PTS Past Papers MCQs And Test Preparation Book Download Pdf 2023

PTS Test Mcqs with answers Subject-wise information is available here. Anyone looking for online test preparation including the PTS syllabus, PTS test preparation, and PTS paper pattern is advised to visit this website. 

We provide PTS exam preparation materials, test schedules, and paper patterns. PTS conducts tests for departments of government and non-government to find qualified applicants for the correct post. PTS conducts tests in accordance with the date sheet and then announces the results of the test.

PTS conducts recruitment tests and pre-screening in departments such as National Highways & Motorway Police, Provincial Police departments, provincial and federal ministers, Armed Forces, State Life, and WAPDA jobs.

Candidates who have applied for PTS jobs from all categories need to be prepared for the test. We have provided the complete exam preparation for each subject and the PTS Paper Rechecking Form. You will Get All MCQs for Every test of pts which will help you a lot. So let’s start!!

PTS Past Papers MCQs And Test Preparation Book Download Pdf

PTS Test for every job Generally consists of General Knowledge, English, Islamiyat, Maths, Computer, and Urdu. So we provide here all MCQs and Test Preparation Book Pdf below.

PTS Past Papers Mcqs

General Knowledge Portion

 Most Repeated GK Questions
 712 to 1857 History MCQs Notes
 Indo-Pak History 1857 to 1947
 World Organizations
 World Countries and Capitals
 Repeated Mountains and Borders MCQs
 Gulf, Rivers, and Dams MCQs

English Portion

 Synonym and Antonym MCQs
 Idioms and Phrases Questions
 Active and Passive Voice MCQs
 Direct Indirect MCQs
 Correct Incorrect MCQs
 One Word Substitutions MCQs
 Sentence Completion MCQs
 English adjective clauses MCQs

Math Portion

Most Repeated Math Questions

Computer Portion

 Most Repeated Computer MCQs
 Microsoft Office MCQs
 Microsoft Excel MCQs
 Microsoft Word MCQs
 MS PowerPoint MCQs

Urdu Portion

 Important Urdu Authors
 Urdu Grammar
 Urdu Zarb ul Amsaal
 Important Poets with Poetry
 Urdu Words Meaning

Islamiat Portion

 Islamiat OneLiner MCQs
 Islamiat Most Repeated MCQs

PTS Test Preparation Books PDF

PTS test preparation’s best books are present here. You will surely pass your test with distinction in any department like Wapda, Sindh police and Rescue 1122 Etc jobs.

Carvaan GK Book
 Partition of India Book

Hope this material will be very beneficial for you in PTS test preparation.If you have any query about anything comment us.

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