you need to get the salary slips for the month of the current as well as the prior month. In reality, the PIFRA has posted the information on their site as a salary slip for employees. Therefore, you can locate the PIFRA salary slip for January on the Internet. In reality, you can also find the salary slip for January by following the procedure listed below.

Month PaySlip
January View Online
February View Online
March View Online
April View Online
May View Online
June View Online
July View Online
August View Online
September View Online
October View Online
November View Online
December View Online

PIFRA Salary Slip Format

PIFRA pay slips are now format for these formats.

  • Basic Pay
  • Net Pay
  • Home rent Allowances
  • Gross Pay
  • Income Tax
  • Medical Allowances
  • Group insurance
  • Convince Allowances
  • Adhoc relief

The above formats are PIFRA pay slips formats. So, employees of the government can track their expenses on this page.

Why would you want to create an account with PIFRA?

The most simple and efficient method to get your pay stubs at your convenience at home. This is possible by creating an account on the Gmail account to receive your pay slip.

This online program is present for government officials. Anyone who is not making use of this system is not getting an accessible and helpful service. Receiving pay slips or wage slips from banks takes some time, and you must go to the bank each time. So, it is essential to participate in this online system to profit from it.

How To Check My Pay Slip Online in Pakistan?

In Pakistan, it is possible to check your pay slip with the aid of FABS PIFRA. You must complete a Registration on pifra and obtaining the pay stub online is quite simple. For registration, go to, complete the registration form, then click submit. Follow the steps to view the form online.

  • Every month, when you receive your pay, the complete pay stub or pay statement will be automatically emailed to your registered email account.
  • Everything you need to know to open your email account linked to your PIFRA account, and then verify your salary slip online in Pakistan.
  • If you don’t receive your pay slip through the email you have provided, be sure to enter your correct email address at the time of registration.
  • Moreover, you can consult it by email to support at.OR If you prefer, you can contact PIFRA’s helpline for service at +92-51-9107248
  • It is possible to ask them to correct the error if your email address isn’t correct.


Whereby Check Pay Slip?

The Government of Panjab took a great initiative. They started the process by collecting income slips on the Internet. The payment slips are now readily available to all who sign up on the Panjab Government website. When the month is over, you can get the slip. Month, you can receive the slip by mail. Emolument slips are one click away.

Where to Check AG Sindh Pay Slip?

In the same way that you look up how you check the Panjab and the Federal slips could use the same method to verify your AG Sindh payment slip online. The government also has a method that allows you to access salary slips online. However, you must sign up on the Sindh Govt website and fill in all the necessary details. Once you have done this, you’ll be able to begin receiving your paycheck directly into the inbox of your Email Inbox.

Benefits of PIFRA for Employees

PIFRA has allowed government employees to get their paychecks quickly and print them whenever needed. This greatly benefits employees since they can save time and effort. Additionally, it ensures that employees are provided with the most current information regarding their salary.

Additionally, it offers a variety of other benefits to employees, for example:

1. Simple access to salary information

Government employees have access to their payment details. They can access the website to view their pay slip.

2. Get Pension Slip Online

Pensioners can now quickly access their pension documents online without receiving them in person.

3. Check the Salary of Family Members

Government employees must check their families’ salaries—employees employed by the state.

4. Bill Summary Report

The website also has an overview of the bill that provides detailed information on the allowances and deductions of employees.

5. DDo Budget Statement

It is possible to access the DDoS budget statement here which provides employees with an overview of their department’s expenses.

6. Information for Vendor

Suppliers and vendors who would like to establish relationships with the government can obtain all information related to business from the government.

7. Tender Information

The site also has tender information for those interested in bidding on government contracts.

8. Track Bill Payment

Employees can also monitor the payment of bills made for employees by government agencies.

9. Tax Information

The site offers tax-related information for those looking to learn more about their tax obligations.

10. Government Policies

The employee will be able to get details on the government’s policies to those interested in learning what they are about. Additionally, give them easy access to all information they require in one location.


What does PIFRA stand for?

PIFRA is a “Project for Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing.” It’s a valuable payroll program for government employees.

How can I open a Pifra account?

For registration, you must go to and complete the registration form and click submit. Follow the steps to view the pay slip online. Once you receive your pay and salary report each month, the paystub will be automatically sent to your email address.

What is the use of a Pifra account?

Pifra account is extremely useful for employees of the government in Pakistan. With this account, employees have access to payslips, print, and send them anytime they need. Additionally, it allows employees to look up the salary of their relatives.

Where can I find my Pifra pay slip?

It is easy to obtain the Pifra paycheck by accessing the website and examining your salary report. It is also possible to get an online pension form without the hassle of receiving it in person. Additionally, you can explore the wages of relatives who are employees of the state.

How to Change the Email ID on PIFRA?

If your Pifra account has stopped working or you wish to alter it for any reason, then you can do so. Contact PIFRA support by dialing +92-51-9107248 and asking them to provide the Email identification change.

What is the new name of PIFRA?

Financial Accounting & Budgeting System (FABS)

Who is eligible to register with PIFRA?

Anyone Pakistani government employee can register on the PIFRA to view Pay slips and pay online.

Not getting pay slip mail?

You may not have verified your email or haven’t received any emails from Pifra. Subscription to email is possible by registering at

Where can I find my pay statement on the Internet?

Log into the salary portal of your company using your login credentials. Within the section called Profile, look for the “Salary Slips option. It is typically in the tab called ‘My Statements. Select the Payslip option.

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