Most Asked Questions About NTS GAT Test With Detailed Answers

Students ask many questions about NTS NAT GAT General and GAT subjects to clear their confusion we collect these questions and answer these questions well here.
Your confusion will clear after reading this post because this contains the answer to every question about the NTS GAT and NAT test which disturbs you for a long time. So cut it short and let’s start!
Most Asked Questions About NTS GAT Test

Most Asked Questions About NTS GAT Test With Detailed Answers Below

Q:1 Why Should I Take GAT?

If you’re planning to apply for a postgraduate course in Pakistan or you are hoping to qualify for HEC Scholarships like the Commonwealth Scholarship, you must pass the GAT General test or HEC HAT test, in addition.

Students with a variety of backgrounds in education in Pakistan will take the GAT test, which is an objective and standardized measure to evaluate graduate-level qualifications.

Q:2 When Should I Take GAT?

The ideal time to take the GAT exam is when you are preparing for the test properly. The reason is that the GAT test is scheduled every second month, so you need to make plans to take the test according to the deadline for applying to universities. 

If the deadline for university applications is close, but the GAT date has not been set for this month’s time, you’ll need to be sure to ask your university whether they will grant an admission conditional offer.

Q:3 How do I take the GAT General?

To take the GAT General test, you must have complete information about test dates, and conditions for eligibility as well as copies of documents from your education as well as the GAT test fee NTS GAT exam preparation materials, CNIC, and the roll number slip that includes the GAT test times and test location details. 

When you have the information about the exact date for the next test and the application deadline for your university You should prepare to take the GAT General right away.

Q:4 How Do I apply for the GAT test?

An accurate GAT application will ensure that you receive your roll number slip on time. If you’re not submitting something or submitted an incomplete application, it is possible that you might not be able to receive the GAT roll number slips. 

It is also likely that NTS might refuse your application due to inaccurate information. A successful GAT application process involves a series of steps you must adhere to.

Q:5 How do I submit the NTS GAT Registration?

you can get complete details about the Registration for the GAT test here.

Q:6 What documents do you need to submit an application to GAT?

Below are the documents needed for the NTS GAT test to be submitted to the online form for application:

  • Photocopy of an authentic CNIC or Passport
  • 2 passport-sized photos with white background
  • Original deposit slip from the bank used as evidence of payment for the GAT test cost

Attention: Please take a photocopy of your bank deposit slip and store it in a safe location for your records. In rare instances, students do not find any record when they go to check the roll slips online. 

Therefore, you must have evidence of the bank’s payment in challan against your application. It is possible to email the copy to the NTS director to conduct the proper inquiry time.

Q:7 Can I change my Field of Study after Submitting an online GAT Application?

You can alter the subject you study before you receive an official roll-number slip. Simply call the number 051-8444441 from 10 AM to 1 PM on Mondays and Fridays and include your request to change the area of study in your NTS online application.

Q:8 Can I change my NTS test city?

After you have submitted an online NTS Application Form, you can’t change the NTS Test city you would like to test in.

Q:9 What is GAT General/Subject Test Registration Fee?

The registration fee for GAT General is Rs. 1150/- (One Thousand One Hundred & Fifty Only)  and for GAT Subject is Rs. 1650/- (Rupees One Thousand Six Hundred & Fifty Only).

Q:10 How do I submit my GAT fee?

You can pay the NTS fee by any of the three methods listed below three methods:

  1. Find a branch near you at HBL, ABL, UBL, or MCB bank with the challan application form that is attached to your GAT online application. Pay the GAT application fee.
  2. Find the nearest ATM and make the payment to NTS against your ID for the application
  3. Use the EasyPaisa App or JazzCash payment portal to pay the amount to NTS against your ID for the application.

Important note: After the payment make sure you add the number of your bank deposit slip or transaction ID in the payment option on your online application from the NTS ID option in order to get the payment status”DONE.

Q:11 When will I get My GAT Roll Roll Slip?

Most applicants will receive their roll number slips three to four days before the date of their GAT test. But, you’ll receive an email regarding the availability online for your slip of roll.

It is advised to download the roll number slip right away and save it to your file. If you don’t get this slip on paper, take a copy from the slip you downloaded and be used it on your GAT test.

Attention: Without the NTS roll number slip as well as your original CNIC, you won’t be permitted to enter the GAT test center.

Q:12 What’s in GAT roll with no slip?

Roll No Slip contain the Roll No Test date Test Time and Venue for the Test.

Q:13 What if I don’t get my roll with no slip?

If you don’t get your slip just contact for complaint center NTS officials

call this no or Email send at 

Phone number:+92-51-844-444-1

E-mail:[email protected]

Q:14 How many questions are on the GAT test?

NTS GAT Test General/Subject contains 100 MCQs.

Q:15 What is the duration of the GAT test?

NTS has set 2 hours for GAT General/subject test.

Q:16 How much time should I give to GAT preparation?

It varies between individuals and the score you want to achieve. If you’re a novice and your target mark is 75-plus, then you could require a minimum of 30 days to study for the GAT. Top 36 Tips For Preparation of NTS GAT General Test Details are given for you. If you’re an average or average-performing student then 20 days should suffice. Additionally, if you’re already proficient in

Q:17 How can I check my GAT General/Subject result?

You can Check your GAT General/Subject result at

Q:18 What are the passing marks in the GAT General/Subject?

Passing marks in GAT General/Subject are 50/100.

Q;19 For how long does my GAT result be valid?

Your GAT score from NTS can be used for two years. This means you can submit the score for postgraduate admissions within two years of passing the GAT tests.

Q:20 What are the Passing Criteria for GAT Test?

Anyone can pass the GAT General test with a minimum of 50 marks. The GAT test results card will show two distinct aspects of your score on the test Percentile score and Accumulated score.

Q:21 How do I pass the GAT General test?

Students who score less than 50 marks on their GAT score cannot be admitted to a university unless they retake the test until they score a minimum of 50. Low performance means that the student doesn’t possess the ability to succeed at the master’s level universities do not allow students who fail the test.

Usually, when people talk about the GAT the majority of people are speaking of the GAT General test. It is comprised of three sections that are mentioned above. This site has many GAT test questions and practice tests. It also has real exam questions that are relevant to the GAT General test. 

Q:22 What is the best score for GAT overall?

Above 70 marks is the best score for GAT Overall.

Q:23 Which Universities require a GAT Test for admission?

The list of universities that require GAT scores is constantly changing with the passing of time. A few weeks ago there were only 29 universities that needed the GAT scores.

 However, the list is growing. To view the full list of universities the moment that requires a GAT score Click here to see the list of universities that require a GAT Test.

Q:24 How many times GAT exam is conducted in a year?

NTS runs the GAT General test every six months. The NTS announces the GAT test schedule throughout the year. It conducts the test every two months, so every graduate who has an application deadline nearby is able to take the test.

Q:25 Is GAT required for MPhil?

Yes! No matter what area of study you’re applying for, the GAT General test is required in order to be eligible for MS and MPhil admissions.

Q:26 How many times can we apply for the GAT test?

This is among the most asked most frequently asked questions “How often can I repeat GAT?” Basically, you are able to retake the GAT test as many times as you like. There’s no limit on the number of times you can take part at any time in GAT General.

Q:27 When and Where Do Pakistanis Take NTS GAT General?

NTS tests on paper across a variety of cities in Pakistan. Candidates who take the GAT test will be able to access the test center within their local city and region.

Q:28 Can I attempt only a single section of the GAT?

You cannot pass a specific portion on the GAT. As students, you need to complete the entire test to pass the GAT. It is possible to take GAT tests in one sitting.

Q:29 Which test is easier: GAT General vs University own test?

Based on past test results, the tests that universities require for admission to MS and MPhil admissions are comparatively less difficult than the NTS tests of GAT General.

However, this does not mean that this pattern will continue to be the case in the near future. Still, you should use GAT General to ensure you are on the safe side.

Q:30 Difference Between GAT General And GAT Subject?

GAT General GAT Subject
Graduate Assessment Test GAT-GENERAL is for admissions in MS / M.Phil programs. The Graduate Assessment Test GAT-SUBJECT is for Ph.D programs. The same test may be used for the recruitment of graduates.
Candidates with a minimum of sixteen years of education are eligible to appear in the test. Candidates with a minimum of eighteen (18) years of education are eligible to appear in the test.

Q:31 Are NAT and NTS the Same?

NAT is a test conducted through an agency named NTS.NAT test is a kind of NTS test. National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admissions in NTS™ associated universities / DAIs (degree awarding institutes). 
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