How To Pay AIOU Fee Using Jazz Cash ,Easypaisa And Upaisa

This year, the Allama Iqbal Open University has introduced AIOU’s online payment system making use of Easypaisa, JazzCash, and Upaisa payment methods that aid students to pay their tuition fees. This new method of paying at no cost to the AIOU account is safe. You can pay for your tuition on the internet in a matter of minutes. There is no need to travel to any place for admission to an open university.

There are a variety of online payment methods that are officially declared through the Allama Iqbal Open University. Students can pay for their admission fees and semester fees, as well as other fees. Aiou fee schedules in accordance with the most recent Allama Iqbal fee structure 2022.

In reality, the manual method of payment is challan. It is difficult as you must personally go to the bank and be in line. Today, Aiou new method of online fee collection is remarkable. So we provide complete details about these methods to help you and guidelines to pay fees are also given below.

How To Pay AIOU Fee Using Jazz Cash, Easypaisa And Upaisa

Online Aiou fee payment online is a simple procedure for those with some understanding of jazz cash, easy payment methods like paisa, and upaisa, or have any idea how to pay the aiou fee to follow the steps below and pay your aiou fees easily. we have shared both mobile apps and used payment methods in case you wish to pay fees using the mobile app, you need to have an app that is available on website.

How To Pay AIOU Fee Using Jazz Cash ,Easypaisa And Upaisa

AIOU Fee Pay Through Jazz Cash

Allama Iqbal Open University has launched the AIOU JazzCash payment method to pay of admission fees. We will provide the entire process for students. It’s extremely helpful and simple for all to pay their dues at the University in just a couple of minutes. In the next New Year 2022, in all semesters, the university introduced the JazzCash electronic payment system for online challans application forms. AIOU admission fee is to be paid through the Jazz Cash payment method.

  • Get your Jazz Cash App from the Play store.
  • In the Jazz Cash App, your desired amount is displayed on the Jazz Cash App.
  • When you pay the Challan using Jazz in cash. The app doesn’t charge any additional fees.
  • Click the Education Fees
  • Click on your Menu Option then select the University option.
  • Select Sub Menu and choose the AIOU option.
  • Insert the Challan Number (i.e1234567891011)
  • The amount will be displayed in the required Challan Number
  • Enter the pin code of the Jazz Cash Account
  • Received the Fees Submission Message of AIOU
  • Keep the Receive message in mind for additional admission confirmation.

AIOU Online Fee Pay Through Easypaisa

  • Get the Easypaisa App from the Play store.
  • Create the Account on Easypaisa
  • Login the Account
  • Click the View All button
  • In the section Payment, select Fee Collection.
  • Selection AIOU Option.
  • Insert the Challan Number
  • Show the Fees Challan Respectively the Challan Number
  • Click the Pay Now Button
  • After Click the Pay Now Button
  • You received notification of Admission Submission Fees via Mobile Number with the name 3737.
  • Secure the message for future Admission Confirmation.

AIOU Fee Pay Submission Through Upaisa

  • Get the UPaisa App from the Play store.
  • Create the Account on UPaisa
  • Login the Account
  • Click the View All button
  • In the Payment section, click the Fee Collection button.
  • Selection AIOU Option.
  • Insert the Challan Number
  • Show the Fees Challan Respectively the Challan Number
  • Click the Pay Now Button
  • After Click the Pay Now Button
  • You received notification of Admission Submission Fees sent to your Mobile Number that has the name 7777.
  • Secure the message for future admission confirmation.

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Paying AIOU Fees By Using Jazz Cash Agent, Shop, Franchise, Bank

Fees are also payable in the JazzCash Agent Shop, a Jazz Franchise, or a branch of Mobilink Microfinance Bank.

In order to make use of this method, students will be required to make a payment of Rs.20 per transaction, plus the cost they have to pay for their class.

The process of paying fees using this method is illustrated below. This is how it operates.

  1. Students may visit the JazzCash retailer (Agent) Shop, Jazz Franchise, and Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch nearest to them.
  2. The student must inform the franchisee, store, or teller that they would like to make payment for the AIOU fee.
  3. The retailer/franchisee/teller will request the student’s CNIC number, mobile number, and challan number.
  4. The Challan Number will be entered into the JazzCash Tab/System by the retailer/franchisee/teller.
  5. The amount of the payment and dates due will be shown on the tab or system.
  6. The student must pay the cost to the franchisee, shop, or teller.
  7. The retailer/franchisee/teller will complete the fee transaction after the fee amount has been given over.
  8. The amount will be paid and a confirmation text is sent out to the student’s telephone number. The amount associated with the transaction is outlined within the SMS confirmation.
  9. On the challan and admission form, the student will put Transaction ID and “Paid via JazzCash Agent/Franchisee/Teller.” A bank stamp will be stamped if the charge is paid at a Mobilink Microfinance Bank branch.

Students are advised to save the confirmation message until they have confirmation from AIOU.

Guidelines For AIOU Online Fees Submission

Admission forms (Original) are to be sent directly to the Directorate of Admission and Mailing via the Post Office or any other courier service such as FedEx as well as UPS.

The University has not endorsed any private or public institution to collect forms or payments from students. Students are advised to pay their fees at bank branches that are approved in order to prevent confusion. The University is not responsible in the event of a discrepancy in the admission fee of the student in accordance with the fee structure of AIOU or the application form.

Online Fee Payment Method for Fresh International Students

We are responding to your request for an electronic payment option that is suitable for students from abroad. Follow the steps below to pay your fees:

  1. Visit and complete the form.
  2. Enter the number of your challan into the box, and then hit”search.” Then press the “search” button.
  3. Review your challan’s information with those on the challan that you designed Then select “submit the fee.”
  4. Enter the credit or debit card number, the name of the cardholder as well as the date of expiration, as well as your CVV Code (mentioned on the reverse of your card).
  5. Choose “Pay Now” from the drop-down menu.
  6. An Order ID will be displayed after a successful payment notification.
  7. Input fields for the Order ID and Date of Transaction fields are below.
  8. Save your Order identification in your file until the time your admission is confirmed. If you’re having any concerns you have, do not be afraid to post a comment below.

Terms And Conditions For Refund Of Admission Fee

According to the institution’s policy, The institution cannot return or adjust the admission fee after it has been paid by students or candidates. In the following situations, fees paid by students/candidates will be reimbursed

  •  Placed fees for the program may be returned to students or candidates if they decide to pursue an alternative program and communicate the reason in writing prior to when the study materials are delivered, but less than 10 percent of the cost deposit.
  •  No refunds or cancellations will be made for students who opt out of a course or program after they have received their books.
  • Due to an absence of enrollment, the creation of a viable class, or the absence of classes The University will reimburse the entire amount to students or applicants who are not admitted to the university.
  • Applicants/students are aware that they aren’t eligible for admission into a program however pay the cost and will receive their funds back after an additional 25 percent fee is deducted.
  • Candidates/students who paid more than the amount required will receive their refund or change within one year.
  • There will be no refunds after the semester is completed as well as the initial Bank Challan/Receipt Numbers. 3, 4, and 3 have been generated.

AIOU Contact Info

Address: Directorate of Students Advisory & Counselling Services, Gateway Block, Ground Floor, Allama Iqbal Open University, Sector H-8, Islamabad-44000

Ph. (051) 111-112-468


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