What Is Toshakhana Case Against Imran Khan Details

Many people are searching for What is the Toshshakhana case against Imran khan? why Imran Khan is being Disqualified by the ECP( Election Commission of Pakistan? and what is the Toshakhana case against Imran khan about? For All this confusion we decide to help you in understanding this case in a very simple way so we provide each and every detail regarding this case here. It will help you to understand this case easily.

What Is Toshakhana Case Against Imran Khan Details Below

Toshakhana, a department that is under the administration of the Cabinet Division – stores precious gifts presented to heads of state MPs, officials, by the heads of states, other governments as well as foreign officials.

The ECP had set the decision in the case until September 19.

In accordance with Toshakhana rules gifts, as well as other materials received by individuals who are subject to these rules are sent to Cabinet Division.

The request was filed by members of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) against the PTI chief on August 4, for failing to “share the details” of Toshakhana gifts as well as the proceeds from their sale.

In spite of being compelled by the Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) mandating it to do so, however, the PTI as a government was hesitant to divulge the specifics of the gifts that were given to Imran after he took over his office. It was claimed that it could affect international relations. The request sought to disqualify Imran from public service under Articles 62 and 63 in the Constitution.

what is Tosha khana case-based?

PM Shehbaz Sharif, while deciding not to keep any gifts from abroad, directed that all gifts of a high value received during his overseas visits be displayed for the duration of his visit in the Prime Minister’s House.

According to the source “The prime minister does not wish to retain any of the gift items presented to him during his visits to Saudi Arabia and UAE in April.”

Prime Minister also agreed that, as a rule, the gifts that are valuable should are to be supervised by Toshakhana and, consequently, always displayed at the Prime Minister’s House. The presents would be displayed in secure display cabinets that are equipped with an alarm system, and with the oversight to the Toshakhana.

The sources stated that in the initial phase, five cabinets for each country comprising Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Turkey, and China will be built to showcase the donations received from these countries.

The prime minister also directed to showcase the gifts he received during his trip to Saudi Arabia and the UAE between April 28-30, 2022.

The gift included an individual wristwatch (A. LANGE & SOHNE Datograph Fly back#242655), a pair of cufflinks (Chopard), No.242655) and two cufflinks (Chopard) as well as One Pen (Chopard) and one Ring (Chopard) as well as one Tasbeeh/Rosary (Chopard).

The present also contained the wristwatch “Rolex” (model No. 326259TBR-Sr No. (85C423E3).


The two diamond-studded wristwatches presented by the Prime Minister were worth the sum of Rs270 million, with one worth Rs100 million, and the other one worth Rs170 million.

The prime minister instructed the authorities involved to create arrangements for the display of the presents in order to educate the people about the ties between the nations that have a friendly relationship.

The wristwatches given to the Prime Minister Shehbaz on his trip to the Gulf countries were much more expensive than those received by his predecessor Imran Khan.

As the Punjab Chief Minister, Shehbaz Sharif had also put all foreign donations to Toshakhana in the past 10 years. He also set an example when he was the premier government of Pakistan.

Tosha khana gift case Decision By ECP

The Election Commission of Pakistan ECP declared that Imran Khan Ex-Prime Minister submitted a false affidavit and was found involved in corrupt practices and ordered to register criminal cases against the PTI chairman. An all-four-member bench declared the National Assembly seat vacant as it was unanimously determined that he provided false details in the matter and Disqualified him “for the time being”.

what is toshakhana case against imran khan

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what is Tosha khana case Imran khan decision?

PTI Leadership has denied the decision of ECP and has decided to file a petition with the Supreme court today following receipt of the Final decision Copy of ECP.


Imran Khan is able to make an invitation to the long-distance march following the toshakhana verdict by ECP. Hammad Azhar PTI Leader tweeted that people should gather and join a long march toward Islamabad.

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