Islamabad Police Ranks and Salary| ICT Constable Salary

Punjab police play a vital role in ensuring the law. Punjab police are in charge of police work in crime prevention and crime control operations. This is a very important job and that is why this department is vital. Islamabad Police constable salary (BS-07) The minimum base pay is. 16,310. Their highest basic salary and pay are at. 43,610. They also receive an annual increment of at least Rs. 910 every year. This can help new applicants to be more motivated and be accepted into the Punjab Police Station.

This is the reason why there is an abundance of police officers within Punjab operating across Punjab. On this page, we provide information on Islamabad police ranks and salaries which will help you to choose your career in Islamabad police with motivation.

This is the typical monthly payment that includes housing, transportation, and additional benefits. Islamabad Police Officer wages vary dramatically based on experience, qualifications, and gender as well as location. Below, you’ll find an extensive breakdown of salaries of the various parameters.

Islamabad Police Ranks and Salary| ICT Constable Salary Details Below

About Islamabad Police

Islamabad Capital Territory Police came into existence on the 1st of January 1981 by Presidential Decree No. 17 & 18, 1980. ICT Police aim to fulfill the requirement for an independent Police organization for the capital city of the federal government Islamabad to guarantee the rule of law, protect lives and property, and reduce civil disturbance. The goal of the ICT Police organization is the preservation of public peace and security through the implementation of local state and Federal laws and also offering assistance in emergencies or crises.

Islamabad Police Ranks and Salary

  • To offer safe, secure, and friendly public surroundings to the residents of Islamabad.
  • To ensure Law and Order effectively.
  •  To stop, identify and prosecute crimes.
  •  Smooth and efficient circulation of traffic following the patterns of the most advanced traffic systems around the world.
  • Security of the Prime Minister as well as President Pakistan as well as heads of state and international dignitaries that visit Islamabad Foreign Diplomats living in Islamabad and other important infrastructures.
  • Gathering of intelligence to achieve the goals and objectives of the ICT police.
  • Promote public participation to fight crime.
  • CPLC public conciliatory committees and the human rights watch groups. Help people in times of crisis by assisting them with Rescue-15.

Islamabad Capital Territory Police rank and Salary in Pakistan  

A constable from the Islamabad police gets an initial salary of Rs 49,741 per month, which is equivalent to provincial police inspectors. police. Police inspectors in Islamabad however, receive the equivalent of Rs 105,000+ monthly, and this is much higher than the pay of the DIG position in the provincial police, who earns an average of Rs 98,000+ per month. Islamabad Capital Territory Police rank and pay the ranks of constable, head constable, and assistant sub-inspector ( ASI) was raised by BPS 5 to 7, and 9 to 7, 9, and 11, respectively.

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Islamabad Police pay and scale  

Islamabad Police pay and scale  

Islamabad police uniform

The uniform of the policeman serves as his primary identification. When a policeman wears a uniform, he’s visible. You can tell immediately that he’s the police. The uniform immediately informs the populace that this individual is responsible for the security of civilians as well as their possessions. The appearance of the uniform will make you known to the general public. Each Province has its distinctive uniforms designed by its military, and here are the Islamabad Police uniforms below

Islamabad police uniform

Islamabad police ranks

Islamabad police ranks

The badges can be worn by different grades of Police Officers from Pakistan who have excellent grades.

ICT Constable Salary average change in Pakistan

Experience Increment Salary
0 – 2 Years
25,200 PKR
2 – 5 Years +34%
33,700 PKR
5 – 10 Years +48%
49,800 PKR
10 – 15 Years +22%
60,700 PKR
15 – 20 Years +9%
66,100 PKR
20+ Years +8%
71,600 PKR

This is the increment in Islamabad police jobs by Experience in the field.

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