How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card Online In Pakistan Guide

How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card Online In Pakistan . Many people aren’t sure what to do in case they lose their sim, and don’t even remember the exact number of the sim registered on their names.

You can do it in a just a few steps if you follow the correct procedure, and you get answer of questions concerning “How to Block Forgotten Number | SIM registered Against your CNIC” in this article. This article will teach you the procedure to online check sim number through cnic in pakistan.

In Pakistan you are not able to issue our own name unlimited mobile sim cards. The government set an upper limit on how many sims telecom companies are allowed to issue under the name of a particular person.

In accordance with the law enforced through the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) one can issue under his own account (against their CNIC numbers) up to 5 SIM cards at one time. We will walk you through a the step-by-step procedure how to check sim on cnic by sms Let’s look at it in depth.

How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card Online In Pakistan Guide

How many SIMs can be registered against one CNIC?

It is essential to realize firstly it is that there’s a limitation on the Number of SIMs that can be issued against their CNIC. According to the rules established by PTA the individual is allowed to be granted a maximum of five SIM cards that are issued under their name at any one time.

How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card Online In Pakistan

If you have five SIM cards that are registered to your CNIC and you wish to purchase a new one You must first remove the SIM card that is no more in use, to preserve the continuity of a maximum of five SIMs. also check How To Pay AIOU Fee.

How do you check the active SIMs associated with the CNIC?

If you’re unaware of How To Check Number Of Sims On ID Card It is crucial to obtain this information as quickly as is possible.

There are two ways to do this:

Through Website

  • To verify whether you have SIM cards that have been issued and active on your account Go to the official PTA SIM Information Site.
  • The link will take you to a page which will require you to input your personal information.
  • Input your CNIC number into the field.
  • Verify that you’re not a computer and then check the appropriate box, then click ‘ Submit’.
  • You will see the list of registered SIMs with respect to that specific CNIC in tabular form.
  • A number of SIMs will be classified by operator and the table will also reveal what number SIMs you’ve registered against your CNIC.

Through SMS

To check what number SIMs associated with your CNIC by SMS, here’s an easy guide:

  • Start the application for text messages to your smartphone.
  • Enter your CNIC number, without hyphens.
  • Once you’ve done that, forward your message on 668..
  • Soon you will get a text message that will show you the amount of activated SIM cards for each operator by your CNIC.
  • It is important to note it is possible to be assessed PKR 2 plus tax per SMS you send to 668.

If you find there are more SIMs associated with your CNIC exceeds the number of SIM cards you’re using, you must call your Customer Service Centre of the respective Company Operator.

What is SIM Cloning and why should you be aware of it?

The process in which an SIM card duplicated through the transfer of the cloned SIM’s personal data to another SIM card is known as SIM Cloning. After that, the new SIM card is able to be used by someone else using a different cell phone, while still having all data and charges that are that are credited to one SIM card.

SIM Cloned SIM cards are a typical method employed by many criminals to carry out illegal activities , and also to make calls by using the identity of someone else. If you get a phone call from your phone that you did not make then contact the relevant mobile company right away and lodge a complaint in order to block the illegally operational SIM card.

PTA Biometric Verification System

The PTA Biometric Verification System or pta sim check which is also called BVS in short is a significant step taken by PTA to ensure the security of cell phone subscribers and to stop the illicit use of mobile phone connections. With this system, you can quickly:

  • Obtain a duplicate SIM
  • You can activate or purchase an entirely new SIM card
  • Change the owner of the SIM card that was registered previously under the name of another CNIC
  • Verify the validity of your SIM card
  • Find solutions to issues with the transferability of mobile numbers

How do you get you SIM card’s biometric authentication?

To ensure the registered SIM card is not blocked, you’ll need confirm that you are using the SIM you know PTA recognizes. For a biometrically verified SIM it is first necessary to verify whether you are able to verify that the SIM account is registered under your name or not.

How to check the name of the SIM owner?

To determine who is this SIM owner, do these simple steps:

  • Start the application for text messages on your mobile.
  • Send an empty text to 667.
  • Soon you will receive a text message reply which will include who is the SIM owner from whom the message came from.

How to block a SIM card registered against your CNIC?

If you wish to get rid of a mobile SIM which you do not make use of, it’s best to block it so you’re no longer accountable for that number on your CNIC. To do this do this, follow these steps to do:

  • Visit the nearest franchise office or customer support department of the relevant cell company.
  • You’ll need to present the original CNIC and complete a form, which will immediately remove your number.

Keep in mind that using unlawful or not registered SIM cards is considered a crime that has consequences. If you’re making use of an unregistered SIM card, or a SIM card that is in the name of someone else it is imperative to find its resolution immediately in order to prevent being implicated in a criminal action.

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