HEC HAT Registration Schedule 2023 Higher Education Aptitude Test

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) announces the schedule of registration for the Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT). The Education Testing Council (ETC) administers the HAT test to award all HEC scholarships and to admit students to MS/MPhil programs through an easy, uniform, and clear selection process.

The deadline to register for HAT is May 10 2023. The test will be conducted on May 28th, 2023. The date is tentative. Any change in test date will be communicated through www.hec.gov.pk and http://etc.hec.gov.pk Applicants who have already applied for MS/MPhil admission or HEC scholarships and who intend to apply for HEC-sponsored scholarships or for admission to MS/MPhil programs in any HEC recognized university may apply for registration.

HEC HAT Registration Schedule 2023 Higher Education Aptitude Test

HEC HAT Registration Schedule 2023 Advertisement

 HEC HAT Registration Schedule

HEC HAT Test Syllabus 2023

“HEC Hat Test” is an educational syllabus that is utilized in Pakistan to evaluate the ability to think and personality characteristics of people in a variety of occupational and educational contexts. It is managed through the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan an agency of the government accountable for the promotion and advancement of higher education in Pakistan. also, check HEC Hat Test Roll No Slip 2023 Download here.HEC has broken down its Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) syllabus into three parts.

  • English/Verbal Reasoning
  • Analytical Reasoning
  • Quantitative Reasoning,

However, the proportion of marks awarded to the three subjects differs across the HAT categories in all three. HEC has broken down its HAT test into five categories based on the disciplines/degrees. Here is the full outline for each of the HAT categories along with the distribution of marks to the tests. The maximum mark for the HAT tests in all categories will be 100.

Test Category Disciplines English/Verbal Reasoning Analytical Reasoning Quantitative Reasoning Total
HAT 1 test syllabus Engineering & Technology, Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics 30% 30% 40% 100
HAT-2 Management Sciences, and Business Education 30% 40% 30% 100
HAT-3 Arts & Humanities, Social Sciences, Psychology (Clinical & Applied), and Law 40% 35% 25% 100
Hat 4 test syllabus Agriculture & Veterinary Sciences, Biological & Medical Sciences, Physical Sciences, Education, and Media & Mass Communication 40% 30% 30% 100
HAT-General Religious Studies (Madrasa Graduates) 40% 30% 30% 100

Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) Eligible Candidate

  • An applicant has made an application online for Master admissions or HEC scholarships through an e-portal to the final selection process
  • Anyone who wants to submit an application for the scholarships scheme to be announced in the near future
  • Who is planning to gain admission to MS/MPhil programs?

HAT Test Centers 2023

It should be noted that the test can only be conducted at the designated locations if at least 250 applicants have registered for the center at the moment of registration. The test will take place in the cities below:

  • Islamabad
  • Lahore
  • Karachi
  • Bahawalpur
  • Peshawar
  • Quetta
  • Gilgit
  • Muzaffarabad

It is important to note the fact that HEC will not consider any request to alter the test center following the submission of the application.

How to Apply for Higher Education Aptitude Test (HAT) 2023

  • Candidates are interested in applying in the HEC HAT 2023 through HEC’s website of official HEC site. visit HEC’s ETC e-portal.
  • Two steps are required. First, you must complete your profile using”My Profile” “My Profile” section. The second option is to submit an application through the “Higher Education Aptitude Test” and “Higher Education Aptitude Test” hyperlinks on the menu bar found in the right-hand corner of the portal online.
  • Only applications that are online are accepted.
  • If you feel any issues during the online registration, please visit onlinehelp.hec.gov.pk or HEC regional offices for guidance.
  • The cost of the test to take the HEC HAT is Rs 2000 per person.
  • Candidates must pay the processing fee to Habib Bank Limited Account No. 1742 7900 1334 01. Title of Account: Higher Education Commission
  • Download the challan fee that has been signed with the HBL branch.
  • Also, take the original deposit slip on the day of the test. Also, bring your original CNIC.
  • The Fee of the test is non-refundable.

HEC HAT 2023 Application Deadline

The last day for to submit the HEC HAT application is the 10th of May 2023.

General Instructions For HEC HAT Test

Fill out the application form in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • Questions must be addressed in full and with care. Make every effort to limit your answers to the space you have provided.
  • Before you begin the application, make sure you know all deadlines and requirements.
  • If you do not have an active Pakistani passport, you should apply for one right away following the initial shortlist
  • The successful applicants must make a commitment to a bond with HEC which binds the applicants to return to Pakistan within a short time after the conclusion in America. U.S. and serve the nation for the number of years specified within the document.
  • If an individual meets the requirement for service and fulfills the requirements, they will not be required to pay anything, if they fail the grantee will be legally responsible for the expenses of their scholarship program within the U.S. The grantee won’t be obligated to pay anything in the event that they fulfill their bond or contractual obligation


How many times HAT test is conducted in a year?

What are the passing marks on the HEC job test?
You must score at least 70% marks on an authentic HEC Aptitude Test (HAT). HEC will evaluate the best HAT score from the past two years to determine short-listing criteria.
Is there a negative marking on the HAT test?
The second reason is that it is not possible to mark negatives for the HEC Test HAT which means that you are able to make any guess you like if needed.
What kind of test is HAT?

The HAT test is an assessment of the skills and not a test of historical content. It is designed in a way that the candidates will be equally challenged regardless of what they’ve learned or what exams they have taken at school.

HEC Contact Information

​​​​​​​​​​For any queries feel free to contact at

Tel: 051-111-119-432 or 0334-111-9432​​​

Email: [email protected]

​​​​Address: US-Pakistan Knowledge Corridor 13-B/11, HRD Building Higher Education Commission (HEC)​ Sector H-8, Islamabad.​

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