20 Causes Of Student’s Failure In Exam Or Getting Less Marks

20 Causes Of Student’s Failure In Exam are given here. Every student wants to get the best marks possible on his exam. This goal is something that every student strives for. Some students may fail to pass exams or get lower marks, despite their hard work. These students might feel that they don’t get the same rewards as other successful students.

You are in the right place if you are one of them. First, ups and downs are part of life. Failure should not be feared. These are there to help you become stronger. You can’t lose if you fall, but you must get up again and try again. Students who score lower in exams despite studying hard may not be doing enough study or preparation. A student’s success on the exam depends on many factors.

 20 Causes Of Student's Failure In Exam Or Getting Less Marks

These factors are important for students to be successful in the exam. There are many factors that can cause you to fail. Below are the Top 10 Reasons Students Fail Exams and also Reasons for getting low marks. This post will help you to understand the flaws in your study and you can improve these habits which are barriers to your success. 

20 Causes Of Student’s Failure In Exam Or Getting Less Marks Given Below

Poor Time Management

To balance school, home, and family life, students must be able to manage their time well. Students enjoy a variety of activities, including watching movies, listening to and playing music, and spending time with friends. But, students who are successful know how to balance all activities. Students who are successful don’t give up on any one activity and neglect all the other activities.

Studying is the most important activity a student should do. This means that you should make more time for studying and reduce your time for other activities. Your study time should be divided among the subjects you are interested in so that time-consuming subjects can be given more.

A plan is essential for successful students. Students should plan carefully and properly because their primary activity is studying. Most students fail to plan properly, which can lead to failure in exams or tests. It is therefore essential that they learn time management skills. It is also cheaper to learn sooner than later.

Concentration issues

Students may have concentration problems, such as difficulty focusing on the subject or a short attention span. Although concentration issues are common today, you need to think about whether there is anything you can do. Because of this, it is possible to fix the causes of concentration problems.

A healthy lifestyle, such as getting enough sleep each night, can help increase your concentration power. Walking on a daily basis can also have a positive impact on your concentration power. Good brain function is also dependent on a healthy diet.

A student shouldn’t study for long periods of time at once to improve concentration. It is best to take breaks between studying. This will help you maintain your concentration throughout the day.

No knowledge of Exam-taking Strategies

Many students don’t know how to take exams. These are techniques that can be used to help students pass exams. These techniques are crucial in achieving high scores in exams. These techniques can be used for both MCQs and long questions.

To take an example, a student who is taking the MCQ exam should attempt all the easy questions first, leaving the more difficult questions to be pondered, and then return to the harder questions at the end. A student who focuses on one question will waste his time and make it difficult, which can lead to him losing time for other questions he could have attempted.

It is also better to think about other options before you attempt an MCQ. You will increase your chances of correctly answering the question by choosing one of the other options. Students should be able to answer long questions in a convincing and appealing way. This will depend on both the content of your answer and the way that you present it.

For example, use different headings or different colors to highlight key lines in your answer. Another important strategy for exam taking is to be efficient with your time to finish the exam on time. You can divide the time on each question to get an idea of the time that should be allocated for each one.

Unable to make good Study Notes

For a high score in exams, it is important to make good study notes. These notes can be used to revise your topic and help you prepare for the exam. It is possible for students to forget about the importance of making study notes.

While others may try to create study notes, the results are often not helpful. You can make study notes from any source of learning, such as books, lectures, or online resources. It is the sum of all the important points you have learned so that you can refresh your knowledge.

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We live in a world of technology and distractions. There are too many distractions with smartphones, social media, and television. Netflix, Amazon, and Pinterest are not just distractions. There are many others. You are well-informed about them. Because they distract students from their studies and increase stress in the mind, this has been a major cause of student failure.

Students’ social media platforms, such as reels and TikTok for students, are a curse. Because they slowly damage students’ minds. Always turn off your mobiles to save yourself from unnecessary drama.

Lack of Patience

We need to realize that life is not much easy. It is essential for every day of our lives to have patience. Without it, no great novelists, scientists, or musicians could have succeeded. We fail because we lack perseverance.


Students who are lazy are also at the greatest risk of failing their exams. A wise man once said that there are no dumb students, but only lazy students.

A lazy student is unable to concentrate and fails to understand the lecture topic. A lecture is over once it’s finished. There are very few chances that the teacher will re-learn that topic. If you don’t know anything about the topic, this lecture is pointless. Your hard work is what will make you a success on the exam.

Low self-esteem

Positive self-esteem will allow you to live confidently. Your self-esteem and high grades can encourage you to take on new opportunities and apply for scholarships. Low self-esteem can paralyze you and lead to failure.


Confidence is good, but overconfidence can lead to neglecting small, yet crucial details. People will start to flee from you if they think that you are the best. You should always be humble in front of everyone, regardless of what you have accomplished.

Lack of Interest

Your lack of interest is one of the main reasons you fail. You won’t be able to work hard for what you don’t love. This is the key to a successful life. You will be successful if you do what you love.

Studying for memorization

You should approach your studies with the intention of understanding the material fully. You may not be able to connect concepts from past exams or future exams if you only study for memorization.

This can be overcome by using content maps and other strategic tools to link information and make it tangible so that you have a deeper understanding.

Group of Friends

Friendships can make or break your life. This is a fact that has been proven numerous times. Your academic performance can be affected by the type of business you work for. How you assess your studies is important.

Friends can be able to encourage or discourage you. Your marks will not matter to your friends if they don’t care whether you pass or fail your exams.

Eating junk food

It is important to fuel your body with healthy foods that will give you the energy you need to focus and stay motivated while studying.

Junk food can make you feel tired and unhealthy. You can overcome this by planning your study snacks ahead of time and choosing healthier options.

Poor Finance

Low financial stability is one of the main reasons students drop out of college. Students who are financially poor may not have the means to purchase the necessary equipment or materials to improve their research. They could also be less able to afford to eat well.

Financial difficulties could also lead to failure problems. The person might need to look for other options to meet their financial needs.

Not taking breaks

You can keep your energy up and increase your productivity by taking breaks throughout your studies. You may feel more tired if you don’t take breaks throughout a study session. To ensure that you are getting enough rest, take 10-25-minute breaks every 50 to 90 minutes.

Studying while you are tired

You may find it difficult to concentrate or absorb information if you approach your studies while tired. To avoid this, schedule your studies at times that you are most productive. If you find that your energy levels are higher in the mornings, schedule your studies there.


To be successful in every aspect of your daily life, support systems are vital. Many students don’t have someone to call for help regarding their education. It can be hard to find someone who has been through the education system.

You need to find an adult who will help you with your academics. This is academic mentorship. This will help you to be accountable and to submit to someone who is interested in your success.

Wrong Study Strategies

Most students don’t know how to study properly, unfortunately. Students think that studying is about copying notes from teachers when in reality it’s all about understanding and learning the concepts. Your wrong study strategies can lead to academic failure.

Students who are able to prepare for an exam in the right way can score high marks even if they do not have to work as hard. The first day of an academic program is the most important. This is when you start to prepare for the exam. Your performance on the final exam will be influenced by what you have learned throughout your academic program.

The last month prior to the exam and the exam itself are crucial. This is where preparation really matters. This period may be taken lightly by some students. While they may have used the time in their academic program well for their studies, when it comes to the actual time for exam days (that really counts), they can become lax.

Even if your academic term was successful, it is important to make the most of this time of preparation. Learning is a natural process. As time passes, learning becomes less important. If you read a book on your exam days and then take the exam, all of your learning will be retained and you can write your paper.

Not Aware of Exam Format

Some students don’t consider the format of an exam when preparing for it. There are many formats for exams that have different types of questions. These include short, long, and multiple-choice questions (MCQs). Every type of question requires different preparation. Preparing for MCQs, for example, means reading the books so you can identify key pieces of information that could be used in an exam.

It would be a mistake to simply study books and not consider the nature of MCQs. For long explanatory questions, students should consider whether there are any topics that need to be covered, which headings (subsections) might be used, and what conclusion would be required. Students should also be focusing on short formulas and definitions when preparing for questions.

A Wrong Mindset

It is what you believe or set your mind to that will make a difference. It’s nearly impossible for a student to pass the exam if he is determined to fail every test. Why? Why?

If someone has the mindset of success, no matter how difficult a course may be, he will succeed in passing the exam. Even if he fails massively, there is still a chance he will pass the exam. This is also among 20 Causes Of Student’s Failure In Exam.

Hope this will be useful for your future journey of exams and you will avoid all these wrong strategies. You will get high marks in exams by avoiding such wrong things in your exams.

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