What Is PPSC Exam In Pakistan 2023? Complete Guidelines

The PPSC is the acronym for the Punjab Public Service Commission. It is a state-run agency accountable for hiring and the administration of civil as well as management services within the Punjab Province.

  • History

This agency was created in April 1937 (before the independence of Pakistan). In essence, PPSC was established for Pakistan’s subcontinental Punjab province. Both India, as well as Pakistan, have the service commission agency, therefore it is best not to confuse them with one another.

  • Mission

Now, we must concentrate on the task of the agency which is to identify and suggest candidates who are merit-based and have a swift and transparent procedure. This is to encourage professionalism and excellence within the Punjab Public Service.

The official site of the PPSC has all the information that will prove useful. The website can be found as follows:What Is PPSC Exam In Pakistan

What Is PPSC Exam In Pakistan 2023? Complete Guidelines Below

What Is PPSC Exam In Pakistan

Punjab Public Service Competitive Examination (PPSC) It is an examination for provincial competition in Punjab that is conducted through the Punjab Public Service Commission for hiring the diverse Civil Services of the Government of Punjab which includes Punjab Administrative Service, Punjab Revenue Service, Punjab Police Service and many more. The test is held in two phases: the written exam and the personal Test (Interview). The entire process, from the announcement of the exam to the declaration of final results, can take around one year.

The Punjab PPSC Exams are an easy and simple method of getting into the service of famous institutes in Pakistan. However, many applicants don’t know anything about the tests. Therefore, they get dissatisfied and look for alternatives.

If you’re looking to pass the PPSC examination, you will be able to give it if you follow the correct guidelines. What does PPSC Exam? The things you need to know before taking the exam. We provide here details about the PPSC Exam, How to apply for the PPSC Exam, the PPSC Fee Structure, Download PPSC Fee payment methods, and How to check the DMC of PPSC.

Each year, or as needed, Punjab Public Service Commission provides a combined examination for posts in the Provincial Management Service. Candidates must complete every one of the Compulsory Subjects along with three optional Subjects (not greater than three of each category) with 200 marks each. The overall marks for the Exam will be 1200.

PPSC Exam Objectives

PPSC’s primary goal is to distinguish qualified and skilled candidates from the masses. give fair opportunities to the most deserving candidates from Punjab regarding public positions and vacant positions, regardless of prejudice in favor of one particular class. 

By conducting top-quality tests that are in line with international standards for a variety of deserving candidates, under the supervision of the Punjab government. The commission fulfills its function of being an impartial empire to the public job market.

PPSC Eligibility Criteria 2023 in Pakistan

The public service commission of the state of punjab has different rules and regulations for applicants and candidates who are wishing to sit in the PPSC test to gain PPSC job positions. 

Candidates are required to make sure that they meet the required qualifications for the position mentioned in relation to things like education, age qualifications, experience, nationality, and other things.

The applicants should not be expecting any age reduction from Punjab’s public service commission in relation to the eligibility criteria for PPSC 2023 because they don’t have power over it.

PPSC Exam requirements 2023

  • The eligibility criteria will be established by the type of post which is mentioned in the advertisement.
  • The academic qualifications or work experience of the candidate is deemed to be valid according to commission regulations.
  • All important directions are guided at the right time by the commission.
  • PPSC years of service, PPSC educational requirements, and PPSC experience will be evaluated until the closing date as per the relevant posts.
  • It is important to note that the punjab public service commission does not have the power to provide any relief on any of the PPSC exam eligibility criteria.

Function Rules of PPSC 2023

The rules of testing for the PPSC examination 2023, PPSC examination interview, and selection are according to the advertisement. 

Provincial services as well as all other posts that are connected to provincial affairs according to the direction of and other similar posts within the form of an organization or another regulatory body that has power under rules in accordance with the regulations. 

The authorities that contribute to provincial carriers or posts maintain their link with provincial issues. Other capabilities may be approved.

PPSC Clubbing of Examinations/Tests Policy

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has announced the new exam/clubbing Testing policy. The policy on clubbing was announced due to the high number of applicants who apply to the PPSC for multiple positions.

According to the information that is in consideration an overwhelming number of candidates are applying for various posts. Commission has proposed to institute a policy of clubbing PPSC examinations and tests. In accordance with PPSC Regulation, 2016 and Manual of Policy Decisions have been revised.

Principal Features of Test Policy 2022

These are the main features that have been formulated under the new clubbing policies for PPSC Tests and Examinations.

  • The posts could have an appellation that is different or similar but must have the same syllabus/content examination
  • If a person was declared to have passed the mixed (PMS) test the candidate will be deemed to have passed the test for all the posts that were together in the particular test or examination.
  • Candidates who are successful will be shortlisted for an interview for each post in accordance with the existing guidelines.
  • The candidate is required to pay a fee for each job they apply for according to the procedure in place.

Here is the link to access an application form for the Punjab Public Service Commission’s ( PPSC) recently announced exam/test clubbing policy.

Download PPSC Clubbing Policy For Different Posts

PPSC jobs (General Recruitment)

The most important factor to pass the PPSC exam is to be able to master the fundamentals of English grammar and composition. These are both extremely complex topics, but once you’ve mastered them then it’s easy for candidates to pass multiple exams and test their luck at the interview. 

General recruitment takes place for all departments within the Punjab Government from BPS-11 to BPS-19. Sectors covered include Revenue Local Government, Police Excise and Taxation, the department of law and parliamentary affairs, Forest, Irrigation, Building, IT, Medical, and HR.

Alongside the general understanding, English understanding and Urdu section are included in the majority of PPSC examinations.

First, let’s determine the tests that require GK and which ones require GK along with professional post-related expertise. One thing that is universal and reliable is that nobody can avoid preparing GK or English grammar as well as composition in order to be successful in being able to get a Government job.

If you’re prepared to pass the General Knowledge then you can attempt different tests and be a candidate for a government job at the final. A majority of candidates fail to seek out the correct information and guidelines prior to the exam, and as the result, they end up being more confused and failing the test.

If you’re prepared well using our PPSC Jobs Exam Materials If you do your best, you could be able to get an official job within the province. In recent years, PPSC has allocated a huge majority of candidates to diverse departments of the BPS including;

  • Lectures, Professors, Assistant Professors & Subject Specialists.
  • Assistant Director and Deputy Director.
  • Prosecutors, District Prosecutor & District Attorney.
  • Land Record Officer and AD Land Revenue.
  • TMO & Cheif Council Officer.
  • District Food Controller, Food Grain Officer & Assistant Food controller.
  • AD Anti-Corruption & Inspector Anti-Corruption.
  • Taxation and tax inspector.
  • Sub-Inspector Assistant and Sub-Inspector Police.
  • Civil Defence officer.
  • Ziledar, Tehsildar & Naib-Tehsildar.
  • District Zakat Officer.
  • AD Cooperative Societies & Inspector.
  • and, if you want to, be…

The PPSC Salary for Jobs and benefits

PPSC jobs holders get handsome salaries ranging from 45,000 to 65,000 and many other benefits given as

  • Equal educational opportunities
  • Schedules for duty may be flexible.
  • A very high amount of money per month.
  • Food and drink for free
  • The road to a successful career
  • Department in respect
  • Education of the children
  • Accommodation and travel expenses
  • The team members are supportive and professional
  • The cost of training sessions is a good investment.
  • Medical care allowances
  • An environment for work that is calm

PPSC Syllabus 2023

If PPSC announcements are made the department will upload the syllabus details for every post. You are able to download Syllabus for PPSC of the government of Punjab’s departments.

Where PPSC Exam Held?

Candidates always feel worried about PPSC Test centers in Pakistan.PPSC exam centers in Lahore, Rawalpindi, Multan, Bahawalpur, D.G. Khan Faisalabad & Sargodha is given for you. These are mostly considered places for ppsc Exams.

Lahore 1. PPSC Examination Centre, 68-A, Trade Centre Block, Near Ayub Chowk,
M.A Johar Town, Lahore.
2. FPSC Examination Hall, Mustafa Town, Wahdat Road, Lahore.
3. Divisional Public School, (Boys Campus, Gate No.2), Model Town, Lahore.
Rawalpindi 1. F.G Public School for Boys, Mahfooz Road, Rawalpindi.
2. F.G Public School for Boys, Peshawar Road, Rawalpindi.
3. Govt. Graduate College for Boys, Siddiqi Chowk, Satellite Town, 6th Road,
4. Govt. Associate College for Women, Dhoke Ellahi Bakhsh, Rawalpindi.
Bahawalpur Govt. Post Graduate College, One Unit Chowk, Bahawalpur.
D.G Khan Center of Excellence, Girls High School opposite Ghazi Medical College, Central
Jail Road, Dera Ghazi Khan.
Multan 1. University of Education, Bosan Road, Multan.
2. Govt. Emerson University, Bosan Road, Multan.
Sargodha Govt. (Girls) Pilot Secondary School, Sabzi Mandi, Sargodha

Govt. Associate College of Commerce (Inter Block) Faisalabad Road, Sargodha.

Faisalabad Govt. Graduate College, College Road,
Samanabad, FaisalabadGovt. Municipal Graduate College, Jaranwala road, Abdullahpur, Faisalabad

PPSC Exam Date Sheets and Updates 2023

Are you worried about the exam that is coming up and doesn’t have the PPSC Examination Schedule? Don’t fret as it’s your lucky day since you’ll be provided with the most up-to-date information and news concerning the PPSC date sheet 2023 on this page.

Candidates who want to take the PPSC Examination should keep this page in mind to ensure they are informed of the most recent news and announcements concerning the ppsc date sheet.

PPSC Admission letter 2023

A public service commission Admission letter is issued by PPSC to conduct tests This means that you have been accepted to the specified post. The admission letter is similar to the roll number slip which is essential to take the PPSC test. An admission letter is required to be present at the test.

PPSC admit card is subject to specific requirements that, if you are found to be ineligible later at any time regardless of the reason your candidature will be withdrawn and your application rejected. Bring with you any writing materials you require to complete the application. Answer books with blank pages will be provided by the punjab public services commission.

How to print PPSC Admission Letter 2023

  • Go to the PPSC homepage on the PPSC website, then click on print admission letters.
  • After you click the print option you must enter your CNIC number.
  • Choose the post for the position you’ve applied to.
  • Click submit button and then print the admissions letter

PPSC Results 2023

Each year, the punjab public service commission releases a range of public sector positions and opportunities for the public to adhere to guidelines, and standards, establish guidelines for selection, offer equality in employment and conduct exams, and offer services to the government in relation to hiring criteria, selection methods to improve the efficiency of selection processes and also announce results from the PPSC frequently within the timeframe.

Candidates for jobs must be on an eye on their job’s PPSC Results in the 2023 announcement and must not be a victim of the government job opportunities since there is a lot of competition between the applicants because their main goal is to serve their country in Pakistan and have a good job security, therefore, they should keep a watchful eye on the PPSC Written Result being announced on this website as well as on the official website of the PPSC.

PPSC Past Papers

PPSC exam’s past questions are the primary objective or essential to succeed in the PPSC exam. They provide a guarantee that students will be successful since they are exposed to an array of topics in the previous papers.

It is possible to download the entire departmental Past Papers of the PPSC PDF of the Punjab Government like the Home department, Punjab Police ppsc past papers, Board of revenue past papers, taxation excise department past papers, the department of irrigation and power past papers.

PPSC Interview Schedule for 2023

The reason behind this is to assess whether or not the candidate is able to perform under stress. This helps in judging the character of the candidate better.

The key to getting over this obstacle is to remain at a steady pace and think outside of the box. You’ll need practice for this kind of thing, but it’s well worth it.

Candidates who want to get through their next PPSC Interview 2023 will be able to accomplish this by reviewing their individual candidate interview requirements, interview dates as well as the required documents for the candidate, the minimum percentage required for interviews, rules on questions for interviews, the schedule of interview for various government positions Important guide for candidates regarding the interview letter, and many more.

Punjab Public Servies Commission Importance

PPSC is also an official guide or informant following the example of its big brother’s successful FPSC which is also known as the federal public service commission concerning its administration as well as management of federal public position distribution to the general public. 

The most deserving candidates are able to succeed by doing their best and concentrating on their studies in order that the PPSC will provide them with jobs in the public sector that are highly compensated depending on their previous qualifications and experience by way of conducting international standard exams under the supervision of provincial governments.

Frequently asked questions

  • What does PPSC stand for and what is the fundamental responsibility of PPSC?

The full form of PPSC is Punjab Public Service Commission. The primary function of this institution is to recruit and supervise the management and civil activities in Punjab on a provincial level.

  • What is the biggest competitive exam conducted by PPSC?

The most competitive exam that is conducted by PPSC each year is the Provincial Management System exam (PMS).

  • What is the pattern of the PPSC written test?

The test is based on the written test, which is worth 100 marks. Upon passing, the interview, written, and viva voice tests are conducted in the course of the commission.

  • What are the total marks of the PPSC written test?

The mark for the PPSC written test is 100 marks.

  • How to Find the PPSC Application Number, if lost?
  1. If you have lost your application number, you could discover it by using the following hyperlink on the PPSC internet site:- http://www.Ppsc.Gop.Pk/UsersReg/CheckApplicationNo.Aspx.
  2. Open the above-cited URL and deliver your CNIC and click on the “Find Application Number” Button.
  3. Your application number along with all posts -21- you have applied in PPSC will be displayed in the form of a table.
  4. You may pick your required number here.
  • What are the eligibility requirements for the PPSC Examination?

Eligibility requirements for PPSC are different for each post.

  • What is the negative marking percentage of the test?

0.25 marks are taken off for every wrong answer made in the objective test

  • How many years of age relaxation is given by the government of Punjab?

Generally, a relaxation of 05 years is granted by the Punjab commission of the public service

  • How many attempts are there for ppsc?

There are 3 attempts for the ppsc Exam according to the new policy. Students can appear 3 times in ppsc.

  • Which documents are required for ppsc?

A Candidate is required to bring

  1. Original CNIC
  2. “Call Up Letter” for the Interview
  3. Original Educational Degrees
  4. Other Certificates
  5. Domicile
  6. Departmental Permission (if needed)
  7. Medical Certificate (if needed)
  8. Disability Certificate (if needed)
  • Does PPSC accept requests for a change of Centre?

Genuine requests for an alternate Centre alongside proof are acceptable before allocation of Roll Number.

  • What are the criteria for negative marking in MCQ’s type written test?

Negative marking will be carried out and 0.25 marks will be deducted for every incorrect answer within the Multiple Choice / Objective / MCQ paper.

  • What is PSID Number? From where and how can I get PSID Number?

A payment System Identifier (PSID) number is a 17-digit no required to perform fee transactions and it is automatically generated by the system. The applicant is likewise informed via Email and SMS intimation concerning PSID generation from the EPay Punjab.

PPSC Contact Info

UAN: 042-111-988-722
Online Help (Website / Information Cell): 042-99202762, 042-99200161, 042-99200162
Telephone Exchange: 042-99202752, 042-99202761, 042-99202769
E-mail: [email protected]
Web Site: www.ppsc.gop.pk
Location: Google Map PIN
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