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You can find the most updated information about CSS Syllabus 2024 on this page. This page contains all relevant information regarding the Syllabus PDF 2024 as well as CSS exam Subjects. Each year, the Combined Competitive Examination is held by the Federal Public Service Commission in Islamabad. As potential candidates for BS-17 government positions, students eagerly await the CSS Examination. CSS 2024 mpt registration is started.

The Central Superior Services CSS exam is a competitive examination that has been organized by FPSC in order to recruit civil officers on a merit-based basis. FPSC, a well-known federal agency, helps to select civil servants based on merit. Every year, students from across the country take this exam to be eligible for higher positions as civil officers. The exam is both compulsory and optional and must be passed.

CSS Syllabus 2023 Download PdfCSS is one of the most difficult exams in Pakistan. While many students take this exam, only a small number are able to pass it. There are six subjects that must be passed in this exam. However, you can also choose from a selection of subjects based on your education. The CSS final paper pattern has been updated this year. We have provided details below. Anyone who wants to take this exam is welcome to download the CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF FPSC Online.

Scroll down to find more information on the CSS syllabus for all subjects in the current year 2024. All information about the CSS syllabus, CSS compulsory subjects, CSS groups, optional subjects, CSS exams subjects, subject marks and subject groups, CSS Optional Subjects list, subject papers, and other relevant information will be provided. You will also find the most recent information about CSS subjects in Pakistan and the CSS exam syllabus.

CSS Syllabus 2024 Download Pdf All Subjects Given Below

CSS Syllabus 2024 Download Pdf

CSS syllabus 2024 can be downloaded from the official website of the Federal Public Service Commission FPSC. This site also offers the ability to download the syllabus. Click the link below to download the most Updated CSS Syllabus for 2024.

FPSC CSS Syllabus 2024 PDF Download

  1. Twelve (12) papers make up the written exam. Six (6) papers are mandatory and six (6) are optional. Each paper is of 100 marks.
  2. The total number of marks for the written exam is 1200. 600 marks are required papers, while 600 marks can be used for optional papers.
  3. Each paper takes 3 hours.
  4. Each paper contains Part-I (Objective) and Part II (Subjective). Part-I can be attempted on a separate sheet, which is collected back after 30 min.
  5. Qualifying marks are 40% for compulsory papers and 33% for optional papers.
  6. Optional papers must be chosen from the subject groups in the list, according to the rules of FPSC.

CSS Compulsory Subjects Syllabus 2024 (600 Marks)

Each subject is worth 100 marks. The exam takes Three hours. All candidates must complete compulsory subject papers. You can find the CSS Exam Scheme for all six compulsory subjects.

Subject Marks Syllabus
English Essay 100 Download
English (Precis and Composition) 100 Download
General Science and Ability General science ( MCQS=20 marks, Subjective=40 marks) Ability only subjective = 40 marks 100 Download
Current Affairs 100 Download
Pakistan Affairs 100 Download
Islamic Studies Or Comparative Study of Major Religions 100 Download

CSS Optional Subjects Syllabus 2024 (600 marks)

You can download and check the CSS 2024 Syllabus for all optional subjects. Below is the CSS syllabus and subject from group-I.

Group-I (Select one subject of 200 marks)

Subject Marks Syllabus
Computer Science 200 Download Syllabus
Political Science 200 Download Syllabus
International Relations 200 Download Syllabus
Accounting and Auditing 200 Download Syllabus
Economics 200 Download Syllabus

Group -II (Select one subject of 200 marks or 2 subjects of 100 marks)

Subjects Marks Syllabus
Pure Mathematics 100 Download
Statistics 100 Download
Geology 100 Download
Physics 200 Download
Chemistry 200 Download
Applied Mathematics 100 Download

Group-III (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Subjects Marks Syllabus
Governance and Public Policy 100 Download
Town Planning & Urban Management 100 Download
Business Administration 100 Download
Public Administration 100 Download

Group-IV (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Subject Marks Syllabus
British History 100 Download
History of USA 100 Download
History of Pakistan & India 100 Download
Islamic History & Culture 100 Download
European History 100 Download

 Group-V (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Subject Marks Syllabus
Zoology 100 Download
English Literature 100 Download
Urdu Literature 100 Download
Gender Studies 100 Download
Environmental Sciences 100 Download
Agriculture & Forestry 100 Download
Botany 100 Download

 Group-VI (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Subject Marks Syllabus
Mercantile Law 100 Download
Criminology 100 Download
Philosophy 100 Download
Law 100 Download
Constitutional Law 100 Download
International Law 100 Download
Muslim Law & Jurisprudence 100 Download

 Group VII (Select one subject of 100 marks)

Subjects Marks Syllabus
Pashto 100 Download
Balochi 100 Download
Persian 100 Download
Arabic 100 Download
Journalism & Mass Communication 100 Download
Psychology 100 Download
Geography 100 Download
Sociology 100 Download
Anthropology 100 Download
Punjabi 100 Download
Sindhi 100 Download

CSS preparation for beginners

CSS Exam is the ultimate goal for every student. You will be competing against thousands of other students if you want to take the CSS exam. If you prepare properly, it is easy to pass the CSS exam. Many students fail to pass the CSS exam, despite their hard work. We provide you with CSS preparation tips for your success.

How To Start CSS Preparation At Home For Beginners In Pakistan

This is because they don’t prepare in the right way. They don’t know what they should study or how to prepare. If you work in the right direction, hard work can lead to success. It is not just the ability to read and comprehend the material, but also the creativity that you use to create your paper-based learning. This will ensure your success in the CSS Exam.

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