CSS MPT Syllabus FPSC 2024 For MCQ Based Preliminary Test

Below is the FPSC CSS MPT Syllabus for CSS MCQ-Based Preliminary Exam MPT 2024. The MPT Test is composed of 200 MCQs. To pass the CSS MPT test, you must score 66 marks. The complete CSS 2024 MCQs Based Preliminary Testing (MPT) syllabus is available here.

For a better understanding of the syllabus, we have created a micro-listing with topics from CSS 2024 MCQs-based Preliminary Test. This will make it easier for CSS candidates to pass the screening test without anxiety and stress. We provide here complete details about CSS Syllabus and also CSS Mpt 2022 original paper for you to understand well about CSS test preparation.

CSS MPT Syllabus FPSC 2024 For MCQ-Based Preliminary Test Details Below

CSS MPT 2024 SyllabusCSS MPT Syllabus FPSC 2023

English Section – 50 Marks

There are a total of 50 MCQs in the English section. The total marks for the English section in CSS 2024 are 50. Below is the distribution of English marks.

  • Synonyms 10 MCQs
  • Antonyms 10 MCQs
  • Prepositions 5 MCQs
  • Sentence Completion 5 (MCQs)
  • Sentence Correction 10 MCQs
  • Comprehension 5 MCQs
  • ODD Word Out 5 Mock Questions

General Ability Section 60 Marks

The section on general Ability has 60 MCQs. Below is the General Abilitymarks distribution.

  • Basic Maths (Ratio Percentage, Averages, and Ratio) – 17 MCQs
  • Algebra -16 MCQs
  • Geometry – 7 MCQs
  • General Mental Ability 10 MCQs
  • Analytical Reasoning – 10 MCQs

Urdu Section – 20 Marks

In the section Urdu, there are 20 MCQs as well as 20 Marks. Below is the Urdumarks distribution.

Urdu Section — 20 Qs

  • اردو گرائمر — 8 سوالات
  • ترجمہ — 2 سوالات
  • مترادفات — 10 سوالات

Islamic Studies – 20 MCQs

Islamic Studies has 20 MCQs and 20 Marks.

General Knowledge Section 50 MCQs

General Knowledge contains a total of 50 MCQs as well as 50 Marks.

Everyday Science 18 MCQs

General Science has a total of 18 MCQs and 18 Marks.

Pakistan Studies – 19 MCQs

There are 19 MCQs, and 19 Marks in the section Pakistan Studies.

Current Affairs 13 MCQs

There are 13 MCQs in the section Current Affairs.

Ethics & Civics – 20 MCQs

This Civics & Ethics course is not for Muslims and does not replace Islamiat.

CSS Mpt syllabus 2024 Pdf

CSS 2024 MPT Syllabus – Decoded



  • GRE Vocabulary (only the shortlisted words)
  • Synonyms & Antonyms MCQs (as often asked in the FPSC & PPSC test)

Grammar Usage

  • Corrections for Tenses
  • Parts of speech (Corrections and Appropriate Prepositions)
  • 17 lectures on the Rules of English Grammar
  • Conditional Sentences: Their types
  • Different types of sentence structures


  • Comprehension Exercises (in online mode)
Everyday Science
  • There are many branches of science
  • Scientific Inventions & Discoveries
  • Scientific Instruments & Apparatuses
  • Additional one-liners are taken from FPSC & PPSC Past papers (as per the book).
  • The Everyday Science section will cover topics such as Physical and World Geography, Understanding the Globe and the Oceans on the Globe.
Pakistan Affairs
  • Pakistan Geographical (Overview).
  • South Asia’s rise in Islam
  • British imperial power: The Rise of British Imperial Power
  • The Governments of Pakistan (1947-2021)
  • The creation of Pakistan after the partition
  • Pakistan — Current Government
  • Pakistan’s Governmental Structure
  • Comparison of Pakistan Constitutions
  • 1973 Amendments to Pakistan’s Constitution
  • Famous Books and Their Authors (as collected in the past papers).

The Federal Public Services Commission, (FPSC), also considers static general knowledge to be part of General Knowledge. The session will touch on the following topics.

  • Global Lines & Boundaries
  • Countries and their Parliaments
  • Territorial Disputes on the Globe
  • World-famous Structures and Places
  • Different Names of Places
  • Changed names of places (Cities and Countries)
  • Country Capitals and Currencies
  • The United Nations Organization (UNO), and its agencies
  • Other international organizations & their head qua
Islamic Studies – Miscellanea
  • Family of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
  • The Qur’anic chapters’ list of themes
  • Some facts and points of interest about the Qur’an
  • Prophets (may Allah grant them peace) & their epithets
  • The Ten Promised Paradises (Ashra-e-Mubasshara).
  • The basic articles of Faith (Iman).
  • The foundational pillars Islam
  • al-Sahih al-Sittah – The Authentic Six
  • The Schools of Thought in Islam
  • Additional Pointers (as described in our notes)

Current Affairs

  • The last year’s National & International Current Affairs
  • From January 1, students should begin to extract important information from the Dawn newspaper.
Civics & Ethics – Non-Muslims can choose to study Civics and Ethics or Islamic Studies.


  • Definition, Nature, and Significance
  • The State, its elements, and organs
  • Fundamental Human Rights
  • Non-Muslims are entitled to certain rights and obligations under the constitution of Pakistan ( 1973 )
  • United Nations — Goals and Objectives, including the main organs of its agencies and agencies


  • Human values — The role of the family, society, and educational institutions in inculcating universal moral principles
  • Integrity, impartiality, and non-partisanship; objectivity; dedication to public service; empathy, tolerance, and compassion for the less fortunate.
  • Emotional intelligence — Concepts and applications in administration/government

علم نحو \ جملے کی بناوٹ


General Ability

Quantitative: This section evaluates the candidate’s basic mathematical skills. This section examines the fundamental concepts of quantitative reasoning.

  • Average, Arithmetic Means, Mode, Median, & Range
  • Percentage (Profit/Loss/Discount/Gain Percentage)
  • Ratio & Proportion Problems
  • Time/Distance/Trains Problems
  • Algebra and its important formulae
  • Age Problems
  • Probability
  • Geometry and Trigonometry Basics
  • Code Decoding/Series Problems

Analytical Reasoning: This section requires a simple analysis of data and logical reasoning. Each question is based upon a passage or set of conditions. The candidate must choose the best answer choice.

These 7 methods allow you to use analytic reasoning in the following ways:

  • Matrix.
  • Linear Ordering
  • Distributed Order
  • Seating arrangements
  • Selection Method
  • Greater than/ Lesser Than
  • Networking Method.

FPSC CSS MPT Original Paper 2022 Download PDF

Guidelines for CSS MCQ-Based Preliminary Test

The following guidelines have been notified by the FPSC about CSS Screening (MPT) 2024 and MCQ-based Preliminary Testing (CSS Screening).

  • MPT will become effective as of CSS 2022.
  • This is a mandatory qualifying exam to be eligible for the main CSS 2022 written examination.
  • Participating in the MPT is not considered a chance.
  • MPT will include 200 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) each of which one mark is required.
  • No negative marking
  • The time duration will be 200 minutes.
  • The minimum qualifying threshold for MPT is 33% marks or 66 of 200.
  • The answer key will also be posted to the FPSC website the day after the end of the test.
  • Candidates can take a carbon copy of the answer sheet.
  • MPT is a knowledge-based exam.
  • A score of MPT is valid for the CSS examination in the same year and will not count toward the final merit position.
  • 31.12.2022. This is the cut-off date for eligibility criteria in terms of age and qualification.
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