PPSC List of Clubbed Cases of Test/Examination 2022

The Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC) has announced an updated policy on clubs in PPSC Tests in 2022. One test that covers multiple posts was launched on the 1st of June, i.e., 1st June 2022. The details regarding the PPSC policy on Clubbing of Tests and Exams at our site.

The Clubbing Policy was established by keeping in mind that many applicants apply on the PPSC website for different positions. It is noted that the PPSC Regulations, 2016, and Manual of Policy Decisions, 2016, have been revised accordingly. As per this policy, applicants are able to submit applications for the exact job which is open to applicants from different departments. Some of the main aspects are listed.

Features of PPSC List of Clubbed Cases of Test/Examination

  • The posts could be named in different ways or with similar names However, they will follow the exact syllabus for every test.
  • If an applicant is declared to be successful in a test that is a combination the candidate will be considered to have passed that Test for all the posts that were which were combined in that specific Test that he was applying for. In the same way, if he fails the Test, he’ll fail the Test of all these posts that were combined in the Test that he was applying for.
  • Candidates who are successful will be selected for each interview slot as per the criteria currently in place. Candidates must pay a distinct fee for each post they apply to as per the current procedure.

 PPSC List of Clubbed Cases Notification

PPSC New Policy on clubbing of tests Example

Candidate A applied for the position of Junior Clerk at three distinct departments. Based on the practice in place it is mandatory for him to take three tests in a row.

In accordance with the new policy, it is possible for him to take one test for the three Junior Clerk posts in different departments, as the syllabus for testing for the position that is Junior Clerk remains the same.

Clubbing of Examinations

List of Cases to be included in the clubbing of test/examination 2022

We are preparing the information for the posts in the Clubbing of Tests and the types of tests they offer. Click here for a direct link to them.

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