How To Join PAF As Aeronautical Engineer 2023 Registration Procedure

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On this page, we’ve provided you with the most precise and complete instructions on joining PAF as an Engineering in the PAC Pakistan Aeronautical Complex as an employee or student in various courses. Within Pakistan PAC Kamra, Attock is serving and excels in the PAF by providing the most modern jet craft and armor.

How To Join PAF As Aeronautical Engineer 2022

The full eligibility requirements comprising age, Nationality Marital Status, height, duration of the training, and education qualifications are provided below for Joining PAF as a GD Pilot 2023 so students do not require to search elsewhere to keep an eye on this page to keep yourself updated with the most recent information. It is the ideal job option for you to begin your career in PAF.

Pakistan Air Force For those who are interested, the process for joining the PAF as Aeronautical Engineer isn’t as simple because first, candidates need to take the written test. After that, they will be referred to the next process of selection which includes medical, physical, and interview. The most qualified candidates are referred to the ISSB test, which is the final stage of selection.

How To Join PAF As Aeronautical Engineer 2023 Registration Procedure Below

Departments to Apply

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Avionics Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Humanities & Sciences
  • Professional Continuing Education

Eligibility Criteria

Age: an applicant should be between 16-22 years old.

Marital status: applicants must be unmarried as a matter of status.

The Nationality of Pakistan: Both males and females must be citizens of Pakistan.

Height (Male): Minimum 5 feet 4 inches/163cm.

Height (Female): Minimum 4 feet 10 inches/147cm.

Education Qualifications: Candidates must have completed matriculation with the 1st division as well as FSC with at least 60% in one of the subjects listed. i.e pre-engineering Chemistry as a subject. Also “A” grades in Physics Math, chemistry, and Chemistry.

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Selection Procedure

  1. Test of Intelligence, preceded by an academic test for specific subjects like Math, Physics, and English.
  2. Medical examination, which is a preliminary test that follows by an interview.
  3. The shortlisted candidates are chosen for ISSB.
  4. The final selection of candidates will be done through the General Headquarters of the PAF

Required Documents

The necessary documents needed by individuals who wish to join PAF in the field of Aeronautical Engineering are:

  • Original documents from the intermediary Mark Sheet.
  • Students who have completed the intermediate Part-1 exam and are waiting for the results of Part-11 or have to pass Part-11’s examinations may also apply for the position for the post of an Aeronautical Engineering Course. The only requirement is a HOPE certification from the Director of the Institute (HOD) and signing it with the signature of the person who signed it, and the results of the 1st the final examination must be submitted following the announcement of the 2nd-year results.
  • Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for people who are 18 and over.
  • A computerized B-form containing the Guardian’s CNIC (Father or mother) for applicants under the age of 18 is mandatory.
  • All photocopies attested of the documents above mentioned.
  • 3x Passport size, colored photographs authenticated (front as well as back) by the Principal Class-1 Gazetted officer.
  • For repeat applicants, an original along with a photocopy of the letter not recommended by ISSB is required.

Ineligibility Criteria

  • If a candidate is disqualified by the ISSB and/or for naval training isn’t qualified to apply.
  • Unfit medically qualified candidates aren’t suitable.
  • People who have been removed from government employees are not permitted to apply.
  • Candidates who have been rejected by the armed/naval or any other forces of an institution are not eligible.
  • If a candidate has been found guilty by law or a court for being offensive, they are not eligible to apply.
  • Candidates who do not disclose any true information are not eligible for membership.
  • Candidates are tested for one-year validity (ISSB/GHQ HQ) selection boards last at one-year validity.

This is all the details about the procedure to apply for the position of Aeronautical Engineer.

PAF Aeronautical Engineer Test Pattern & Syllabus

The initial test of the PAF Aeronautical Engineer course is available online at PAF Centres of Selection. PAF Test online for CAE can be found here.

  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

The CAE test has three parts and begins with the verbal intelligence test immediately following the clear first 2nd. This is a non-verbal and the final one is an academic portion.

PAF Verbal Intelligence Test for Aeronautical Engineer

In the PAF Verbal Intelligence Test, analogies are explained in a way that is spoken.A person must use his reasoning abilities in a verbal manner to solve problems. In the Verbal Intelligence Test, each Question will have four choices. It is your responsibility to determine the best choice.

Candidates need to take a test to prepare for PAF Verbal Intelligence Test. Here are some sample tests that are part of the PAF Verbal Intelligence test. Download links are available at the bottom to download as PDF files or to practice online.

Non-Verbal Intelligence Test

PAF test for non-verbal intelligence is used to assess nonverbal reasoning. Test for non-verbal intelligence is also known as abstract reasoning or diagrammatic test. PAF Test for Non-verbal Intelligence tests a person’s ability to analyze and comprehend visual information and to solve problems by using visual reasoning.

Benefits and salary of PAF Aeronautical Engineer

  • High Competitive Salary Packages.
  • Free Medical Treatment for Self and your family.
  • Training and post-training in various cities in Pakistan and around the world.
  • Accommodation is free and there is 50% off on the cost of train and air travel.
  • Internationally recognized courses internationally recognized.
  • Membership in Air ForceOfficer Housing Scheme (AFOHS).

Entry Test

  • The syllabus to be made to be used in an entrance examination by Aeronautical Engineering Course contains English Math, Intelligence, Mathematics questions, and Physics.
  • The test is based on Mock-questionnaires. It includes an academic, nonverbal, and verbal academic component.
  • The maximum time for 100 Intelligence Questions to be 40 mins.
  • 50 Physics questions. The time allowed for each question is 25 mins.
  • 50 English questions. The time allowed for each question is 25 mins.
  • 50 Mathematics-related questions. The time limit is 25 minutes

PAF Aeronautical Engineering Test preparation book pdf

The PAF Exam Preparation Book Pdf 2023 Papers from the past as well as a syllabus, an exam sample multiple-choice question as well as a solved MCQ exam preparation guide are available here. We welcome all applicants who want to join PAF in the capacity of Air Force pilots and are searching for test preparation guidelines. The most effective preparation materials to prepare for the aviation technicians field, GD pilots, aviation support industry air defense, engineering, medicine, and many more courses are available online for candidates to use.
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Following the test and interview, the selected candidates will go for further training at the PAF Academy Rasilpur to continue their training. They will be sent to the PAF Academy Rasilpur for further training. Aviation Cadets of the Engineering Branch are trained for 3-4 years at the College of Aeronautical Engineering after which they earn their BE degrees in the fields of Avionics or Aerospace. After the completion of their education, they’ll be competent to work in the aviation division of the PAF.

PAF Aeronautical Engineering fee structure

Undergraduate BS programs for Aeronautical Engineering by CAE College Of Risalpur Fee Structure 2022

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year Deadline
BE – Aerospace Engineering 4 Years 200800 05-12-2022
BE – Avionics 4 Years 200800
MS MPhil courses Of Aeronautical Engineering by CAE College Risalpur Fee Structure 2022
Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year Deadline
MS – Aerospace Engineering 2 Years 136000 21-05-2021
MS – Avionics 2 Years 136000 21-05-2021
MS – Electrical 2 Years 136000 21-05-2021
MS – Engineering Management 2 Years 136000 12-10-2022
MS – Mechanical 2 Years 136000 21-05-2021

Phd programs Of Aeronautical Engineering  by CAE College  Risalpur Fee Structure 2022

Degree – Program Duration Fee/Year Deadline
Ph.D. – Aerospace Engineering 3 Years 136000 21-05-2021
Ph.D. – Avionics 3 Years 136000 21-05-2021

what is the salary of an aeronautical engineer in paf

The total salary for an engineer in the Pakistan Air Force is PKR 150,000 per month. This figure is the median of the range, which is also known as the midpoint of the ranges we have derived from our Total Pay Estimate model, and is calculated based on the salaries of our customers. The expected base pay will be PKR 150,000 per month. ”

Rank of Aeronautical engineer in PAF

Aeronautical engineers CAE from PAF has four years of experience, which is why they can wear the rank of Flying officer right after their training. The rank of Flying Officer is depicted by TWO stars and is the equivalent of Lieutenant in the Army.This rank is conferred after four years of service, including training.

PAF Contact Details

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Phone No: +92 3239403851


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