National Testing Service NTS In Pakistan Complete Details

Many people have questions in their minds What does NTS Stand For?? And For what purpose, the term NTS is used? To make your mind clear we provide here a complete picture of NTS for you. NTS is the abbreviation for National Testing Service. The National Testing Service located in Pakistan is an organization that oversees the test for academic performance assessment.

NTS authorities are ETS (Educational Testing Service) in the United States of America (USA). In essence, NTS provides two types of educational tests. They include the National aptitude test (NAT) and the Graduate Assessment test (GAT).

National Testing Service NTS In Pakistan

NTS (National Testing Service) began its work in the year 2002. Since then, a large number of private and government institutions are associated with NTS. Additionally, NTS is also important in conducting tests and certification of interviews, particularly for positions within various departments.

On the education side, NTS conducts the NAT test to determine admissions into colleges and universities. The GAT test is conducted for postgraduate studies. NTS also provides various certificates and programs under its oversight.

NAT test is mostly conducted for those who are seeking admission to the top universities and colleges in Pakistan. The GAT examination is generally conducted to test students for admission to postgraduate levels. NTS tests are also conducted to check the credentials of those who are seeking further studies overseas.

National Testing Service NTS In Pakistan Complete Details Below

National Testing Service NTS In Pakistan 

The National Testing Service (NTS) is recognized by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan (HEC). The primary objective behind the creation of the NTS organization is to verify the highest standards of education in Pakistan and also to provide an overall scale of scores to allow for a comparative grade between institutions of higher education, joining the examination boards under one authority.

What Is NTS Exam In Pakistan? Types,Registration,Syllabus And Pattern

Numerous famous educational institutions in Pakistan have created the need for applicants seeking admission to pass these tests that are conducted under the direction of NTS.

What NTS Offers?

It is the NTS was founded with the overarching goal of increasing and promoting standards of professional and educational tests in Pakistan. NTS administers tests for the recruitment of both private and public departments.

NTS also conducts tests for education for admission to different schools, TOEFL, TOEIC, and tests for scholarship programs. NTS assures transparency, merit, and fairness in the process of recruitment.NTS develops and delivers tests/assessments to different Institutions and organizations. The tests offered include

  • Admissions
  • Scholarships
  • Recruitment
  • Promotions
  • Assessment

Corporate Social Responsibility NTS always strives to be the best in all of its endeavors to improve its processes and systems and also issues related to traditional testing services.

NTS Assessment Types

Primarily NTS provides two types of assessments and tests:

  • National Tests
  • International Tests

These tests are available as paper-based as well as Computer Based, while International Tests WorkFORCE(r) series can also be accessed online using laptops, computers, Apple(r) iPad(r), Android(r) or smartphones and, in the near future, on mobile and tablet devices.

Objectives Of NTS

  1. To conduct effective transparent, fair, and internationally recognized tests to evaluate the ability of applicants in admissions, scholarships, and for recruitment purposes.
  2. Conduct research on academic, professional, and testing systems in order to find the most prevalent operational and academic gaps within the system.
  3. To enhance the capabilities of professional and academic institutions through professional certification, tests, and assessments.
  4. To produce and disseminate information as well as research related to standards for professional development and education.

NTS Contact Info

Office Timings
Monday to Friday: 09:00 AM to 04:30 PM
Lunch/Prayer Break: 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM

Phone number

[email protected]

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