Summer Vacations In All Provinces Of Pakistan 2023 Notification Download

Summer Vacations In All Provinces Of Pakistan 2023 are announced. The announcement will be heeded by all schools across Sindh, Punjab, KPK, AJK, and Balochistan. The summer holidays in Pakistan 2023 will start with the start of June for students in Punjab, Sindh, and KPK. For Punjab 2023, the summer break will start in June, but classes will not resume until July.

In addition, due to the extreme temperatures the provinces will all close their schools in the same time. The private schools of Pakistan will be following the same schedule of summer breaks however they will be free to create their own summer camps for students.

Students from government schools may study the schedules of summer breaks for every province in Pakistan. Institutions and colleges will also make use of this summer vacation announcement 2023. Find out more about the Pakistan summer vacations of 2023 in this article.

Summer Vacations In All Provinces Of Pakistan 2023 Notification Download

Summer vacation 2023 in Punjab Notification

For Punjab Schools, summer vacations 2023 will begin from June 2023 and will last until 20th August, 2023. Schools both public and private are closed for 3 months which includes the months of June, July and August. Check also Summer Camp In Punjab Schools Summer Vacations.

Official Notification of the Summer Vacations 2023 for Punjab was released in Punjab’s Govt of Punjab on 24 May 2023. The Punjab Govt has informed the public that the entire Public & Private Schools throughout Punjab will remain in session w.e.f. June 6, 2023, until Sunday 20th August 2023 in order to take the summer break. All schools in the province will be re-opened w.e.f. Monday 215t August 2023.

Summer Holidays/Vacation 2023 duration End Date
1st June 2023 (Thursday) 31st July 2023 (Monday)
Duration of Holidays 2 months

Every Chief Executive Officer (DEAs) and the responsible Heads will be responsible for the distribution of the homework and textbooks to students during the summer vacation.

Summer vacation in Punjab notification

Summer vacation 2023 in Sindh Notification

The Sindh government Sindh has released the schedule for the summer vacations at public as well as private school in Sindh. School Education & Literacy Department released a notification regarding this. Summer Vacations 2023 for both Public and Private schools in Sindh will commence from June 1 to July 31st, 2023.

In these three months schools of education, both public and private that are under the administration of the literacy and school education department of the government of Sindh will be in operation.

Department School Education Sindh
Category of Schools Public Schools and Private Schools
Summer Vacation Starting Date 1st June 2023
Ending Date 31st July 2023
School Opening Date after Summer Vacations 1st August 2023

The Sindh Education Department has announced an extended vacation of two months that will expire at the end of July. The Secretary of Education Akbar Laghari said that the schedule has been finalized accordance with the decision made from the committee steering.

Summer Vacations In All Provinces Of Pakistan

He also said that the timetable of summer vacations will be available to all private and public schools.

Summer vacation 2023 in KPK Pakistan

Schools in the KP will be offering summer vacations. are expected to be announced starting 1st June 2023 in Primary schools. The summer holidays for High and Middle schools are anticipated to begin on June 15, 2023. According to officials they are preparing a summary for this purpose and a the announcement will be made after the approval of the chief minister.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government, Education Department has prepared a report to be approved by the minister in charge. All private and public education institutions located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa shall remain closed until August 31st 2023. This decision is announced following the approval of the Chief Minister.

Based on the initial report The summer vacation in primary school will begin on June 1, 2023. Schools in KPK will remain shut until August 31 2023.

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