LUMS FutureTech AI Courses Registration 2023 For School Students

LUMS FutureTech AI Courses Registration is started. LUMS provides FutureTech the opportunity to take a summer-long course of learning covering the fields of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, Machine Learning, Computer Vision, and Data Sciences.

A one-week boot camp has been designed specifically for students in high school fascinated by computing and keen to explore the most cutting-edge subjects within the area.

LUMS FutureTech AI Courses Registration

The program is led by LUMS professors of machine learning, artificial intelligence as well as data science and internet technology This program is designed by LUMS professors in artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, an engaging and interactive learning experience. Also Check Governor Sindh IT Courses Registration 2023.

Students will learn to create intelligent machines study data, analyze it to find new insights, and create cutting-edge applications which will determine the future of technology.

LUMS FutureTech AI Courses Registration 2023 For School Students

LUMS FutureTech AI courses Schedule

The dates of the program are:

  • Deadline: June 28, 2023
  • August 1 – August 5, 2023
  • Classes will be held at campus of the LUMS campus from 9:30 AM until 2:30 PM.
  • Eligibility Criteria: 13 – 16 Years

LUMS FutureTech Course Details

Discover the most significant innovations made by humans-the Internet. Students will discover what the Internet is organized and how data is sent through the network. Students will also study Internet security privacy, security, and ethical questions in connection with Internet use.

Internet of Things

Discover what is the Internet of Things (IoT) which is a system of physical devices, vehicles, structures and other objects which are equipped with sensors software, connectivity, and sensors to exchange information and control processes. Discover about how IoT transforms how we live, work as well as interact with our surroundings, and the ways it can provide new opportunities and challenges to creativity, innovation and responsibility.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Learn about the amazing universe of AI and Machine Learning and discover how they can be utilized to solve the most difficult problems facing humanity today.

Data Science

Discover the fascinating universe of data science which is the process of gaining valuable insights from data. Learn how you can analyze, visualize and analyze data. You will also get an understanding of the basics of data science.

Computer Vision

Learn to create algorithms that solve real-world issues using images. Discover how we can empower machines to decode relevant information from cameras, visual sensors scanners and cameras in form of video, images and other types of visual data.

LUMS FutureTech AI Courses Registration 2023 

  • Students have to register online via the website selecting the program they want to attend and filling in the online registration form.
  • The application consists of a two-stage registration process. The applicant will need to fill in their personal information and then establish an account.
  • The incorrect information you provide during registration will result in cancelling your enrollment at any time and the participants are not allowed to claim any refund.
  • After the online registration is completed for the session you want to attend, students will be able to move through the pay section.

There are two payment options:

  1. Pay Online using credit or debit cards from a bank via the LUMS online payment system: ?
  2. The fee vouchers can be downloaded and then deposit cash at branches of banks listed by the fees voucher.
  3. After the payment has been made after the payment has been processed, a confirmation message will be sent within 24 – 48 working hours.
  4. Upon receipt, the status of the payment will be updated in the form of “PAID” on the online application portal.

LUMS FutureTech Courses Fee Structure

Programme Fee PKR: 30,000/-
Hostel Fee PKR: 3500/-
Security Fee (refundable)

The fee will be returned to your bank account at the conclusion of the session.

PKR 5,000/-

LUMS Contact Info

DHA, Lahore Cantt. 54792, Lahore, Pakistan

Call: +92 42 111 11 LUMS (5867) Ext. 2177

Email: [email protected]


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