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Govt Employees Can Get Their Monthly Salary Slip From PIFRA and Pifra Salary Slip Online Registration pifra pay slip registration guide step by step given below. Since Govt Employees had to travel to their Account Office for their salary slips, they can now get Their Salary Slip Online In Their Email Inbox. Employers with a government job can get their Pay Slips via Email ID From Pifra.

Pakistan Finance Department announced an innovative service for government employees. They can receive their salary slips for payroll electronically through their email addresses and don’t need to visit the accounts office to collect your pay slip. Everyone in the Government can obtain pifra salary slip registration forms for female employees and male payslips.

Click to sign up for PIFRA Registration. Payslips, salary and monthly pay, and pay stubs can be viewed on the website www.pifra.gov.pk. It’s easy to set up the account available on PIFRA. It can be utilized by medium, low, and high-level government employees. Female and male employees of Pakistan have accounts on Pifra.


We will inform you of the registration procedure and create an account on the site. All the instructions for registration and obtaining the pay slips are provided below for anyone looking to set up an account with PIFRA. An entire set of details and the instructions needed for payslip receiving are available on the PIFRA website.

Pifra Salary Slip Online Registration Procedure Below

What Is PIFRA?

Project to Improve Financial Reporting and Auditing (PIFRA) is an online system in Pakistan where government employees can audit their finances. The system allows users to access their pay slips and review additional pension, salary, and funding questions. FABS has replaced the PIFRA name.

Here are the essential characteristics of FABS;

  • Online Salary Slip/ Pension Slip
  • Bill-tracking system
  • Summary of Bills
  • Budget execution report
  • Vendor information
  • DDO reconciliation statement
  • Scheme-wise budget execution report
  • PSDP execution report

pifra registration for monthly salary slip Online

The employees of the Government in Pakistan are provided with a wonderful new service provided by the finance department of Pakistan concerning their monthly salary slip registration. This PIFRA service provided by FABS is the only way through which all Govt workers in Pakistan will receive their monthly Salary slips via your email.

How To Download Pifra Salary Slip Online 2023 Via CNIC No/Email

It’s easy to obtain your monthly pay slips on the Internet using your Google mail address. It is not a waste of time, and there are no hassles in visiting the finance section to request, look up for, or pay clerks. There is no need to spend hours waiting to obtain your income proof. This Government of Pakistan has taken the right step for those of you.

Every department can benefit from the service. For instance, the departments of Health, Police, Education, livestock, Rescue, Civil Defence, Wapda, and other departments which fall to the Govt of Pakistan will get their pay slips directly to their email inbox before receiving the funds in their bank accounts. It is possible to download the PIFRA Salary Slip for 2023 online.

pifra.gov.pk salary slip registration 2023  

pifra.gov.pk salary slips registration salary Slip in the month of 2023 Pifra Payslip is available for government employees to download from the Internet. Government employees will inform Pakistani workers that pay slips will be delivered directly to their Gmail accounts.

If you’re looking for a way to enhance the financial reporting process and auditing PIFRA registration for the pay slip 2023, Download PIFRA pay slips to register on this page. If you’re not yet signed up for PIFRA Pay Slip, sign up now to receive your pay slip at your email address. Alongside PIFRA registration, you’ll be able also to check how your DDO budget expenses and bills.

online pifra salary pay slip registration for government employees

Employee Needs All Their Documents From Them Employee Can Get Details To Register Himself On PIFRA Online Pay Slip Website. Female and Male Govt employees can sign up for pifra registration for monthly salary slips. All Govt Employees Can get their pension and pay Only When They Download Their Pay Slips from pifra.gov.pk.

Information You Need To Register For PIFRA

  • Employees Should Be a Member of the Govt Department
  • Employee’s Number
  • Province
  • CNIC Number
  • Yahoo or Gmail Email ID
  • Full Name Full Name CNIC
  • Pay Scale Or BPS
  • Mobile Number

Step By Step Registration process 

After all the necessary details, follow these steps to finish the registration procedure.

The Government of Pakistan has shut down its PIFRA website and moved all the information to the new site, FABS. The FABS includes all the information and features you can see on Pifra. Also, it is possible to claim that FABS is essentially Pirfra.

Visit any of these links at pifra salary slip registration web page www.pifra.gov.pk or http://www.fabs.gov.pk. Clicking on the Pifra link, in the browser will prompt you to redirect to the website of fabs. However, it is better to go straight to the fabs.gov.pk site.

Before you can proceed with processing the information before processing information, you must know some essential facts. One of the most important aspects is the codes the government uses when completing the questionnaire.

Provinces/Regions Code
Punjab P
Baluchistan B
Federal F
Sindh S
District Government
Gilgit Baltistan GB
Kashmir Council K
District Government KPK DGN
Kashmir K

This government-issued code has a unique number for every province required to register successfully. Pakistan’s government Pakistan assigns a unique code for each province. Therefore you must know the correct code for your location of work or the place which you’re from.

Don’t fret If you’re not sure of the meaning behind what I’m listing all codes for. These are codes that correspond to each province.

  • Next, Type “Employee’s Number,” That Can Be Get From Department Accountant Or District Account Office.
  • Next Type Your CNIC Without Dashes ( – )
  • Next, Insert the Employees Date Of Birth & Mobile Number.
  • Next Press the Next Button (If You Give the Correct Information Then You Will Be Prompt To Type Your Registered Email Address Of Yahoo Or Gmail Then Press Next)
  • Next, You Will Receive an SMS On your Mobile Of a Successful Sign Up To PIFRA Online Pay Slip.

Govt Mulazmeen Registration Complete Procedure To Get Their Online Pay Slip Via Yahoo Or Gmail Email On Monthly Basis. You, Will, Get All Your Department, Bank Account, Pay Allowances, Address & Other Information On the Payroll Pay Slip File.

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How to Register Email Online in PIFRA?

At this moment, your registration is in the process of being completed, and you need to complete a few steps to finish it.

  • Following the steps described above after which, after completing the steps, you’ll be asked, ” Please click here to verify the information you have provided.”
  • Click it. After this, it will ask for your email address.
  • You must type your email address two times to confirm and validate it. After that, click ” Enter” on the Keyboard.

Be aware that your email address is Gmail. There are no other email addresses accepted. If you don’t have one, create one by using your Google services for email.

  • After entering your email address, you’ll receive a message saying, ” Your details are in order, so hit the “Submit button.”
  • You will be able to register successfully after you click on submit. You will receive the monthly report in your Gmail account next month.

If you wish to confirm your registration, return to the main page, where you filled in all the details. Enter all the information in a new way and continue the registration process. You will receive the message, “You already have an account. Check your paycheck for the next month’s stub.

If you Did Not Receive Your Pay Slip, Then:

  • If you join this month, Pifra will mail you a paycheck slip at the beginning of the next month.
  • Check your email spam folder if you registered months ago and haven’t received your pay slip.


Pifra Pay Slip Wrong Email Address Registration Solution

  • Sometimes, you’ve made an error leading to an incorrect registration with pifra. To avoid this type of issue, follow the simple guidelines below.
  • Make sure you fill out the form.
  • Before filling out the application, ensure that you have all the required details to ensure that errors do be avoided.
  • Only use “yahoo” and “Gmail” logins to sign-up at Pifra.
  • Be sure to write your information in a precise manner on the form because If your information is incorrect, pifra won’t provide you with a payment slip.
  • At least twice proofread.
  • Note down your CNIC Number and Email Address carefully.
  • The salary slip will be emailed via PDF file, which is print-ready in the PDF readers of your choice.

Download PIFRA app

You can now check your monthly slip online, vendor information, and pay slips of teachers, fill out salary slip forms, download registration forms, and track your bill status. We have launched the PIFRA Android app. Download the app to get quick access to your G.P and DDO funds, as well as other useful information.

Download App

How to Check Salary Slip Registration Successfully?

You might want to check whether you’re signed up with your PIFRA pay slips program or not. Many employees are unhappy that their pay slip hasn’t been received. Most of the time, it is because the registration process is not being corrected due to errors in the system or by entering incorrect data.

If you are one of them, be sure that you verify whether your pay slip registration has been completed or is pending. If you want to know whether you are in the process of completing your pay slip registration, Here is a step-by-step guideline to follow. Follow the steps carefully.

  1. If you are having trouble or are unclear on the pay slip registration and need help, visit the official payroll slip registration website to get it right.
  2. Repeat the entire registration process that was mentioned previously.
  3. Fill in all the details like first name and last name. CNIC number or employee number, etc.
  4. Following that, you can continue by following the steps.
  5. Then, submit your online form.
  6. In the end, if you receive a message that reads ” You are already registered with PIFRA and your pay slip will be sent to you each month from today” on the screen, then your wage slip account has been completed, and you do not need to worry about it.
  7. If you did not receive this email, your registration was unsuccessful, and you need to sign up again.
  8. If you want to register again, you must follow the step-by-step guide.

In doing so, we hope that your issue with pay slips that are not accepted will be resolved.

PIFRA contact and address information

PIFRA address details are given below.

This PIFRA FABS Directorates AGPR Complex, G-8/4, Islamabad.

The contact information, such as PIFRA email and pifra salary slip registration complaints no is here.

Email id: [email protected]

Phone No: 051-9107248

The PIFRA website link is


PIFRA remains open Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. It remains closed on Saturday and Sunday.

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