Important Instructions For NTS GAT General And GAT Subject Test

On this page, we provide the instructions for the NTS GAT General And GAT Subject Test conducted by NTS. Candidates are advised to take note of these directions and follow these instructions carefully. These instructions will be very helpful for your test journey.

Important Instructions For NTS GAT General And GAT Subject Test

Test Day Instructions

1-Attendance Related instructions

  • Time to report at the test center, as indicated on the roll number slip.
  • After the specified time, no candidate will be admitted to the test center.
  • At the entrance point of the test center, candidates will need to show their roll number slips.
  • The roll number slip is required in order to be eligible for the test.

2-Test Related Instructions

  • Five different shuffles will be used to create the question booklets.
  • Each question booklet must be sealed and will be opened by candidates before the test begins.
  • Keep the seal closed until the test begins.
  • Except for emergency reasons, candidates will not be permitted to leave the test area. Toilet usage will only be allowed if an invigilator is present.
  • All papers must be collected by the end of the test. Candidates will not be permitted to leave the seat until the last minute.
  • You are not allowed to bring calculators, wristwatches with calculators, or mobile phones into the test center.

3-Shading/Filling The Circles Related Instructions

mcq shading

  • It is not legal to fill in two answers for a single question by shaping or filling them out. It will be marked ZERO.
  • Avoiding writing or cutting in close proximity to the answer circle, answer sheet, or any other area will distract from the readability.
  • To shade or fill the circles, only use a Blue or Black Ball Pen
  • You should not bring any other stationary items, including rough/extra sheets. The question booklet contains two blank sheets that can be used for rough work.
  • Any other material not provided by NTS (TM) is illegal and will result in disciplinary action.
  • Your NAME and ROLL NUMBER are the only things you should write on your question booklet. Before you attempt the questions, SIGN the question booklet’s front title.
  • After the test, the questions booklet will be returned to you. Do not try to remove or tear any pages from the question booklet. It is forbidden to retain any portion of the booklet.
  • Ask the invigilation personnel about the content of the questions. They cannot correct or explain any question on the paper. The checking system can determine if there are any erroneous questions, and adjust accordingly.
  • Each candidate must sign the attendance slip, which was handed to her/him by the invigilators. After the attendance has been completed, the same staff will collect the roll number slips.
  • Until you leave the test center premises, you are subject to NTS(TM).
  • Any disruption caused by you in any way will result in your disqualification from the test. NTS(TM), however, reserves the right to take legal action against such attempts.
  • If the conduct of the candidate is found to be against discipline, the chief supervisor can cancel any paper at any time.

4-Personal Data on Answer Sheet Related instructions

This answer sheet has personal data about the candidate at the top. It contains the names of the candidates. Name, father name, and roll number. 

These fields must be carefully reviewed by the candidate and signed in as required. The candidate should inform the person present if any personal information is incorrect.

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