Download PM Mental Health HUMRAAZ App 2023 1166 Helpline

Premier Minister Shehbaz Sharif launched on Friday an app and helpline for mobile devices to address problems related to mental health. The app called “Humraaz” and toll-free helpline 1166 will offer free medical assistance for citizens. Download PM Mental Health HUMRAAZ App and other details regarding this app are given.
The main purpose of this application is to aid people’s mental well-being. It allows you to talk with expert psychotherapists and medical professionals through the toll-free phone number 1166 when you’re having trouble with depression, tension or stress in your mind and Also Download Qeemat Punjab App For Teachers.
This is a major step in Pakistan’s mental health development. It is sponsored by the Federal Directorate of Immunization (FDI), Ministry of National Health Services, Government of Pakistan, Micro Merger Pvt Ltd and Autism are the main sponsors of this project.
Download PM Mental Health HUMRAAZ App
The official stated that the Humraaz application was a significant step in end the stigma around mental health. Several people suffered from distress due to mild, moderate, or even severe mental health problems.
  • Panic attacks
  • anxiety depression
  • bipolar disorder
  • other mental illnesses
Attitudes have a bigger influence on the non-treatment seeking behavior than the barriers to treatment that are structural, such as prices, availability, or limitations on time. People with mental health problems like depression or suicidal attempts was targeted in the program that sought to connect them to appropriate professionals and support groups for treatment.

Download PM Mental Health HUMRAAZ App 2023 1166 Helpline Details


  • 150+ licensed physicians and psychologists
  • Get in touch with licensed psychologists in the hospital you prefer.
  • Your data are secure while using the application.
  • The most efficient tool for chatbots, like a chatbot and Humnava are accessible via live chat and Humraaz.
  • With the most up-to-date modules on psychotherapy as well as access to cleaning equipment, HUMRAAZ is completely operational.
  • You can get 24/7 support and instant assistance through the helpline by dialing (866) 1166. You can also call the help center by by using the chat or call options of WhatsApp.

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How HUMRAAZ App Works

  • Download the HUMRAAZ App via Android as well as iPhone ( Apple Store)
  • Create an account, either as a User or Doctor. Create a Free Account in the App
  • You’re done. Check the FAQ section for any questions. Explore the stunning APP experience. It’s a simple but incredible user interface.

Sign Up or login to Humraaz App

User-Friendly Interface of Humraaz App

HUMRAAZ is developed to give you a an easy-to-use and responsive interface. APP is designed using simple and user-friendly functions.

Method To Get Consultations With Experts

People who are suffering from mental health issues or mental health issues can seek help from experts via the integrated helpline number 1166.

How to Download PM Mental Health HUMRAAZ App

Download the HUMRAAZ app via Google Play Store or Apple Play Store.

Need of Humraaz app/Benefits of Humraaz App

It is essential to establish a good habit early in life to ensure that people do not fall vulnerable to mental health problems at a later point in their lives. Launching this app Humraaz app is an excellent initiative taken by Pakistan’s Government of Pakistan. The primary reason for launching the app is to:

  1. Reduce negative thinking/anxiety/stress of people.
  2. Provide counseling and advise on issues with mental health for people.
  3. Individuals are able to access officials in the case in an emergency, or when they are experiencing any anxiety/distress or are suffering from a mental health issue.
  4. Chatbots that can be used to provide customer service
  5. Psychotherapy or a facility
  6. 24/7 access to the expert psychologist available 24 hours a day.
  7. People can make appointments with the psychologist or consultant.
  8. Offering international standards in psychiatry.
  9. Offering online service or getting in touch experts via WhatsApp.
  10. The information of individuals will be kept private.
  11. Registration Of Psychologists And Psychiatrists

To be a part of this program or this initiative the experts in psychiatry and psychological issues can register themselves through the website provided by the government

Experts can also register themselves by sending their CVs to the given e-mail address [email protected]


What Kind of personal information is collected through HUMRAAZ App?

The following information is gathered for the purpose of registering to our website: First name, Phone number, Age, Gender.

Will The app Keep Information Private and Secure?

Yes it is secure and will not be made public.

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