AIOU Student Profile By Roll No & Name 2023|

Allama Iqbal Open University, is among the top universities worldwide that connects students to their instructors, provides online courses through workshops and classes, and has a portal for students who are continuing their studies. Each and every AIOU student’s information, it is available on the system online. The main issue is how do I access it quickly? Do not worry! Through the AIOU student profile, you can access AIOU student information whenever you’d like to know.

AIOU Student Profile By Roll No & Name

In fact it is true that it is true that the Profile of Students is the most engaging site for students. They can view the degree information as well as their academic progress during the academic semesters. Get info about Aiou Assignment Submission Schedule and AIOU Tutor Search By Roll No with AIOU Tutor Salary Package 2023 In Pakistan.

We will provide specific information that will assist them in understanding the results of their workshops, their grades, and other related information correctly. AIOU student profile by roll number and Name is a convenient way for students to access their academic records, course details, and personal information.

Welcome To AIOU official Website of Allama Iqbal Open University Islamabad. The university has an online System to offer the best Services to its students like AIOU Student Profile Online Admission, Online Results, and an Online tutoring System. creating a profile for a student and then logging in the dashboard is easy.

AIOU Student Profile By Roll No & Name 2023|

AIOU Student Profile Login

In a nutshell, AIOU Student Profile provides an overview of your personal and educational information. This interactive platform focuses on numerous academic activities, including face-to-face classes as well as workshops and training programs uploading assignments, evaluating the marks, etc.

It’s a timeline for AIOU students, which students can see their progress by logging into their account. The timeline is created by AIOU to be able to allow users can log in using their login credentials: your username as well as password.

Sign In

To log in to your account, click the link. There are two boxes to choose from; login and password. The first one, type in your roll number that is assigned to you by your university. In the second box, type in your password.

Usually, a password will be also supplied by the university by text message if you apply for admission. If you do not have a password, contact the person in charge of your university. If you have changed your password on your own, then make the new password.

Sign Up

For new students, there’s an option to sign up. You can sign-up whenever you’d like making use of your email. Fill in your name, father’s name roll number, roll number, registration numbers, mobile number new password, and all other details when filling in the form. After you have read all the information click the sign up button then your new account will be created. You can now effortlessly log in to your new account using your login credentials.

AIOU Student Profile by Roll Number 2023

Hello AIOU students! You are now able to access your online profile via Aaghi by Roll No. It’s simple and easy! Thank you for the Mrs. Shabnam N. Shahid who is the genius in the computer center who designed this remarkable system to meet your demands.

Do you want to be informed of admissions, and also complete complaint forms? It’s not a problem! You can also receive messages via text via your mobile devices as well. So why put off? Join AIOU today to unlock the cool features

AIOU Student Profile by Name

An entire AIOU Profile of students can also be accessed through the name. The user can get the information listed on the Profile i.e. the dates of workshops coming up the last date for the first and second assignments Name of tutors who will be checking assignments and a complete schedule of examinations.

Students are able to write about their personal information, look up admissions schedules for the upcoming semester and read numerous articles on their subject. Additionally, AIOU Student Profiles can also be accessed with the help of a roll number.

AIOU Student ID

The ID for the Student Profile is provided by the university following admission. The ID will be used for the entire duration of the degree, which means students have to remember it throughout their time during their degree. Typically, an ID is sometimes referred to as the registration number.

Student ID is made up of a handful of numbers, and some alphabets, too i.e. 12ABC12345. With this registration number, you will also be able to access the enrollment page. Thus, the your Student Profile ID is essential to keep in mind, so that you can access various platforms of AIOU.

Enrollment AIOU Edu Pk Login Student Portal

Current students of AIOU are able to log into the AIOU Enrollment Portal using their assigned username and password and then, using the Menu Bar, Download Admission Form. Fill out the Admission Form, pay Challan Fees to the Bank and then send the Admission Form prior to the due date.


Can I Get Admission in AIOU?

Anyone can apply to any Matric or FA B.A, M.A, and Master in Education, Bachelor of Education class. You’ll have all the documents including the CNIC Card, as well as all other necessary documents.

How Do I Find My Username and Password in AIOU?

When you sign up through AIOU When you enroll with AIOU, the University will provide you with an account for future correspondence. They will provide you with a the username and password to log in. If you sign up using Your Gmail Account ID, you will receive confirmation email as well as all information into the account. Gmail Account.

Contact Info

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