Jeeto Pakistan Registration 2023 Check Entry Ticket Price And Passes

Jeeto Pakistan is among the most loved game shows for families in Pakistan hosted by the legendary Fahad Mustafa. This amazing program has entertained Pakistanis since 2014 and is still going strong. Jeeto Pakistan Registration 2023 is the biggest question whose answer is given in this post.

The show is full of challenging games and exciting new challenges! Participants can take part in these contests and win fantastic prizes like smartphones, motorcycles as well as the hajj as well as Umrah tickets as well as vacation packages as well as home appliances, gold, automobiles, and a lot more.

So, if you’re keen on finding out how to obtain Jeeto passes for Pakistan and how to sign up to attend the show so that you can be part of the show with your loved ones and stand an opportunity to win exciting prizes, then you’re in the right spot. These are all the segments on Jeeto Pakistan where you are able to participate.

The program is visible in almost every house in the city. The main reason behind its popularity is its distinctive content, which provides plenty of entertainment. In addition, the charming personality and host skills of Fahad Mustafa are the main reason for this show. Also, Get details of Bol Game Show Online Registration 2023.

Fahad Mustafa has made a significant contribution to bringing this show to an even higher level. We provide here details about how to get Jeeto Pakistan passes 2023,jeeto pakistan lahore and Karachi tickets 2023,jeeto Pakistan registration form 2023.

Get Jeeto Pakistan Registration 2023 Check Entry Ticket Price And Passes

Jeeto Pakistan Date And Timings

Jeeto Pakistan TV game show will premiere on the digital channel ARY and will be hosted by Fahad Mustafa. The show will air at Ary Digital at 7:30 pm on Thursday along Sunday during regular hours. In Ramadan, the show airs from 09:00 pm to a few minutes after Iftari and Namaz e. Isha…

Ticket Price for Jeeto Pakistan 2023

The cost of tickets to Jeeto Pakistan will vary based on the seating arrangement of the crowd. The range of prices for tickets varies from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000. It is crucial to keep in mind that the price of tickets can be subject to change depending on the popularity of the show as well as the venue

Location Price Range

  • Karachi Rs. 1000 – Rs. 3000
  • Lahore Rs. 1500 – Rs. 4000
  • Islamabad Rs. 2000 – Rs. 5000

It is crucial to note that the price of tickets does not guarantee admission to production. Participants must undergo a screening procedure before being permitted to into the studio.

The screening process involves confirming the identity of the person, looking for criminal records, and verifying that they are in compliance with the show’s eligibility requirements.

Jeeto Pakistan Segments Name and Details

We are sharing details of the Jeeto Pakistan segment Name and details. Below you will find the full list of segments that will be featured on the show.

Handi Charhao Inam Pakao

A cook-off with people from the audience will be required to prepare delicious treats within a specified time. Judging by the audience The most delicious creation will win the prize.

Jeet Kai Dikao

A series of contests will play out by different audience members and the aim is to win. It might be enjoyable… it may get messy… but in the end, the winner will leave happy.

Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao

With the sound of the Bigul, the excitement will increase to new levels. The show will feature a fast-paced question-and-answer segment during which Fahad will engage with the audience live and will give out a number of gifts to each person who has answered correctly.

Khul Gai Qismat

Your fate is in your own hands. No Questions, No Games. Fahad will be asking the whole crowd to think of random objects they might carry around in their possession. Whoever can come up with these items takes home the prize? Simple!!!

Dil Walay Inam Laijangay

A contest between newlywed couples, who play against each other in a variety of games with hopes of winning the prize.

Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao

The lucky participant is able to be the winner of a brand-new vehicle. All he needs to do is answer the questions correctly, as for every wrong answer, the car could be damaged or broken.

Sahulat Bazar

Fahad will give out special vouchers to Sahulat Bazar, each worth the same amount. They will also be distributed to random audience members and viewers who make a call, through a lottery draw.

Celebrity Guest

A star guest will be joining Fahad on the stage. Joining in the excitement and games in which he/she will engage with the crowd as well as the host.

Baat Banti Hai

The gold… Gold….. Gold… GOLD is in every container. However, there’s one more twist. One lucky participant can be rewarded with unexpected wealth. Each box will have an amount of gold that is different If the contestant is able to determine the right amount and convince Fahad that they’re taking home a lot more money. Also, check Important Instructions For Writing AIOU Assignments.

Nannay Ustad

A very enjoyable and enjoyable segment that is highly enjoyable and fun. The most intelligent kids in the audience step onto the stage to showcase their various abilities. Every participant will have the chance to win a thrilling prize.


Jeeto Pakistan invites people from all kinds of lives. The hardworking individuals who have become an source of motivation and pride for Pakistan in promoting and elevating the name of their nation in a positive light around the globe.

Abhi Tu Main Jawan Hoon

The couples who are older are randomly chosen from the crowd and have the chance to win a prize in the event that they show that their love isn’t fading away in years of age. For example, sing songs, share a story about love, etc.

  • Daba Kholo
  • Jeet Kai Dikao
  • Handi Charhao Inam Pakao
  • Bigul Bajao Inaam Pao
  • Dil Walay Inam Laijangay
  • Khul Gai Qismat
  • Car Bachao Ghar Lai Jao
  • Celebrity Guest
  • Sahulat Bazar
  • Baat Banti Hai
  • Fakhr-e-Pakistan
  • Nannay Ustad
  • Abhi Tu Mainjawan Hoon

How to Participate in Jeeto Pakistan 2023

To be a part of Jeeto Pakistan, all you need to do is transmit an SMS via your mobile phone. Follow these steps to participate:

  • You can open your cell phone, then open your inbox.
  • Type ” YOUR NAME”, ” CNIC NO”, ” CONTACT NO”
  • Text this SMS to 0337-0359-527.

How to Participate in Jeeto Pakistan

If you aren’t able to send an SMS, you may also contact Jeeto Pakistan’s official number: 111-279-111, and the team from the show will assist you in obtaining the passes.

Jeeto Pakistan Registration 2023

The process of registering for Jeeto Pakistan 2023 has been made simple to follow. Anyone who is interested can take part by registering through the website for ARY Digital, which is the official broadcaster of the show.

Participants are required to complete a form that contains basic information like name, contact information, and CNIC number. After filling out the form, the participants must wait for a response from Jeeto Pakistan’s Jeeto Pakistan team for further instructions.

Jeetot Pakistan Registration Online Form 2023

People who want to attend this live show are able to apply via Jeeto Pakistan Registration Online Form 2023, which can be found on the website for the ARY digital. Follow the steps below to find out the specifics for Jeeto Pakistan registrations in 2023.

  • Go to our ARY Digital Home Page to find the online registration form.
  • Select your Jeeto Pakistan option when you are in the selection options for the program.
  • Select the number of guests and then, according to the ARY digital range of 2 up to 4 guests will be allow.
  • The only family allowed to participate in this game show
  • In the application form the guest names, as well as CNIC numbers, must be entered.
  • Include your phone number, email address Province, City Name Special feature, Country, address, and Remarks details
  • After you have completed the form, the Jeeto Pakistan entries will be handed over to you by the dates and times on it.

These are the details concerning Jeeto Pakistan registration Online For 2023 free passes. Live stream ARY Fahad Mustafa jeeto Pakistan on Youtube by joining the channel.

How To Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes 2023

You can get entry passes to Jeeto Pakistan, as presented by Fahad Mustafa, through a variety of ways. Additionally, you can sign up for free Jeeto Pakistan passes by visiting the official website for ARY.

Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes Via SMS

  • Participate in taking part in Jeeto Pakistan Show, Send an SMS to 0337-0359527.
  • Send the message using JP Your name city code 0337-0359527.
  • To be a part of today’s Jeeto Pakistan show You must send an SMS by the time of the Jeeto Pakistan show. The terms and conditions listed below apply.
  • Following confirmation, the Jeeto Pakistan team will get in touch with you right away and will inform you of the steps to sign up for Jeeto Pakistan.

Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes Via Call

Tickets for the Jeeto Pakistan show could also be purchase via toll-free the Jeeto Pakistan official number, 111-279-111. The staff will assist you to obtain the entrance ticket into Jeeto Pakistan.

Get Jeeto Pakistan Passes Via Sahulat Bazar

ARY Sahulat Bazar could also obtain and provide customers with a Jeeto Pakistan pass. Sahulat Bazar has weekly raffles during which one lucky winner receives the privilege of a VIP pass.

Follow the below steps to participate in the lottery.

  • Like the Fb page of Sahulat Bazar Pakistan:
  • Invite your friends and family members to “like” the page.
  • Upload it to your Facebook page, and also on your profile.

Rules to getting Jeeto Pakistan Passes

  • All rights to enter are reserve by the management.
  • Management is entitle to stop admission to the event at any point.
  • Only family members are permitted to go to the show.
  • The inadequacy of data could cause the removal of.

Jeeto Pakistan Passes Price in Karachi 2023

There is no shortcut or cost to obtain the passes of Jeeto Pakistan at Karachi 2023. The only requirement to attend this event is the successful completion of the registration. It is easy and easy.


Jeeto Pakistan is a thrilling event that offers viewers the possibility of winning huge prizes. The registration process for the coming season is simple to follow and tickets are price to be reasonable for the majority of people.

It is however important to remember that prices for tickets can differ depending on the venue and the demand for the event. It is highly recommend that those interested sign up promptly to be sure to be a part of the event.

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