PAF Kiet LMS Student Login And Reset Password Details

PAF Kiet LMS is a very effective system for students learning. Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology is considered To be among the top Universities in the world. A great environment for learning, as well as research and innovation, exists to produce top business leaders as well as entrepreneurs.

To be among the top universities around the globe where the ideal environment for education research, innovation, and education is in place, which produces high-quality business leaders as well as entrepreneurs. For the help of students, Teachers, and parents a portal Paf kiet student portal is developed.

PAF Kiet LMS Student Login

If you are a student of Kiet and feel any problems in log in to the Kiet Lms portal to know how to Reset your password for it, Don’t worry we are here to help you. We provide here details regarding PAF Kiet LMS Student login below. So go for it and understand everything about it.

PAF Kiet LMS Student Login And Reset Password Details Below

About Kiet

Karachi Institute of Economics and Technology was established in 1997. KIET was recognized by the Higher Education Commission vide letter number. 15-22/UGC-SEC/97/1291 dated 1 August 1998. HEC is ranked by KIET as the 8th most prestigious school in the Business/IT category.

KIET is dedicated to providing excellent learning and research environments in order to impart the PAF Kiet LMS Student Login And Reset Password Details Given Below fundamental and specific skills and knowledge to produce proficient professionals who are focused on innovation, technology, and entrepreneurialism.

PAF Kiet LMS Student Login

Welcome to PAF Kiet LMS Learning Management System. The KIET-LMS Portal is a very effective learning management system, yet easy to grasp. Classroom teaching is set up with an e-learning portal known as LMS. The login page for pdf kiet LMS login for students is provided below.


PAF Kiet LMS Student Login

Log in to the paf kiet LMS student login page in one click or locate related useful links. It is, in essence, the official mobile app of the Learning Management System PAF-KIET that runs on users of the Android operating system. You can log in as a student, log in as faculty, or log in as a parent.

Troubleshooting Guide

If you’re having difficulty logging in to your account, you can follow the instructions below.

Step 1-To sign in to the Kiet login account start this tutorial in a brand new window. You’ll be able to follow the steps when you read them!

Step 2-Log in using your login credentials to Kiet login. This information will be made available to you upon signing up or through an official representative from the site.

Step 3- After receiving a “successfully logged in” message You are now officially connected to Kiet login!

Step-4- Login to Kiet might not be able to accept the login details you have entered. It is recommended to follow these step-by-step steps to resolve the problem. login is a portal that is made for students, faculty, and for parents. You can log in at this portal for any of the three statuses students can check easily their course fees and the books in the library also.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application that is used for the administration, documentation, reporting, and delivery of educational courses or training programs.

LMS in the college helps the Faculty Member to deliver material to the students, administer tests and give assignments, and track student progress.

PAF kiet Student Portal

A student portal for kiet is a portal on the internet that allows students to sign in to the school’s website to gain access to important program details. Portals for students also contain information about the courses that are offered, their records email programs, plans as well as test timetables, and department contact information.

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LMS KIET reset password

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can reset your password with ease using Email. The password reset link will only be sent to your email address that is registered within the MIS Database.


PAF KIET LMS app is the mobile app of PAF-KIET’s Learning Management System for the Android Platform. It allows full access for students to Learning Management System as well as Campus Management System.


  • Responsive design to phones and tablets
  • Students can access the syllabus, program sheets as well as attendance reports, class schedule exam schedule, and test results, as well as a grade sheet the grade history, and fee statement
  • Locate the books in the library. You can also check how books are being released
  • Browse the contents of the courses, even if offline
  • Get instant notifications of messages as well as other events.
  • Quickly find and connect with other participants in the courses and upload audio, images videos, as well as other files from your mobile device
  • View grades for the course
  • View private messages and notifications.
  • Send an email to the course participant
  • Download and look up Course materials
  • Access to course content in a flash
  • View events on the calendar
  • Upload any kind of file from your device to the private file space
  • Access and download personal as well as course documents.
  • Record an audio file, then upload it to a private area.
  • View forum discussions

PAF Kiet Contact Number

  • KIET Main Campus Korangi Creek, Karachi 75190 Ph:(9221) 35091114-7 Fax:(9221) 35091118
  • KIET City Campus 28-D,Block 6,P.E.C.H.S Karachi 75400 Ph:(9221) 34546872, 34532182
  • KIET City Campus (North Nazimabad): F-103 & 103/1, Block-F, Allama Rasheed Turabi Road, Near Ziauddin Roundabout, North Nazimabad Ph: 021-36628381, 021-36679314
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