PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation Books Download Pdf

Join the Pakistan Army PMA Long Course which is the ideal choice to serve our country. If you’re interested in joining PMA and want to take a test, then you will find here PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation materials with previous paper questions as well as the syllabus for exams for academics on this page.

Learn the fundamental guidelines step-by-step and all the academic tests that are initial with the past tests. All the necessary information regarding PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation is available in this article, such as guidelines for selection, selection process writing tests, medical tests physical tests and ISSB can be found here.PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation

Students can download notes, MCQs, and notes on the Syllabus, past Papers, and examples of Papers and registration forms along with the challan fee. Also, there will be a new paper pattern, Multiple-choice questions, MCQs that have been solved, and a complete guide to preparing for the test. PMA long-course written test will focus on English Mathematics, Pak Studies, Islamiat, and General Knowledge subjects.

PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation Books Download Pdf Below

PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation

This is the plan of the Following the 151 PMA Long Course Initial Preparation Group.

  • Verbal Intelligence
  • Non Verbal intelligence
  • Academic
  • Past Papers
  • Online tests
  • Old First interview reading
  • Practice for the interview in real-time
  • Medical Examination concerns

The first test is comprised of two tests

  • Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test

For a qualification, there’s only one requirement to

50% marks are needed to be able to pass.

Sometimes, repeat questions cover this gap, allowing you to pass the test.

It’s very simple to prepare for the PMA long course 151’s initial test by following some guidelines and supplementary material.

Intelligence Test

Let’s first talk about the test of intelligence. This test is comprised of two tests conducted in PMA which are the following;

  • Verbal questions
  • Non-Verbal Questions

This test is useful for the intuitions that you have

  • Pakistan Army Test
  • Air Force Test
  • Navy Test

The best book to read to use for the subject can be found in Dodgers. You can create an intelligence test from this book. For tests of intelligence, there is no need to prepare a rate of books to prepare for PMA long-course initial exam preparation.

Access all books, Mcqs, and other questions and papers from Dodgers: Click here to get the link

However, if you are looking to purchase any book that is related to any course or subject for PMA Long Course 151 go to the Dodgers books website.

Verbal Questions

For the test of verbal ability, there are 84 test questions to finish in less than thirty minutes. Dodgers books are recommended for this. It is possible to practice it. (Below we have provided the relevant books and the solutions to them)

Non-Verbal Questions

For a non-verbal exam, You must answer an 86-question test in the time of 40 mins. The primary reason you will have a shorter time for the PMA longer courses is simply to test the mental capacity of the students. Do they make quick decisions or not?

Academic Test

For students who do not pass exams in academics, the main reason for this is that they don’t understand the syllabus of academic tests for qualifying. The syllabus for the academic test in the long course of PMA 2022 syllabus for 151 is as follows:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Pakistan Studies
  • Islamiyat
  • General Knowledge
  • Physics general questions
  • The military’s knowledge
  • Notes from academic institutions
  • Past papers

PMA Long Course 151 Preparation Books Download Pdf

149 PMA long course Intelligence Test book  PDF free download 
Intelligence Test Books Download
MCQA Books Download
ISSB verbal and nonverbal intelligence Test Lectures
ISSB Math Test Book Free Download

The Basic Requirement for PMA Long Course Selection

  • A candidate must have a non-married Pakistani or reside in the city of Azad-Kashmir for the purpose of applying.
  • A person with a Dunal nationality can apply for it. If you are chosen in the final section, you will be able to withdraw your nationality from foreign
  • It is between 17 and 22 years and when your age is higher than 3 months younger than the age of 22 years, then you’re also qualified to apply for the benefit. At 2 years, the bachelor’s age limit of 23, and with a 4-year bachelor’s degree, the maximum age is 24. There is no three-month relaxation period for PMA beginning preparation for the PMA.
  • 5’4″ is the standard height of a male and no females can apply for it.
  • The weight of your body should match your age in accordance with the BMI chart. Eight sights 6/6 can be used with or without glasses
  • You should be a healthy person, with no major illnesses
  • You shouldn’t be twice rejected by ISSB and if you’re not, you’re not eligible to receive it.
  • You can apply for hope certificates Hope  certificate and obtain from the college office
  • The 12th test result may also be a good idea for the PMA initial tests.

Selection Process for PMA Long Course 151

  1. You must make an application online There is no challan required to pay
  2. The test was held in the initial phase of the PMA lengthy course 151, initial and you can download an admission slip from the PMA website. You must bring the original documents from Matric FSC as well as NIC and a slip for the first test. If you are a hopeful certificate, then the outcome of part 1 and matriculation should be what is submitted to take the initial test. The marks percentage ranges from 40-60 in intermediate. in intermediate, but it’s not guaranteed or changed each time you take a PMA lengthy course.
  3. The physical test is then going to be conducted during which you will have to complete 1.6 km in eight minutes. 15-20 to 20 Pushups, and situps
  4. After you have passed the medical and physical tests the first interview will be conducted. The format has been modified a lot from the last PMA long course 148.
  5. After the initial qualifying interview, send the ISSB application form as well as the ISSB Call Letter to the address you have at home
  6. Five weeks in ISSB will be held, which includes a personality test. their test center is located at Kohat, Gujranwala, Karachi along with Quetta.
  7. If you’re recommended by ISSB the final medical examination will be conducted and, If you are deemed fit, you will receive a merit list will be is compiled from your marks. The merit list reflects your marks from the initial ISSB choices.
  8. Following the merit list, a course was held for 2 years, and after that, the trainees were discharged.

How to prepare for the PMA LONG CLASS 151 Test

I’ll give you a method to easily pass the intelligence tests. In order to pass this test, join groups in these social media platforms;

  • Facebook
  • WhatsApp
  • YouTube
  • Take the knowledge of those from other people to make anything that is missing
  • Take a look at a few books to come up with ideas for paper-based type questions
  • Make sure you are prepared with questions that are essential to the experiences of others.

You are aware that the tests are conducted online and based on an online database of questions, or what we call the Question Bank. It also generates questions automatically. Because of this, they are asked the same question over and over each year. After they passed the test, the medical test was administered in the same manner to be used as PMA first test.

PMA Initial Test Passing Marks

  • FA/FSC or equivalent marks must be at a minimum of 60% or more. Candidates who earn 60% or 50 percent points in FA/FSC, and 50 percentage points in BA/BSc, BA/BSc (Hons), and BBA are eligible to enroll in PMA longer-term courses.
  • Mark relaxation-FA/FSC:-Candidates in designated areas of residence should mark 55 percent. Balochistan, FATA, Gilgit-Baltistan, Neelam Azad Jammu Kashmir, Punjab Fort. Alongside becoming the owner of the house, the candidate is expected to be studying in the same field.
  • Army soldiers who are serving: The Marks for FA/FSC or equivalent is 50%..
  • Certificate of Hope Candidates who are hopeful that they have passed the initial part of the intermediate exam with an average score of less than 60 percent and taken part in or appeared in the final exam may also apply to receive a” Certificate of Hope“.
  • Verification of mark sheet/certificate: Candidates who have not issued duplicate/revised mark sheets/certificates or preparatory/intermediate/BA/BA certificates, or candidates who have not issued certificates, must obtain relevant board/secretary/principal examinations Proof of signature.
  • Candidates who are applying for 60 percent of the 60 A grade in Pakistan are not required to submit an equivalent certificate compiled by IBCC to be able to attain the certificate. But, those who have passed the A’level or equivalent exams in other countries must show an alternative certificate from IBCC.


In this post, We provide each and every detail about PMA Long Course 151 Initial Test Preparation and also provide books for you. We hope you can be able to pass the PMA Long Course 151 by following the suggestions that we provide.

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