What Is The Special CSS Exam? Complete Details

FPSC will conduct a special CSS exam to fill vacant seats due to low passing rates in certain provinces/quotas over the past few years. These include seats for minorities, women’s quota, and seats from backward provinces like Sindh and Balochistan.What Is The Special CSS Exam? Complete Details

The Federal Public Service Commission, (FPSC), shall hold a Special CSS Competitive Exam. This examination is only to be held ONCE for vacancies that have not been filled through CSS Competitive Examination in the past.

The FPSC will announce the timetable for the Special CSS Competitive Examination in due course. This Advance Public Notice is published to inform candidates who may be eligible for application according to the relevant Rules.

What Is The Special CSS Exam? Complete Details Below

What is the purpose of the special CSS exam?

Each February, the CSS exam is held to identify bureaucrats responsible for implementing state laws. Due to the uneven education system in different provinces, candidates from Sindh, Baluchistan, and KPK cannot pass the exam.

Baluchistan and Sindh are still vacant each year. KPK and all women seats in Punjab, including KPK, remain vacant. These seats are therefore carried forward to next year, and the problem remains unchanged.

What is the age limit for special CSS?

Regular CSS has a 30-year age limit. The upper age limit for Special CSS has been extended by TWO years. This means that all applicants, regardless of their age, or those who have applied for Special CSS before, can apply up until 32 years. Government servants can apply for up to 34 years. People from tribal areas and special regions can apply for up to 34 years.

Vacancies for the Special CSS Exam

This is the first time that special CSS exams have been conducted in civil service history to fill the 188 federal service vacancies that were left vacant over the past few years. Balochistan 49; Rural Sind 41; Urban Sind 19 KP 22 ex Fata/GB16 & AJK 2, and 39 for minorities in Punjab

CSS Special Exam Vacancies to be filled (tentative)

  • Punjab
    • Minorities only: PAAS = 4, CTG = 2, PCS = 4, IRS = 10, IG = 2, MLCG = 1, OMG = 12, PSP = 4, POSTG = 2, RCTG = 2.
  • Sindh (R)
    • Open merit: PAAS = 1, CTG = 3, IG = 5, OMG = 14, POSTG = 2, RCTG = 1.
    • Women: PAAS = 1, CTG = 1, IG = 1, OMG = 5, POSTG = 4, RCTG = 1.
    • Minorities: POSTG = 1.
  • Sindh (U)
    • Open merit: OMG = 1, POSTG = 1.
    • Women: IG = 4, POSTG = 4, RCTG = 1.
    • Minorities: PAAS = 1, PCS = 1, FSP = 1, IRS = 2, OMG = 2, PSP = 1.
  • KPK
    • Open merit: RCTG = 1.
    • Women: IG = 3, POSTG = 2.
    • Minorities: PAAS = 1, CTG = 1, PCS = 1, PAS = 2, FSP = 1, IRS = 3, OMG = 3, PSP = 1.
  • Balochistan
    • Open merit: PAAS = 5, CTG = 4, IRS = 7, IG = 3, OMG = 13, POSTG = 3, RCTG = 1.
    • Women: IRS = 2, IG = 2, OMG = 3, PSP = 1, POSTG = 2, RCTG = 1.
    • Minorities: PAAS = 2, PAS = 1, FSP = 1, IRS = 1, IG = 1, OMG = 1.
  • AJK
    • Minorities Only:IG = 1, OMG = 1.

Special CSS Exams Schedule And Advertisement

The schedule for the special CSS Exam is announced and you will get each detail about it here. Click the link below to check the complete Schedule.

 FPSC Special CSS Competitive Examination 2023 Online Registration Schedule

The advertisement for the Special CSS (Advance Notice) is published on the 20th of November 2022. The advertisement for a written portion will be published on the 19th of February. Only those who are eligible for the written part of the Screening Test will be allowed to take it. Get the advertisement by clicking the link above. Get also How To Apply Online For Special CSS MPT Exam 2023 Step By Step Procedure.

Syllabus For Special CSS Exam 2023

Special CSS exams will have the same syllabus as regular CSS. It also includes 600 marks for compulsory subjects. You will get the complete syllabus by the link below.

CSS MPT Syllabus FPSC 2023 For MCQ-Based Preliminary Test

Subject                                          Marks
Essay 100
Precis and Composition 100
Pakistan Affairs 100
Current affairs 100
General Science and Ability 100
Islamic Studies 100

Click here to view the syllabus from FPSC Official Website.

CSS screening test 2022 paper

You will get the CSS MPT Exam past paper here. it will be very helpful for your test preparation and you will easily understand which types of questions exist in the paper.


Will it count as a chance of CSS?

This lottery is open to both new and old students. It is not possible to count your attempts so it is recommended that everyone apply, regardless of whether they are fresh graduates or have appeared more than once.

I have already availed of three attempts. can I appear in the Special CSS exam?  

Yes. Even if you’ve tried three times, Special CSS can still be used.

I’m a government employee, Can I participate in Special CSS? What is the maximum age to appear in Special CSS?

Yes, You can also appear in a special CSS exam.

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