AIOU Assignments Uploading And Marks Punching Complete Guidelines 2022

AIOU Assignments Uploading and Marks Punching Guidelines Complete are given here. All tutors in the SSC/HHSC/Associate degree “BA” Spring 2022 are advised to follow the instructions below prior to hitting mark AIOU marking online through AIOU Aaghi Tutor Portal.

The students assigned to you have handed in/dispatched their assignments to your email addresses. You have assessed correctly. Now is the time to punch the marks of evaluated assignments in the punching portal (

A few important guidelines for the process of punching assignments are listed below. It is imperative to adhere to all guidelines when making the marks. In case you do not comply, strict administrative rules will result in disciplinary action being ordered. We provide you with all details about uploading and mark punching of assignments for your ease. We also give information about How To Pay AIOU Fee Using Jazz Cash ,Easypaisa And Upaisa,  and How to Attend Workshops In AIOU Aaghi Portal also given.

AIOU Assignments Uploading And Marks Punching Complete Guidelines Below

How To Upload AIOU Assignment Marks Punching on Aaghi Portal

Students assigned to you have handed in their homework assignments to the address you gave and you’ve assessed them correctly. Now is the moment to punch in your assessment of completed assignments into the punching portal (

This guideline will assist you in AIOU Assignments Uploading And Marks Punching

  • To punch the correct mark, you must first select one of the assignments on the portal to punch and submit it by giving the primary number. It is possible to follow these steps to correct mistakes in your evaluation of completed assignments as well.
  • Punching can only be done via the internet.
  • The system won’t allow you to complete any examination if you’re offline.
  • To correct your work, choose an assignment from the drop-down menu on the portal for punching and then click “Make Corrections.
  • This opens a window that allows you to make adjustments to your assessment by making new marks or adding specific comments (for revisions and failed assignments).
  • After this step is completed Make sure you hit the “Submit Marking” button at the bottom of the screen.
  • This will allow you to activate your changes.
  • You may also upload a scan of your assignment if you would like to upload it click on “Upload Assignment”.
  • This option is available for all original and corrected assignments.
  • The file for the assignment must be in the format of a .jpg or .pdf format, which does not exceed 200 KB. It must be scanned with 600 dpi or higher resolution (if you don’t have a scanner within your house, you could complete your assignment through in the computer laboratory of your department).
  •  The maximum number of assignment files can be filed during one punching session.
  • After you’ve uploaded the assignment file The system will then open its preview window and let you confirm that it’s uploaded without any glitches or errors.
  • The preview window will provide all the details of the student who was assigned (identification number email address, address, and more. ) So you can verify whether the details are correct or not.
  • When you’ve clicked “Submit Assignment” the timer for a half-minute will be displayed on the screen of your computer to ensure that everything uploaded is completed.
  •  When it’s complete, then your review for uploads is made as such and the assignment file that you uploaded will be removed in the process.
  • If the half-minute timer does not be displayed, you can start making your submission by clicking on the ‘Submit Marking’ in any case.
  • In this case, your upload will be deleted automatically and students won’t be able to view their assignments on the portal.
  • Note that this type of deletion isn’t feasible for assignments that didn’t upload. In this scenario, an uploaded file will be in the portal until students download it on their own or until the timer expires.
  • At that time the uploading process will be removed automatically, and students won’t be able to access their assignment files in the online portal.

Check AIOU Assignment Marks Punching here

Guidelines For Tutors Marks Punching 2022 

When you select the Marks Punching Module you’ll be able to access an interface known as the window for marks punching, where a series of important instructions will be displayed that are crucial in determining the results. When entering your marks adhere to these essential guidelines with a good heart.

  1. To input, an amount within a range of 0-100, simply enters the numbers you wish to separate with spaces.
  2. The lowercase letter A that appears in the entry mark entry boxes is reserved for students who did not submit their work correctly.
  3. Use the correct format 79.0 (or 070) in your writing.
  4. Make sure there are no gaps between each digit. Once you’ve entered your Marks in Assignments 1 and 2 and 2, click to activate the Buttons for Save/Update, for example.
  5. When you’ve entered the information of the assignment marks. Hit the Dashboard button and then select the available modules in the list of awards to print and secure it. This will be needed at a later time.
  6. The user can reset their password by selecting the “Forget Password” alternative, giving CNIC, delivery date and a new password, and so on, for another update.
  7. The deadline to complete the process is 03-09-2022.
  8. If the portal is not completed, it will close at 11:59 pm.

If you have a pupil who is a member of SSC & HSSC most effective strategies are available to you until the deadline for punching (03-09-2022) to submit the project. It will be which is followed by evaluation and marking marks within the portal.

The above-mentioned commands are accompanied by actual letters and the spirit of the command by keeping track of the cut-off dates and staying clear of any confusion that could be detrimental to the group.

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