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Lesco Bill Online Check 2023 If you visit our website regularly your monthly expenses will be kept. If you’re looking for the older bill, you might get it here (if you examined your bill this month by using readings on the blog). You can also sign-up to receive bill emails that will email you the Lesco bill online check 2023 September 2023 via email. This is how to check your electricity supply Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO Online Bill Check 2023.


To access online LESCO Bill only require a customer ID as well as a reference number. It is easy to see the due date as well as the bill amount as well as your payment status, which will inform you if the bill has been settled or not. Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO offers its customers an electronic bill-check service that is called LESCO Electronic Bill-Check By the number on the meter Referral number and Customer ID.

We will Provide All information about how to check if your Lesco bill is paid or not and lesco bill online check 2023 by meter number and also How how do you find your old lesco bill at www.lesco.gov.pk bill check online 202. You can also find Lesco bill online check the 2023 installment,lesco bill sms alert ,lesco bill duplicate download and change of consumer name in the electricity bill lesco details.

Lesco Bill Online Check 2023 At www.lesco.gov.pk Below

LESCO – Introduction

The sole power distribution firm, also known as LESCO, stands for Lahore Electric Supply Company. It supplies electricity to many districts that include Lahore, Okara, Sheikhupura, Nankana, and Kasur.

LESCO is an entity within the Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA). Following the WAPDA framework was dismantled in 2001, and the LESCO organization, previously named the Lahore Area Electricity Board, came into existence. From 2013 to 2014 it had thirty-four 132 kV as well as seven substations with a voltage of 66 kV, comprising the circulation network that included sixty-eight 132  kV and fourteen 66 kV substations.

LESCO Duplicate Bill

A large number of customers have lost their electric bills and were unable to deposit their accounts in time. In this case, the consumer must pay a fine, or LESCO could shut off their connection. All customers of LESCO are pleased with LESCO’s Duplicate bill service online. The Web-generated LESCO bill looks like that of the bill originally. Therefore, consumers should make use of the LESCO bill.

A few residents of Pakistani areas continue to receive hydroelectric power from Lesco which is a highly competent and reliable company. Contact the complaint number if you believe there’s an issue regarding the amount of your Lesco bills online and also another cabling, or meters as well, and they’ll do their best to resolve your problem. You can even have them send a team to your home as well.

Lesco Operation Circles

North Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 28 Sub Divisions
Central Lahore Circle 5 Divisions / 31 Sub Divisions
Eastern Lahore Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
Okara Circle 4 Divisions / 23 Sub Divisions
South-Eastern LHR Circle 4 Divisions /26 Sub Divisions
Sheikhupura Circle 4 Divisions / 18 Sub Divisions
Kasur Circle 5 Divisions / 30 Sub Divisions
Nankana Circle 4 Divisions / 16 Sub Divisions

How To Obtain Duplicate Bills

All you have to do to get a Lesco replica bill on the internet is follow the following steps.

Lesco Bill Online Check 2022

Step 1. Take a look at your previous bill and look for the reference number.

Step 2. Now, add the reference number to the available space.

Step 3. Your bill is now ready, and you can carefully review it.

Additionally, you can also utilize the CTRL+P option in order to print or save your bills. Doesn’t that sound straightforward and simple?

How to do LESCO Online Bill Check?

Finding the status of your LESCO bills online has become simple now thanks to this site. To verify your LESCO duplicate bills, you can follow these easy steps:

Step 1: Find Your 14 Digit Reference Number

You can locate this 14-digit reference number on any previous bill that are addressed to the address that appears on your bill. You can also locate it in the bill on your laptop or phone if you’ve kept this Duplicate LESCO bill on the internet previously.

Lesco Bill Online Check 2022 lesco reference number

Step 2: Enter the 14 Digit Reference Number in the Box

There is a box given to input the 14-digit reference number on the website http://www.lesco.gov.pk/. Input your reference number into the box and then click search.

Step 3: Bill is Generated – Check Online or Print or Download

After you click Search After you click on Search, your bill will be generated and you will be able to verify the amount as well as the due date in the bill. Print your bill, or download it using by clicking the print Bill button. This way you will get a Duplicate bill LESCO.

System Requirements To Check Lesco Bill

The data needed to analyze your electric bill online is available below:

lesco bill month-wise check online

lesco bill month-wise check online Here by clicking the link Below

lesco bill January 2023 Check Online
lesco bill February 2023 Check Online
lesco bill March 2023 Check Online
lesco bill April 2023 Check Online
lesco bill May 2023 Check Online
lesco bill June 2023 Check Online
lesco bill July 2023 Check Online
lesco bill August 2023 Check Online
lesco bill September 2023 Check Online
lesco bill October 2023 Check Online
lesco bill November 2023 Check Online
lesco bill December 2023 Check Online

LESCO Duplicate Bill May 2023

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has the responsibility for providing and maintaining electricity service to Lahore and the surrounding areas. If you’re a customer and have not received the electricity invoice, obtain it here.

You can request a duplicate bill by entering your identification number of the customer or reference (both of which are on the old copy of your bill). Enter any of the information below and you’ll be able to get your bill’s amount as well as the due date. You can also download your bill or even print it.

Method to pay the LESCO bill online

  • Open your payment application first.
  • Select “Online Bill Payment”.
  • You must select the appropriate category, for example, the payment of utility bills.
  • Enter the reference number of the bill.
  • The bill will show on the screen which opens.
  • Click Now the button to Pay Bill Now.
  • After the bill is paid the confirmation message will pop up.

The Benefits Of Receiving Your Lesco Copy Bill Promptly

  • Stays out of big lines and crowds

The fact is that a small number of middle-class consumers need time to collect money to pay their bills in today’s economic climate. Additionally, there can be an overflow at banks. We suggest a solution for the problems mentioned above to ensure customers LESCO customers can check their invoices or request an exact copy of their bill online.

  • New bills are paid without the hassle of having to go out

If a customer’s electric bill is lost, there will be no other way of getting a copy. However, it is the case that in today’s economic climate, it is all in the process of changing and everyone uses the latest technology to make everyday decisions more easily.

  • A new and innovative method

Many people are now avoiding the traditional ways to work and are more inclined to embrace the latest technology. You can now look up online your Lahore Electricity Supply Company bill online and obtain a duplicate which can be saved as copies of the bill for personal records due to the company’s launch of the electronic bill service offered by Lesco.

LESCO Bill Online Check Lahore 2023

This is the process for LESCO bill online check Lahore 2023 to obtain electricity supply Lahore Electric Supply Company LESCO online bill check 2023. Lahore Electric Supply (also known as LESCO is a Pakistani electricity provider that provides electric power to Lahore. It was created under the WAPDA Act of 1958 in the year of 1958.

Numerous cities are considered in this electricity supply as well as the energy and water supply plant. In these cities, the Lahore region and different regions are covered. The company provides a range of services to consumers that include online bills and duplicate billing. Thanks to the advancement of technology customers can view the status of their LESCO bills online using the help of a user ID or the meter number. You can also log into your account online from the convenience of your own home.

Method to check online Duplicate LESCO Electricity Bill

 Duplicate LESCO Electricity Bill

  • Open Google Chrome
  • Go to the official site that is Lesco it can be found at lesco.gov.pk
  • You’ll be able to look up two ways to access your account that you can use: a Reference number and another option is Customer ID. verify for the LESCO online bill.
  • Then enter then your Reference number that is listed on the bill you paid previously.
  • You can also enter your customer ID which is also listed on your bill.
  • Then click to continue to view the bill online.
  • Click Print on the web to download your Bill.

LESCO Connection Types

The following connections LESCO can provide depending on your requirements:

  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Agriculture
  • Tube-well
  • Temporary
  • General Services
  • Residential Colonies
  • Street Lights

LESCO Bill Online September 2023

Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) supplies electricity for Lahore in six districts of Punjab. Like other electricity distribution and supply companies, LESCO provides its customers with services. You can check the LESCO Bill Online as well as check duplicate Lahore Electricity Bills for September 2023.

If you’re a LESCO customer, then you can access (view and/or download) your LESCO Bill by pressing the button below:

Check LESCO Bill

Areas Under LESCO

LESCO is the abbreviation of Lahore Electric Supply Company as well as its headquarters are located in Lahore. It supplies electric power to these districts in Punjab

Lahore Okara Nankana
Sheikhupura Lahore Kasur
Nankana Kasur

You are able to use to access the LESCO Bill online in the event that you’re from one of the districts listed above.

Understanding LESCO Bill

There are many parameters to the bill. We’ve described a few of them in the following:

Connection Date

This is the date you first signed up with the Lesco database to get the electricity connection.

Reference Number

This is the most important aspect. This refers to the fundamental reference number for your bill, which is the same as your account’s number. It is possible to pay the bill in the name by this reference number and obtain a duplicate copy of the bill by giving this reference number.


In the upper right-hand corner in your statement, you will find the date of reading, the issue date along with the date due. These dates are when the agent took note of the reading on your meter, the date that the bills were issued, and what was the date on which you had to pay your bill.


Many people inquire about what exactly is FPA in the electric bill. FPA refers to the term Fuel Price Adjustment. It’s a technique that adjusts electricity charges according to the fluctuation in fuel prices. The FPA price is a result of the price of fuel of rental power firms that produce electricity using Crude Oil etc.

TR Surcharge

T.R. is Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. Based on updated guidelines, NEPRA will determine the tariff and the Government will issue a uniform rate for every Distribution Company. It is the result of the differences between the NEPRA tariff and the GOP tariff. If the difference is positive, it will be paid by the GOP by way of “Subsidy”. If there is a negative difference The Distribution Company will pay GOP the amount of “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

FC Surcharge

FC is a shorthand for Financing Cost. The Financing Cost Surcharge was initially determined to be 43 paise per unit to ensure the collection of debt service for Power Holding Private Limited.

Bill Timing

Based on the region you live in depending on your location, you could receive your bill on different days during the month. You can however view the history of your bills to see the date you read your bill along with the due date and issue date to determine the billing timing.

Tips to reduce the electricity bill

Let’s look at a brief overview of how many units you use in your daily appliances and the best way to cut down on your cost of electricity by shutting off any unnecessary appliances. Below is a listing of the items that have estimated amounts of electricity they consumed over the entire day:

  • Fan As an example the 80W fan uses four units of power per day.
  • Television consumes about 3 units per day.
  • The 24-watt Energy Saver makes use of 1-2 units per day.
  • Larger appliances, like one-ton ACs. A single-ton air conditioner consumes about 18 units if they run continuously for 24 hours.
  • The average refrigerator will consume about 4 to 6 units, based on the size of the appliance and how old the appliance is.

If you are looking to cut down on your electricity cost, take note of the number of appliances that are in use at any given period. Here are some suggestions to lower the amount of electricity you pay:

  1. Turn off appliances that are not needed.
  2. Instead of switching on five energy-saving devices instead, you can manage with four or maybe fewer.
  3. Make use of daylight to lighten your home instead of using electric bulbs whenever possible.
  4. Do not use ACs during peak times.
  5. Make sure your air conditioner is running at 26 degrees.
  6. Make sure your rooms are cooled with fresh air to minimize the need for ACs.

How to pay the LESCO bill online By App

  • Open the app that allows you to use it for payment of the LESCO bill on the internet.
  • Go to the option to pay your bill online option.
  • Choose the type of company or category to charge for the payment.
  • Input your referential number or scan the barcode of your reference number when it’s you have it.
  • You will now find the specifics of the Bill.
  • Click on the Pay Today button.
  • The receipt will appear on the screen following payment for the bill.

Lesco SMS Alerts Service

Lahore electricity company offers the facility of lesco SMS alerts to its customers for free.The person who has signed up to the service of lesco sms notifications can receive the following information by sms .

  • Lesco load shedding schedule
  • Schedule maintenance
  • Meter reading and date of reading
  • The amount of the bill and the due date
  • Payment confirmation

How to sign up for the lesco SMS alerts service

To get access to lesco SMS alerts, you have to fill in an online form on lesco their official site. You can also visit the registration page for lesco’s sms alerts page by clicking the link below. On the online form, you need fill in the required information to be able to register successfully in the lesco SMS alerts facility.

  • Your name is
  • Customer Id
  • Your email address
  • Your mobile number

If you wish, you can leave a message to lesco (i,e any issue or feedback).


Are you looking for a pitc lesco bill? Don’t waste time! Visit this site to find your electricity bill for wapda (bijli bill) If you reside in Lahore or the surrounding areas.

There are different distribution companies for Rawalpindi/Islamabad, Faisalabad, Gujranwala, Peshawar, and other main divisions. If you’re not sure of your company’s name for electricity distribution then you should look through this listing of electricity distribution companies in Pakistan and then look up your associated company’s billing website for your Bill.

How To Apply Online Njp.gov.pk Jobs 2022|www.njp.gov.pk

How to find the Reference Number or Customer ID?

If you aren’t sure how to find a reference number or customer ID, don’t fret. You can simply pick an old invoice copy, and then compare it with the image below. The reference number is in the upper right corner on your invoice, above “TARIFF”. Look for the highlighted red areas of the photo and you’ll be able to locate your reference code:

There is no need to obtain two (reference number as well as customer ID) One value suffices to receive your second bill from lesco.

A few people also refer to reference number as a consumer no on lesco bill, or customer ID as consumer id. However, technically, there isn’t a consumer number or ID on the bill from lesco. Therefore, you could consider the reference number/id as the same.

Taxes in LESCO

FC Surcharge: The Financing Cost (FC-SUR) surcharge was introduced on June 10, 2015. The surcharge is applied to the units that are consumed to ensure that debt service is paid by Power Holding Private Ltd. Power Holding Private Limited. FC surcharge is calculated at 0.43 /unit.

GST: GST refers to General Sales Tax, which is applicable to the cost of electricity. At present, the GST percentage is currently 17 percent.

Arrears/Age Lesco In the bill: The arrears amount is the balance amount, income tax on the lesco bill, or the amount not paid in the bill that was paid. You might see this field in the event that you’ve changed your bill into installments, or if you paid a portion of the bill.

Lesco TR Surcharge: It is the Tariff Rationalization Surcharge. This TR Surcharge is an item that is connected to NEPRA and the GOP tariff. NEPRA can set the tariffs and the Government announces a standard rate for every Distribution Company. TR is the difference between NEPRA as well as GOP tariff. If the difference is positive, it will be refunded by the GOP in the form of a “Subsidy”. In the event of negative differences, the Distribution Company will pay to GOP the amount of “Inter DISCO Tariff Rationalization Surcharge ( IDTR SUR )”.

How to check LESCO online bill 2023 By Meter or Number customer ID

LESCO offers you the ability to view online your bills by means of an ID of the customer reference number, reference number, and meter number. The following options are intended for customers who have lost their bills, or who have not received their bills. In addition, you’ll be capable of LESCO duplicate bills using a customer number, meter numbers, or reference numbers.

Lesco bill Estimator/Calculator 2023

Estimating the cost of electricity before it is due can be helpful to plan for the next payment of the bill. If you know how to the number of units you have consumed and you want to calculate an estimate the cost of electricity by clicking here. It is the LESCO bill calculator below is simple to use. All you have to input your units, and then view the estimated price of electricity in a matter of minutes.

Click Here

lesco bill image


Facts about the LESCO bill

  • Adjusting electricity charges in accordance with FPA is the acronym for price of fuel, and is used to adjust the price of fuel by rental power companies.
  • It is impossible to locate the LESCO bill using the address ID card number, address, or even by name.
  • To change the name of your LESCO statement, customers will need to go through a different connection process. Visit the office and fill out the application to request the name change.
  • In general, installments on bills aren’t a good idea in all instances, however, when there are dues pending on your bill, then you may be able to pay installments of the amount, and you are required to pay interest according to the bank rates.
  • In the event that you have general connections and specifically for arrears of up to Rs 2,00, Rs 10,000 or 100,000 rupees, you need to contact SDO, XEN, or SE and be permitted to pay in the equivalent of three to four monthly installments.
  • Contact us via the helpline number if you have concerns or think the meter readings are not correct.

LESCO Official Mobile Applications

Ministry of Energy has taken an initiative to launch a new official app titled “LESCO Light”. The app is accessible in the iOS as well as Google Play official stores. Open App Store on iPhone or Google Play Store on Android phones to install the below apps.


Here are the official app links: lesco bill app download

Google Play: LESCO Light App
iOS Store: LESCO Light App

Procedure to Lodge A Complaint

If you have a complaint or objection concerning the following topics:

  • Over-Charging
  • Billing Complaint
  • Requesting a Hard Copy of your bill
  • Tariff
  • Bill Instalments
  • Meter Problem
  • Load Shedding

Contact your local LESCO offices or SDO/XEN by calling the mobile phone addresses directly.
If you experience power outages or theft of electricity or any other serious accident Please immediately dial the number 0800-00118 using the PTCL number to connect with the LESCO Complaint Line or go to www.lescogov.pk.

Check with the Customer ID

To make it easier for customers, www.lesco.gov PK offers a different method to verify duplicate bills. You just need to enter your customer ID number into the below fields. This will give you a the duplicate of your invoice.

Lesco Bill By Customer ID

LESCO Bill Check by Meter Number

You’ll also see the Meter No section on your bill, however, WAPDA/LESCO hasn’t offered a way to view your bill by examining your meter’s number. Therefore, you are left with two choices i.e. reference number or Customer ID.lesco bill download pdf also from here.

lesco meter no

How to make LESCO Bill Payment

If you want to have a smooth and easy process for the payment of your bill There is a method to assist you in paying the bill faster by avoiding long lines outside banks.
Nearly all microfinance and commercial banks allow lesco bill payment banks via their websites and applications. Sign-up on their website and pay utility bills at no extra cost.

All branches of the Government as well as commercial banks are able to take payment for electricity bills. But, we now have additional options to pay for our electricity bill on the internet.

  1. Govt. Banks
  2. Commercial Banks
  3. All Post offices of Pakistan
  4. Easy paisa App
  5. Jazz Cash App
  6. Omni Sahulat Shops
  7. Nadra E-Sahulat
  8. Banking Online portals/Apps

LESCO Helpline

If you have any concerns or questions, please call LESCO Headquarters by calling 111-000-118 (customer service). If the line is busy for a prolonged amount of time doesn’t indicate that the caller is not working or nobody is in contact with you but rather that many users are trying to reach you. It could take a few minutes to get connected.

Complaint Number: 0800-00118

Support Email: [email protected]

If you are having issues in your billing, for example, “bill blocked,” or require a correction to your bill You can visit the Customer Service Center in your region or contact LESCO headquarters (111-000-118). To register new connections or to make a registration for registration, visit the office in your area.

Lesco customer service centers

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Southern Circle, Ghazi Road Defence Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99264305

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Eastern Circle, WAPDA Road Shalamar Town Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99250044

Address: Township Grid at Chandni Chowk Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99262201

Address: Regional Customer Services Center Okara, Benazir Road, 132 KV Grid Okara
Phone No.+92-044-2527440-1

Address: Regional Customer Service Center Sheikhupura, LESCO Complex Near Regal Chowk, Sargodha Road Sheikhupura
Phone No.+92-056-9200204-05

Address: Regional Customer Service Center, Wapda Colony, Kham Karan Road Kasur
Phone No. +92-049-9239166

Address:LESCO HeadQuarter 22-A Queens Road Lahore
Phone No.+92-042-99205248

Address: Customer Service Center Ichra, Shah Jamal Signal Ferozpur Road
Phone No. +92-042-3429118

Address: Near Saidpur Grid Multan Road Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99260166

Address: Regional Customer Services Center Northern Circle Ravi Road Lahore
Phone No. +92-042-99205076


How can I check LESCO Wapda Bill status that either my bill was paid or not?

Enter the reference code or ID above, and then scroll down to view the status of your payment on the next page.

What is FPA in LESCO Lahore Bill?

fuel price Adjustment (FPA) Fuel Price Adjustment (FPA) is an instrument that allows fees for power according to changes in the price of fuel. FPA is a method of adjusting the FPA rate is employed to calculate the cost of fuel to rental power companies that produce electricity from crude oil as well as other sources.

How to change of consumer name in electricity bill lesco?

The process to change names is the same as making an account. You can get an application for changing names in LESCO’s LESCO office.

Is it possible to find lesco electricity bill by name, address, or ID card number (NIC)?

However, you won’t be able to find it using the ID card number or name instead, rather through reference numbers (or customer ID).

Can we check LESCO Bill by meter number?

You can’t see your Lesco electric bill with the meter’s code right now.LESCO subscribers can only view their bills using the 14-digit reference number and not by the meter number.

Can I check Lesco bill by name or address?
Unfortunately, you cannot see your bill using name or address, only by reference number. If you have a 14-digit references number you will be able to check it here.

how to find old lesco bill?

If you didn’t receive an Bill, obtain an exact duplicate of the last month’s bill here.

What is unit rate for Lesco residential connection?

For B1 customers there will be a set minimum cost that is Rs. 350 per month. For B2 customers, there shall be a minimum fee fixed of Rs. 2,000 per month.

What are the Lesco peak hours?

7 pm to 11 midnight are the peak times between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm. Lesco has asked its customers to to cut down on electricity usage during peak times.

How to change consumer name in Lesco electricity bill?

The process to change the consumer’s name on the Lesco bill is the same as applying for a new connection. Visit the LESCO office and submit a Name Change Request.

How can I apply for a new connection?

If you are interested in establishing a new Lesco connection, you’ll be required to fill out and submit the “Application and Agreement” form it is also referred to as the A&A form.

How to Calculate LESCO Bill?

To figure out the amount of your LESCO cost, visit this link. Enter the required information like Connection Type, Phase Type, Off Peak Units Meter Rent (If applicable) and Service Rent (If applicable) Areas and Number. of TV sets Sales Tax Exempt for Retailers GST Exempt, ED Exempt exempt, ETax exempt and additional sales tax for Marble and Granite Industry and click submit to get the estimated amount. Easy Peasy!


LESCO bill check online 2023 Customers can use the methods above with reference numbers of your customer’s ID. Lesco is, a subsidiary of the Punjab government. The government has created an online system to facilitate the printing of duplicate bills within Pakistan in partnership with LESCO. The procedure of printing will described in detail. Follow the instructions below to receive the LESCO bill online. Please let us know in the comments if you have any questions.

It is possible that at times you won’t get your electricity bill in time. This is a problem for those who live in rural Lesco customers. They are more unable to raise funds at the moment and then pay the entire amount immediately. Therefore, they opt to pay late payment charges to cover the Lesco for their bill online. It is a much simpler and effective method of paying your bills and as well follow the installation guidelines.

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