AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023 Autumn & Spring For All Programs Check Online

If you’re searching to find the Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023, Spring-Autumn Semester, then you’re on the right website as you can see the schedule here for B.Ed./M.Ed. BA/ BSc, MA/ MSc programs.

If you’re enrolled with this institution to receive online learning We are advising that the physical campuses in your area will be hosting a workshop which you can go to receive assistance with the submission of fees as well as to obtain all the details for your semester. AIOU Student Profile By Roll No & Name is also given.

AIOU Workshop Schedule

If you’re currently enrolled in the university, then we’re inform you that the official will announce their AIOU Workshop schedule in the spring of 2023, as well as their AIOU Workshop schedule scheduled for fall 2023. This will provide you with guidance regarding your studies during the entire session.

The schedule can be found on the internet here. Scroll down to find the complete schedule of AIOU Workshop 2023.

AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023 Autumn & Spring For All Programs Check Online

How To Check AIOU Online Workshop Schedule 2023?

In this post we will explain to you the entire process to obtain your workshop schedule in time to accommodate new students.

You must follow these instructions to obtain the Schedule:

  • Visit the website of the University
  • Click on the Workshop Information link in the Admission section.
  • Schedules are on the internet.
  • You are now able to sign in with your password.
  • After logging in successfully After logging in successfully, click Schedule to locate your workshop time.

B.ED AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023

Students are awaiting the AIOU BED Workshop Program Schedule 2023 is now uploaded at the Allama Iqbal Open University official website at accessible to anyone who wants to download and also online view all the details about the spring and fall semesters on this website.

There are three kinds of B.ED Course durations. The first one is 1.5 years, the second 2.5 years, and the third is year for everyone to be admitted and then select one of the courses to take the exam of the most prestigious teacher diploma and then after getting all the required papers passed, take part in an AIOU’s Workshop Program Schedule for for Autumn 2023to obtain the final certificate of BED.

The majority of the population is enrolled in the BED for a degree for a job teaching, so the government has made it compulsory to fill out the applications for vacancies for teachers within Pakistan. So the university is preparing to offer excellent classes.

B.Ed. Workshops Schedule (2.5 Year)

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I 8607 28-30 Sep 2023
Teaching Practice II 6498 01-03 Oct 2023
Research Project 8675 01-03 Oct 2023

B.Ed. Workshops Schedule (1.5 Year)

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I 8607 28-30 Sep 2023
Teaching Practice II 8608 21-27 Sep 2023
Research Project 8613 01-03 Oct 2023

B.Ed. (Old) Workshop Schedule

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice 0655 21 Sep-04 Oct

B.Ed. Programs for Workshops (4 Years) and ADE (2 Years)

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Research Schedule 6415 21 Sep-04 Oct 2023
Research Project 6464 28-30 Sep 2023
Research Project 8657 22-25 Sep 2023
Long Term Internship/ Teaching Practice 8658 21 Sep-04 Oct 2023
Long Term Internship 6463 21Sep-04 Oct 2023

How to Find AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023 Spring

Check Schedule

The admissions season for spring classes for the Allama Iqbal Open University starts in June. This means that the AIOU schedule of workshops for 2023 spring semester will be announced a few days prior to the start of classes. A prospectus with viva and an overview of the entire class directions on finding an AIOU search for tutors online and a date sheet, exam instructions, and exam center instructions will be in front of you.

How to Find AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023, Autumn

The fall semester for 2023 will begin in October through September and it is expected that the AIOU workshop schedule for 2023 fall will be released only a few days after the admission forms ‘ receiving system starts over. In the event that officials fail to announce their AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023, it is best to remain up to date with this website since as when it’s announced, the schedule will be posted at this site. Click on the link below to learn more about the schedule.

Students’ roll number slips can quickly download via this webpage following the official announcement by the source. AIOU Workshop roll number slip 2023 download link is now available via this link. You can quickly search for the Roll Number Slip.

Check AIOU Workshop Schedule of B.ED M.ED & MA Education

It is our intention to inform you that workshops for Teaching Practice courses will be scheduled with Face to Face mode according to the following agenda: The workshop schedule for 2023 can be viewed on the internet.

Workshops of MA Teachers Education

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Teaching Practice I 6554 21 Sep – 04 Oct
Teaching Practice II 6555 21 Sep – 04 Oct

M.A/M.Ed. Workshops Schedule (Special Education)

Title Course Code Timetable/Schedule
Face-to-Face Component 3600 21-26 Sep 2023

Important Aspects of the AIOU Workshop Schedule 2023

Let’s discuss the most important elements of the AIOU Allama Iqbal Open University workshop. It is a must-attend event. This class is crucial for anyone who is new to the area and wants to be keen to join the institution. All information about fees and books, exam formats as well as other information will be given. If you’re uncertain about how distance learning can work for you, it’s essential to attend this seminar. Important note to AIOU University students: Please bring Rs 500 with you for refreshments.

It is possible to keep on top of us and keep in touch. We’ll keep you updated and up-to-date on a regular basis. We’ve provided the information of the workshop and will inform you when there are additional sessions. We’re here to answer any additional questions you might have. This site is always accessible to assist and guide you. Join this AIOU workshop and discuss your experiences with us.

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