AIOU Tutor Salary Package 2023 In Pakistan

We have compiled information for you about AIOU Tutor Salary Package 2023 and AIOU tutorship pay 2023. It is a great opportunity to learn about the salary of AIOU tutors. Allama Iqbal Open University is an institution that is distance learning based and you are able to study from home, get training and graduate with a particular degree program.

AIOU Tutor Salary Package

In this article, we will discuss the salaries of the tutors hired by AIOU. It depends on the subject and the scale of the Tutor. You will also get information on How to Attend Workshops In AIOU Aaghi Portal. We provide Salary with a Basic pay scale in The table below.

AIOU Tutor Salary Package 2023 In Pakistan is Given Below

Aiou Tutor Jobs Description 

Aiou tutorship is part-time work for both teachers in the government and private sector teachers who wish to earn more money during their free time to complete simple tasks by following the instructions given by the administration of Allama Iqbal Open University, an aiou tutor, you will be required to perform the following tasks:

  • Review for Aiou Student’s assignments that will be delivered to you at your address in the mail from students
  • Calculation of the marks obtained and added to your final scores on the sheet
  • Participating in Allama Iqbal University Educational workshops
  • Aiou will pay 30 Rupee for one assignment
  • Assign tasks at the aiou paper center to check and manage.

AIOU Tutorship Jobs Benefits & Salary

Teachers with expertise from various cities across Pakistan are eligible to be tutors at the Allama Iqbal Open University. AIOU tutorship is an excellent option for any professional teacher due to the fact that Allama Iqbal Open University is an established university, there is a minimal workload for tutors, and the salary packages are also very good (we will be discussing this later).

The most appealing aspect of AIOU tutoring is the fact that tutors aren’t required to visit the campus on a daily basis. A large portion of students are taught on the internet, and so AIOU tutors are required to take notes of lectures and upload these into AIOU Learning Management System (LMS). The tutors might need to examine the work that their students submit at home.

The materials for teaching and the guidelines are supplied by the University to AIOU Tutors. Many tutors from Pakistan find it the most flexible work due to these motives. Demand for AIOU tutorship jobs has also grown as more and more people apply each year for this position.

AIOU tutorship salary

This is the most fascinating section of this article guide. Teachers are often the first to inquire about the pay for the AIOU tutorship. Allama Iqbal Open University offers an attractive salary package to tutors of higher scale and more knowledgeable tutors. The pay package increases by 1.6 million rupees (Rs 1,60,000). Below is a table that shows the Salary Package provided through Allama Iqbal Open University in 2022.

Revised Pay Scale 2023

1 11720 380 23120
2 11950 430 24850
3 13340 510 27640
4 12710 580 30100
5 13180 650 32680
6 13280 730 35180
7 14110 800 38110
8 16610 880 14010
9 15110 950 43610
10 15610 1040 46810
11 16140 1150 50640
12 17100 1250 54600
13 18310 1370 59410
14 19490 1530 65390
15 20700 1730 72600
16 24280 1980 83680
17 38990 2990 98790
18 49210 3740 124010
19 75990 3970 155390
20 88650 5870 170830
21 76720 5000 146720
22 82380 5870 164560

It is the responsibility of tutors to research or recommend books or other remaining educational materials that will finish and complete their tutoring processes. They organize and facilitate tutoring sessions.

They also work on collaborative projects alongside the students and they organize academic support sessions as well. The reader can stay in touch with us and update information regarding AIOU tutoring Package 2022 to be made available to you. The updated amount of pay and pay package information will also be shared with you.


What is the salary of a tutor at AIOU?

The average salary for tutor jobs at AIOU is Rs. 11000/- to Rs. 85,000/- at Allama Iqbal Open University

How Much AIOU Pay To Tutors?

The AIOU offers a generous Salary Package to tutors. The average salary for tutor jobs at AIOU is Rs. 11,000 – Rs. 85,000/- at Allama Iqbal Open University

How can I become a tutor at AIOU?

Register as a tutor by visiting the official website. Fill out the registration form and download the challan. Deposit the Rs 1000 processing fee in the MCB Bank account of AIOU


This article will inform you about the salary package for AIOU tutor positions. This blog post will provide more information about the salary package for AIOU tutor jobs 2022-2023.

AIOU Contact Info

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